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Hello my fellow Steemians!

The last few days have been rough. I have been pretty quiet about everything. There hasn't been much for me to say because I am in the same boat as most of you. While I knew of the acquisition, the contents of the press release Friday morning was as much news to me as it was to you. I have come to realize that not having anything to say is worth saying all on its own.

I want to thank those of you that have reached out to myself and others on the team. It means a lot to us to be reminded of the care that you all have for us. You mean just as much to us. Steem would be nothing if it were not for our community! If you get nothing more out of this post, let it be this. I stand with you, the community. My goal is to continue growing our rich community and thriving ecosystem of Dapps.

I believe there are many opportunities for Steem and Tron to be synergistic and become greater than the sums of their parts. I feel hope for the future of Steem and will continue to work for that future.

Steem On!


Disclaimer: The views represented here are my own and not representative of Steemit, Inc., other employees of Steemit, Tron Foundation, or any other individuals or organizations. Any financial actions (i.e. trades) you make based on my views are not my responsibility but your own.


Also want u guys to know, should any conflicts of interest arise, we are here to support u all at steemit inc. we will find a way. It is important that the main players have independence. Even if you are currently working in a centralised entity as of now, we have your back as a community should you need to make any difficult decisions as things become more clear

Reassuring to hear, during this destabilizing time... Thank you _/|\_

None of the other acquisitions Tron has made have broken or harmed the companies, and I don't think Steem will be diminished either. Harming Steem could only cost Tron money, and that's not why companies make acquisitions.

Tron has bought Opera, BitTorrent, Poloniex, and now Steemit. Does anyone else see a pattern here? Steem is going to bring a lot of value to Tron, and your work is going to be key in that @vandeberg.

Thanks for being the guy making all the good stuff happen on Steem.

Just to clarify sir, and for the avoidance of doubt, Tron has purchased Steemit inc and its assets as well as Ned's, it has not purchased the Steem brand or the Steem blockchain, but it has purchased some STEEM, the currency.

LOL. I even know better, and still typo'd. Fixed now.


Not confusing at all

Nice. Yeah I'm thinking this will help the situation. Liking the exposure and price hike...

Add value to Tron... mmmm

And that goal now seems closer than ever. Hopefully also with the resources it deserves to shine and grow to its full potential.

Exciting times ahead!

Thank you @vandeberg for everything you've done for Steem and I hope you can continue working freely on the Steem blockchain to keep it as one of the best chains out there. If anything I hope the Tron Foundation will shed some light on how underappreciated this tech is that you've evolved.

who is vendeberg and why is his reputation so low?

It's a senior blockchain engineer. Had been working on Steem since day one and is one of the top core steem dev. Very dedicated to make steem great.

steemit blockchain developer

hi reputation number might be low .. but his reputation on Steem is high .. he is known as one of the best block chain developers in the business and we're lucky to have him.

Co-author of steem whitepaper iirc.

Hey Vandenberg, so nice to hear from you in these wild times. Thank you for the encouraging words, I would like to take the opportunity to give them back to you and the whole team around you. Together, we can and will use this acquisition in the best way for all the involved parties but especially for guys like you working with love and passion on our Blockchain. I don't want us to forget or neglect the dangers and risks but rather than concentrating on them I would wish we could focus on the possibilities that this brings along.
Steem on Vandenberg!
Yours Jan

Hopefully STEEM stays as STEEM, not another TRON Token. I'm okay if Steemit runs on both STEEM and TRON though like a multichain DApp. STEEM ON!

I have come to realize that not having anything to say is worth saying all on its own.

Let's give 220 $ for this Shakespeare-like masterpiece of post

You still not understand what chased away all the users?

Basically seems like to me, everyone committed to growth is, well, still committed to growth after the announcement. If nothing else, interesting prospects for better promotion and perhaps more streamlined feature release moving forward. Potential increase in promotional budget, potential cross-chain compatibility, etc.

And everyone who is fond of saying "the sky is falling" after every change life's passage brings is still saying "the sky is falling!" It's almost as if it's a pathologic inner state of turmoil which is then projected on external events and everything not in line with one narrow perspective is the enemy.

But hey, whadoo I know? STEEM on!

Commit 2 times in the next 24 hours, if they keep you hostage.

Thank you for this post & continued commitment to not only this great community but ecosystem it has become @vandeberg!

As I've said elsewhere, I can only imagine the personal minefield it has been to navigate the past few days. Thanks for making a comment; we're all so ready to see your hard work come to life and it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that you have a lot to work around as a person AND an employee when it comes to the next stage of that. Thanks for what you do, and know that we're happy to know you're still part of the community and excited to help you wherever you need to as we move forward from here.

Hey @vandeberg,
Thank you for your words/thoughts as a member and dev of the steemit inc. We are waiting for what may happen in the near future with steemit inc.
I hope this is all for the good of our Steem community.
Hug ;)

"I feel hope for the future of steem and will continue to work for that"....@vandeberg.

Wouldn't it be little better for the community to be acquainted with at least one reason for this robust optimism in the face of TRON/ steemit nuptial???

I do think ,it may be necessary!!

3 plain text paragraphs and you're over $220 after 10 hours....
That must be some really fancy writing! Nobody else on the chain gets to make anything for their content today, but hey, at least you got $220 for saying "blah blah Steem on!!"

@vandeberg is one of the authors of the Steem whitepaper. He's been around since the beginning - he has stuck around developing the chain to what it is today and upcoming features. And you're complaining that he's getting a $220 payout 🤦

Why would the new users know that. The post gives no context to why this was an important post.

I get it, you get it... these guys do not.

Tough decisions for the Steem community

Lolll.It can only happen because:

There are eggs and there are eggs!

There are boys and there are men!

There are players and there are spectators??


Hey @smokiethebear,

The author is an engineer for SteemIt Inc. with the news about Tron hitting and creating a lot of uncertainty.. I think people felt this post was important because they have trust and confidence in the author and want to be sure he will stay onboard.

I can totally see without context it seems odd. Steem is a weird place. :)

i'm not this bear

Thank you for your statement, man. Thanks for standing with the community! Steem on!

Thank you for always working for the community and for keeping steem afloat, a big hug.

Thanks for all the hard work that youve contributed man! And for sharing your thoughts! Steem on!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Thanks for your statement and your honest words.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks for standing with the community! Let's hope @justinsunsteemit also stand with the community and wish to build a bridge between STEEM and TRON without thinking about a SWAP!
If not, I wish you team will help the community to do a fork and we can be STEEM Classic!


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As a newbie to STEEM and the DApps, I hope that this brings good things, better things to all of us. I feel the care that people have for the community. I do believe that there will be an adjustment period before things get better, and we should, must stand by STEEM and the people with the original vision. That said, I don't believe that entities who acquire other entities envision failure, so I'm optimistic about all of this. Good day, everyone.

: ) steem on vandeberg

Tron and Justin Sun! Dude. There is a reason for such a short post because there aint much to to say...

Great to hear from you, much needed and appreciated. Thank you for all the work you have done for Steem. 🙇 👍

Thanks for all you do @vandeberg

Thank you, Vandeberg. I imagine it's a little risky to post as an employee of a newly acquired company, but even just hearing something is really important right now. We great appreciate the work you and the rest of the Steemit team has done to advance the codebase and cast a vision for the future. The engagement in Thailand demonstrating (not just talking about) new features is a momentum we don't want to lose.

Thank you for this message! It is really appreciated in these confusing times.

Nothing that I could say but to just trust someone who might or may not really serve the steem community's interests but I am sure that our talented witnesses and developers are in guard for sake of preserving our community.

Steem community is hopping for the betterment. But it should remain STEEM.

Hope Justin Sun will not make a headache to you and the team..

so is justin sun this guy's boss now?
is tron paying this guy's salary? just curious.

Why the curiosity?? Lol!!

Thanks for this explanation and the encouragement, we hope for good partnership with tron foundation.

I can't even imagine what your feelings were when you saw the announcement, after you've literally built this blockchain for so long.

Hopefully it's only poor communication and lack of deeper understanding at the time, and integration will be beneficial to both blockchains and ecosystems, while preserving and increasing their core values.

i feel upset for the acquisition to be honest

Thanks for this little note man. It is much appreciated :0)


hopefully this change will be a good one inm here to support the movement

Thanks @vandeberg - A positive outlook from "insiders" during these uncertain times is very helpful especially for newcomers to the Steem community like myself


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Thanks <3 Hope you have now recovered from the initial shock and can get back to making Steem even more awesome :D For now this looks like an opportunity more than anything else. Cheers!

Good to hear from you @vandeberg. I've witness your dedication and hard work on Steem blockchain. I'm confident and hope your input will be valuable to the Tron team to keep Steem among the top blockchains.

Let hope for the best regime and steem brightest future at hand ♨️

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I'm reminded of this quote: "Don't just do something, stand there." Sometimes our non-action is as much a statement as our action. Hang in there and stay focused on the possibilities that lie ahead for an even greater Steem!

Glad to hear from you. Steem on!

Thanks for your post! This is fresh air for our brains!

I am definitely going to power everything up and continues swimming like nothing happened.

However today's rapid increase in price is showing that a lot more people are starting to take notice.

Really can't wait to get back to the old days where our cryptocurrency was really strong.

And now I do believe that someone with such large steak can start taking on some of the biggest issues and drains on the steemit economy.

Maybe this is a real new thing and we can start managing our own ecosystem a bit more.

However the biggest one is retention and recruiting new people.

Are there any plans for that?

Perfect man. Inovation new

Thank you.

Thank you for the update. Reassuring after you get a few days to properly digest the news.

Good post

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Hi @vandeberg for everything you've done for Steem and I hope you have many succefull

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Hi God bless you..
I'm new, can you help me in the page?