Giving brings out the best in us

in life •  2 months ago

Giving without any expectations of getting anything in return is one of the most selfless deed one can perform.
There are many around us who are struggling for the basics of life. Giving to those who need and sharing what we have brings a lot of happiness not only to the person we give but also to our own self.

We can always give a helping hand to someone and help with whatever is in our capacity. One should not restrict to only monetary help. Help in any way we feel comfortable, it can be giving time, energy, or just a ear to listen. When we do not think how we can help and just keep our-self open to the thought of helping, opportunities of helping will flow into us. Giving is not always in terms of tangible product but we can also give through our intangible acts like mental and emotional support to the one in need.....


Some of my beliefs in giving and helping some one is I try to help someone who cannot pay me back, now this is completely my own belief as that would release any expectations from my side to get any rewards of my assistance. The other thing is that once given and helped the very next second the thought should be out of the mind to not carry the baggage.

The worst I see is when people do act of kindness and then pose it up all on social media. I know of a person who always went for blood donation and after every donation would put it up on Facebook with his picture and the number of the event :-(

Sometimes I feel giving our time and ear is more important then giving financial or tangible help. There are lot of people who just want to be heard, many looking out for someone to spend a little time with them. Like when I was unwell I just wanted someone to be with me which would matter to me most as an emotional support at that point of time.


When I used to visit the Remand homes in Mumbai and spend a little time with the Children out there, the joy on their faces would be worth a million and you realize how they don't bother for anything materialistically, all they need is your love and time. I have always worked more with the Children in Orphanages, Slums and Remand homes and the life learning that I have got from them I don't think I would get that by reading any book or by listening to any spiritual speaker.

The word Giving is very small but the scope it offers is immense. And it is not always about giving to the underprivileged. Sometimes we focus on the outside and forget the insides. For e.g. most of us have old people at our home, while we are tending to the whole world we forget the most important ones in our home. The Old people at home are just wanting our time and for many it is the most difficult task.

I personally feel Giving is one of the act that brings maximum joy to self. and simple act of kindness can sometimes change someone's life.

"Giving is not just about making a Donation.
It is about making a Difference
Kathy Calvin

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This is such a beautiful and true post. When I finally opened myself up truthfully, and longingly to helping others, opportunities to help startied increasing immensely in my life. The most interesting part is that no matter how busy I am with work or my personal life, I always have plenty of time and energy to help.
These people always end up blessed and grateful, and I do as well. Equally.
I do also love to watch people be so fulfilled and happy from just recieving your time, attention, and communication. The universe has been created perfectly for these light/love interactions to help all parties involved grow and evolve into higher consciousness and benevolence. Thank you for the great topic and post!


That's so wonderful to read, I wish more and more people can think it that way and I see that many do in today's times. Thank you for sharing your thoughts @samvan

I personally feel Giving is one of the act that brings maximum joy to self. and simple act of kindness can sometimes change someone's life.

i'm one persone thaat actually can understand that at 100%

In the humanitarian aid that I have done, to see the happy face of the people when receiving a shoe or an arepa, was * incredible *. Just imagine someone who is accustomed to being marginalized by everyone and that suddenly someone gives them something they really need, they feel it as a blessing from heaven and I just felt very glad to know that someone is a little better than yesterday, thanks to the help what we gave him


That's so true, it may be a very small assistance but it can make a big difference to the person. With this I remember one incident in one of my training where I was the receiving one. It was a hectic day and there was no time for lunch, suddenly one of the training participant came to me an offered an apple. It was like just the right thing needed at that time and I was smiling to myself what miraculous ways the universe has to be there for you just when you need it the most.


I was smiling to myself what miraculous ways the universe has to be there for you just when you need it the most.

Exactly!! What a lovely history

It happened to me too but as giver. In my charity work i was giving clothes and shoes, and i approached a sir that were barefoot and when i gave him the shoes he started to cry and to thanks god. He explained that he was stolen 2 days ago and the thief took his shoes. Two days barefoot living in the streets is like a nightmare he said

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Such a wonderful Post @nainaztengra. I think helping people for the sake of Joy and not expecting anything in return is truly a God given Blessing.
For me at least.

And also I agree with you about older people and the elderly. Even though they o may be fine financially they do need Attention and Emotional support.

Thanks again for sharing this post.

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It's very nice to see people with similar resonating thoughts @robertandrew and I am grateful for appreciating my efforts.

Very nice and inspiring words, even in a down market I feel the karma coming back around many ways making it feel even better to give and help others.


Everything just comes around good or bad, if you have sown the seeds the reap will for sure happen :-)

I think you are correct in giving being more then just a charity donation, it can come in many ways and sometimes people just need a kind word, or just to have a little human contact.

Like many things in life often we have to look beyond the short term Cost to benefit, and realise sometimes the real reward comes from knowing you helped someone - in whatever capacity you did it.

#thealliance #witness


Thank you @c0ff33a or sharing your thoughts. So true the cost to benefit cannot be always looked at in many parts of life, sometimes you just need to be there for someone selflessly.

@nainaztengra your post is beautiful and inspiring. This is the kind of thing I love to share with my kids. Wanting to teach them that giving even when you're not going to get something in return. Thanks so much for writing this.


That's a very nice thing you are teaching to your kids @amrauthor. What we teach our kids goes a long way with them in their life.

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Hello, nainaztengra (67)
Thank you for this wonderful post!
Be healthy and successful!

If everyone were thinking that way, the world would be a beautiful place to live.
Thank you!

Awesome thoughts, thats 100% true; "the hand that serve is greater than the lips that pray." you proved it ; @nainaztengra

My minister taught us that if we help or lend, just forget about it because if they repay it is a sweet thing to experience. @nainaztengra


That's exactly what we need to do my friend.

This should be the case without receiving in return is a wisdom. The only compensation is to see smile on the face of the receiver.

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That is the biggest reward you can get from the person @mers


Indeed..since my time with steemit, together with 2 others, we've been helping other steemians in need that we donated big part of our Sbd/Steem and gave it to them..

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good thoughts 🖖,

i love the last quote by kathy calvin 😇

Helping is not only about cash. Any help that you can give to any needy is act of good deed. Help may be providing any services or helping with cloth or food these are all good deed and true nature of humanity.
Bitbthose thing should not be considered for taking appreciation. Posting in social media or talking about is all the time is completelly showing off...which should be avoided

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That's exactly my point, why do you want the world to know. Many people say if I post others will get motivated to help. Well I don't believe in that. Helping should come from within and not as a motivation from someone to do it.


Thats true words @nainaztengra. Also heard somewhere....'Expectation reduces joy'....there is no way one could expect something for their should be done with purest of heart

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I agree with you both...when we donated.. we didn't expect anything in return.of course we were happy when they acknowledge us..

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Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

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