What is the best way to move forward when faced with Dissension within our Community - Bi-Weekly TSU Question

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What is the best way to move forward when faced with Dissension within your Community

This is the first time I am writing up for for a question put up by @tribesteemup. I am reading the responses from other community members and I see how varied this topic can get to with so many different thoughts..........

Well the dictionary term of Dissension means a dispute or a conflict. But when does a dispute or a conflict arise?

It does when we have a difference of opinion from the others and the others are not in agreement.
Well to think of it in which area of life do we not have a difference of opinion. We are all individuals with our own thought process as per the conditioning of our minds and the society we live in so definitely there are going to be different views. Cooperation and Resistance will always be part of any group/ community activity.


Difference of opinion is healthy if it is substantiated with supporting arguments and if there is a conclusion from it. Normally in a group conflict we will always see the ratio deferring, at first the person in dissension will have more supporters and gradually that support will start getting less if healthy discussions take place. But the 1 thing that should not happen is attacking the person who has the difference of opinion rather than dealing logically with the issue.

Whenever there is a dissension within the community, the most important thing one should understand is the goal and the task that has to be accomplished, if that is clear it gets relatively easier to resolve the matters. Sometimes in a community we see patterns of behavior, in such instances it also becomes important to not label the person.

If we are able to diagnose and understand the nature of the problem and come to a mutual resolution by making every person in the community feel comfortable it becomes easy to resolve the matter. As the community is all about different people it is also very important to be sensitive towards each other's emotions and not go ahead with any sort of perceptions. It is good to have a discussion involving every member, listening to everyone's point of view and coming to mutual consensus when in a community. If matters get heated it is best to give some time and let people cool down. A little bit of sense of humor can help diffuse the tension in such times.


Most of the time there is no Right or Wrong it is just about the situation and what serves best in that moment, hence setting a wider perspective will always help and in such times bringing Ego or getting defensive does not help.

Dissension is very normal, not only in communities it will happen in all walks of life and they are good in a way cause if dealt well they end up with new idea generations.

To summarize the key points in such situations are:

  • Keep a reasonable perspective
  • Take time to understand facts
  • Don't get defensive.
  • Remove ego from the situation
  • If things get out of control, give a break
  • Sense of humor
  • Avoid "win-lose" outcomes. Be creative

"Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of
discussion, dissent and debate."

Hubert H. Humphrey

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Very true, arguments rarely improve situations and a more diplomatic approach can often resolve problems quicker.

I'm certainly with you regarding the removing Ego from the situation.

#thealliance #witness

@nainaztengravery nice… i really like your blog. Very useful informations. Thx.Please give advice for betterment of each other.
@sbanerjee0017 (Shyamal Banerjee[Age:62] Kolkata,INDIA)✍

Very effective post. I feel really happy after reading this post.

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