Do you Feel the Collective Conscious this Time of Year?

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Is this seasonal depression thing real? Or is it the weight of the collective consciousness that we all feel.


This time of year every year I feel a deep sadness, a deep longing for love and a deep longing for companionship.

Is it because it gets darker and we are stuck inside more?

Is it daylight savings time?

Or is it the weight of humanity and the grief of so many human suffering and scared right now as we are on the brink of a breakdown as a collective???

We know Mother Earth can only sustain so much of the consequences of consumerism and waste and big oil.

We are watching currencies fall apart around us and thank goddess for crypto which we all have access to and can send/receive/ and use without someone else taking or interfering or creating more out of thin air.

I am asking if anyone else is feeling this weight? How do we transmute this pain as lightworkers and healers in this world. Is it smiling at a stranger? Buying the persons coffee in front of you? Meditating and spreading peace that way?

What do you believe we can do in this imperative time in humanity as a whole?

I try and hold space for whoever crosses my path as best I can. I try and practice gratitude and spread love. I hope to show others that peace and patience are the answers as I teach myself how to find patience and be the peace I want to see in the world.

I am grateful for this platform that not only inspires me to write, @steemit encourages me to share my authentic human experience and know there are other authentic humans willing to share and be vulnerable too.

Lots of love 💜💕💙 love for hear your thoughts!

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You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. I'm with you on raising the vibration and spreading the love! I work through meditation so that I can keep on the path of awakening, experiencing, peace and joy and with that being able to share that with those around me and all I connect with!
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Thanks so much for stopping by @porters! You are a great inspiration and love your posts so much. I saw this comment and it reminded me of the group meditation on Saturday and I was able to jump on and join for most of it and was very grateful!!

I think seasonal depression is definitely a real thing, for any and all of the reasons you put out. With the holidays I also tend to think more about the loved ones no longer here to celebrate, which can be both sweet and bitter. Interestingly enough, I actually felt seasonal depression this summer! It was so oppressive and hot here that I felt it weighing on me. It was uncomfortable to do anything outside. Seemed like it lasted forever. I feel much lighter and happier now with the cooler air, so I'll send those good vibes out for those who need them. 💚

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Thanks for stopping by @plantstoplanks! I can totally see how it being too hot could cause depression. I think being outside is vital for all of us and unfortunately with the way society is set up it's hard for many people to get out regularly. Plus I am personally really grumpy when I'm hot too😅 I appreciate all the positive vibes and really enjoye your posts 💜

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