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in trevonjb •  3 months ago

Hi @trevonjb!

Very very happy to see your goal of making steemit a better place to everyone who loves writing great content. I have started on this platform 6 months back not with the intention of making good content because I'm not a good writer nor has good knowledge and awareness about many things. I was interested because of the crazy idea of rewarding the content that you write.

I have read an article on Investopedia about Steemit and I thought: Let's give it a try. I know that I'm not a good writer but I thought i can share some images at least that describe at least something that I do and I know. There I started and thereafter I was desperate initially to get upvotes and followers. Then after little research I came to know how it actually works. I followed some great content writers, some crazy business enthusiasts,great artists and great steeminas of course. I engaged myself in reading their content and their way of presenting ideas. And Thereafter many other good things happened than what i actually expected. Monetizing your content is first thing but at the same time I made many good friends from all across the globe, Learnt about cultures, cryptocurrencies, Many interesting steemit projects-SMTs and many more.

More than anything it taught me interpersonal skills,gave me opportunity to engage in many steemit projects and It improved my health and changed my life style. I'm more of a introvert when I started but now I'm confident . I don't say that everything changed in this course of 6 months but things started working out for me.

What can you expect from a boy who came from a village where there are not more than 50 families. But things changed for me rapidly by god's grace. I met amazing people who helped me in shaping my career.

I was thinking and researching about how to make this platform more decentralized than it actually is as of now. What I mean is to make it more decentralize for rewarding more legit people who has right talent. Please remember I said legit people: It include writers, artists, Entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts and many more. But the challenge is how to reward everyone equally . Because everyone puts equal effort in what they are actually doing. What I'm saying is there should not be bias between a dancer,writer or a fitness enthusiast.

While I was researching about the same I came across this concept of SMTs.Many SMT projects are actually solving my above purpose. Because you need to have good writing skills to present your talent here. One such platform is @actifit.

It started roughly around 2 months back and has already lot of steemit community support. I was totally blown away by the idea of the project. It is only slightly different from what @steemit-ua is doing . But end goal is same -" TO MAKE STEEMIT A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYONE"

@mcfarhat is the founder of this wonderful project. As I already told actifit started around 2 months back and it is moving forward with godspeed. @actifit already raised around 133k SP delegation.

This project is for everyone one who makes right use of it. I can see it's future in its idea of rewarding people for being healthy and performing some fitness activity everyday. When I Say fitness activity it doesn't have to be a regular running or exercising. You can use actifit while walking in home,office or on moon. I'm very much thankful for @mcfarhat for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful team.

I want to introduce to this wonderful community with the following links so that you can know how it works:

In simple terms @actifit is a SMT project for rewarding fitness activity. You need to download @actifit app and perform some fitness activty to get rewarded in upvotes and AFIT tokes.

What is Actifit ?


We encourage users by rewarding them in upvotes and AFIT tokens for the activity they do. We have amazing rewards for our delegators too.

What will the tokens be used for?

Our plans are to have Actifit tokens available for purchasing fitness related equipment, tools, gadgets, sports wear,... and enable transactions between providers and actifiters. Add to that, we plan on creating gym partnerships for the use of Actifit tokens for paying gym memberships and similar concepts.
And most importantly, once SMTs are launched, Actifit tokens will have their own valuation against STEEM as well as FIAT currencies, and hence can be cashed out for actual FIAT currency.

How delegators will get rewarded??

The approach is simple regarding how the delegations will work out after crossing the 100K SP. To give you an example, right now, until we reach 100K SP, every delegator is earning 1:1 SP, so someone who delegated 100 SP, earns 100 AFITs per day. Let's say we crossed this number, and got to 200K SP, this delegator's rewards become 0.5:1, meaning instead of earning 100 AFITs, he will be earning 50 AFITs per day.so at max 100K SP, you earn 200 Actifit tokens based on your 200 SP delegation
once we get to 110 K SP, you will be earning: 200 SP * 100,000 AFIT max / 110,000 SP = 181.8 SP daily

We have been taking all the feedback from all the users since the beginning of our project and kept improving. And based on several requests of IOS users we launched IOS version too recently. We made many improvement to our website. We have lot of exciting plans to make our app more user attractive. We continuously take suggestions and recommendations on how ours users want @actifit to be to make it more and more enjoyable to fitness enthusiasts.

check out our latest announcement about our Wonderful community here:

@kpreddy - @actifit Moderator | Chat with us on discord
Visit our website | FAQs | Android app tutorial | Video Tutorial

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