As the Heavy Energies of the month of August end, it's time for newness and soothing energies.

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After all those Heavy energies, the back to back retrogrades and the 2 eclipses the soothing times are settling in and with that we finally decided to spend some quality time with family, wanting to put behind all that happened and move forward with new rigor and zeal. So last night we went out for a nice family dinner. It was a good quality time spent with my dear ones after a very long time and also some fresh air to catch up on after those long visits of Doctors and Hospitals. I would have loved to do a small out of town getaway but it's too early for that so need to settle down with the smaller outings as of now......


We picked up on our family favorite Asian cuisine at the Ming Yang Restaurant in Taj Lands End in Mumbai, It was a perfect evening. Good food and good company can definitely lift up your spirits and if you have a settling ambiance with it, can be wonders. The place offers excellent Oriental cuisine with a wonderful ambiance and the scenic view of the Arabian Sea.

The venue was a little far from home and I realized that the Mumbai roads actually do not support smooth travelling. At night I again felt some spasms and was a little scared thinking did I act hasty, but by morning it was settled and I was fine. I guess I need to be more careful in the next few days avoiding any kind of hastiness to be sorry again.

But for now let me share with you some of those last evening moments which brought a lot of smile to each one of our faces.

My support system, without them nothing is possible for me

My Lifeline; My world starts here and ends here

As we get set for the order

As the September energies start to pick up, a lot of us will feel much relaxed and calm. We may not see much of change but for sure a lot of settling down will happen. Some of us may still feel the effect of the residuals but for sure they will calm down soon. In the days to come watch out for my upcoming blogs which are going to be more around Crystals; healing and Travels.

Thank you for visiting my blog

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It is good to see you up and about so soon, I imagine rough roads are no good after your medical operation - but at least it was ok in the morning.

It looks like a lovely restaurant for a pleasant evening with the family, it will have been nice to get out and socialize after all that hospital time.

Good to have you back posting again, looking forward to seeing more.

#thealliance #witness


Thank you very much my friend for your warm loving wishes.
Wish you too a speedy recovery and back in action to your normal chores.
Take care

Hello my dear @nainaztengra,
I was beginning to feel worried about you as we did not have any news from you.
I hope it will only get better for you from today.
You are on my thoughts and I wish you the best.
I am happy that you have such a crew to support you.
Take care.


Thank you very much @vlemon for your good wishes, it overwhelms me. I feel so good to see so many people care for me on this platform which just proves that its just not about earning here.
Things are only going to better from now on I am sure.
Love Nainaz

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I can just see a lot of positive Aura on you with your words @nainaztengra
I am happy that you are able to get some good moments with your beautiful family from that Mumbai restaurant. I wish you well now and God bless your family.


Thank you my friend and good wishes for you always :-)

Family is the greatest blessing of life :)

Love the dress, flowers on the pink is energizing and looks comfortable 😎


Thanx dear. That's a gift from my sister 😍😍💖💖