Actifit Daily #70: Top Daily Actifitters. Large Delegation Increase: 133K SP

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This daily update represents a compilation of the recent news, updates and projections about our Actifit project, including top actifitters for the preceding voting cycle, as well as updates on our account and delegations !


Top 10 Actifitters

Today's recent voting round included a total of 270 contributions with successful proof of activity.
Below is the breakdown of post count by activity:

Activity CountRewarded Reports Count

The top position went to @amico, who reached 43511 activity count, who was hoping his activity would get him to top the leaderboard, and he did :) Check out his post and detailed activity below!
The runner up today was @kenny-crane, with a pretty close 41674 activity count. Kenny we hope your safe, looks like your hurricane preparation got you to the top leaderboard positions.

Below is the list of the top 10 actifitters, good job!

RankActifit MemberActivity CountACTIFITs Rewarded@actifit UpvotePost Link
#1@amico43511100 Tokens3.75%post
#2@kenny-crane41674100 Tokens3.75%post
#3@vikasgoel123435838100 Tokens3.75%post
#4@newstrending33222100 Tokens3.75%post
#5@kamaltyagi30201100 Tokens3.75%post
#6@piadas27386100 Tokens3.75%post
#7@eddy-ghost27363100 Tokens3.75%post
#8@inlakech26678100 Tokens3.75%post
#9@thereikiforest25878100 Tokens3.75%post
#10@bluengel24744100 Tokens3.75%post

Don't forget to give our actifitters upvotes / resteems to earn 1 token per upvote :)


Since our latest update yesterday, our SP has grown sharply thanks to several additional delegations with a total of over 13K SP, mainly due to the large delegation that came through by @humanearl, delegating 10,700 SP to our project, as well as another 2,500 SP by @onealfa . A huge thank you for the faith you and every single delegator is putting in our project and our mission.
@humanearl also created a fantastic video about Actifit, we hope everyone shares his view towards Actifit and the support to the project grows even farther than its current amazing figures. Check out the video here.
Below is the full list of delegations since yesterday:
@humanearl (10,700 SP)
@onealfa (2,500 SP)
@newageinv (250 SP)
@flash07 (110 SP)
@georgemales (104 SP)
@matthewtiii (100 SP)
@happy33 (100 SP)
@robertoueti (25 SP)

Accordingly, @actifit account now is at 132,988 SP

Thank you to all delegators for the wonderful support!

Delegators share a max cap of 100K AFIT tokens according to their delegation amount, and also earn a 5% beneficiary reward from actifit posts' beneficiary earnings.

Since many ask, here we describe again an easy way to calculate your AFIT tokens for a full day of delegations:
(Your Delegated SP) * 100,000 AFIT MAX / (Actifit Account Delegated SP - without account own SP and any delegators who opted out).
So for instance if you had delegated 100 SP, your daily earnings would be around:
100 * 100,000 / 131,000 = 76.33 AFITs

We are always appreciative of more delegations to be able to better award actifitters and support our project, so thank you for doing that !

When you are looking to increase your delegation, you need to use the new total amount as the delegation amount, and not only the increased amount. Otherwise only the new amount will be used, and the remaining amount will be undelegated.

To delegate, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

Our Top Delegators
An additional big thank you to some of our top supporters

@julialee66 | @chairmanlee |@humanearl|@rosatravels | @flauwy | @trumpman | @mobbs | @taskmaster4450 | @onetin84 | @fedesox | @onealfa| @michelios

Our wonderful ambassadors

@flauwy| @taskmaster4450|@rosatravels | @toocurious

Our amazing moderators

@alfamano| @katerinaramm|@kpreddy| @ciuoto| @thereikiforest| @d-gold| @rabihfarhat| @curtwriter| @vishalsingh4997| @ruah| @lordneroo

Thanks to @katerinaramm for the daily image design

Haven't downloaded Actifit yet? download it from the playstore or from the app store and start your journey to fitness and rewards!

@actifit team



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Congratulations to @amico for top spot!!! 👍 I'm your wing man right beside you at number two.

To everyone, keep up the good work!

To @actifit, thanks for this great platform and app which keeps getting better all the time! 👍❤

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Congratulations to you, @kenny-crane!

it was not easy to walk 43,511 steps, but not too difficult for an (ex) marathoner like me! ;)

A huge hug from @amico!

It's a blessing to help out. I can only imagine how much more amazing this project will become. Thanks!

I am very happy to see the growth and improvement of the actifit project. Glad to be part of it. Congratulations to the whole team behind this..well done 😁

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awesome update. Good to see you attract more and more people :D

I am proud to be a user of the project as well as a delegator to see it continue to grow and add value to the community and the STEEM ecosystem.

We growing up every single day :)

I have a proposition. A lot of Galaxy users already have an app for tracking steps and everything so wouldn't be possible to get the data directly from the included apps from some phones. That would give more precision on some phones at least and no batterie consumption to worry about :D. As a Galaxy user I wouldnt install this because it would be draining my batterie even more.
Edit 1 : did some googling and
it's possible work with the data ! that would be a cool marketing argument Plug and play.

Been using the app for a while. It is great!

Thanks to the actifit team.

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Guys I've got an error message saying it has a problem uploading to the Steem Blockchain. Any ideas?

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