Tree-rific Tuesday - Bonsai!

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A nice example from a bonsai show I attended.


Happy Tree Tuesday All

I wanted to do an update on my two bonsai that I started a short while back...

This is a good example of the motion I would like to capture in mine.


This pic shows how extensive the trees can be wired for training.


This is one of mine. I have it lightly trained.


I am trying to have it go to the right on a bit of a diagonal, then with a nice upsweep.


This one is quite like mine and its priced at $125...Yikes!


Here is mine. I paid 7 bucks for the plant. I havent found the container that I want yet. I am happy with how I have it thinned.


I am happy with the movement I have so far. This has been done by trimming and no wire.


As you can see even small ones can come with a large price!


I hope your Tuesday is Tree-rific!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Doing a great job Mr Paul and for $7 bucks it's the best looking :)

Tree Tuesday - Some of my Favorite Trees Part #5 !!


I would say that you really have taken up an expensive little hobby! Well, I take that back. It can get expensive, but, it seems like you are doing it the right way...

I have always been fascinated by these miniatures and always amazed at the fruits and flowers put out by them.

Wonderful shots and nice post. Happy #TreeTuesday!

Upped and Steemed



Not expensive because I am doing all the work (story of my life). I paid $7 for the one and $5 for the other...heck even the old man can afford that...on a good day anyways ;)


Exactly what I meant! Heck, my earnings are so low - without buying a vote or three that I actually can't afford that! LOL

Wowsers. They do run you , don't you? $110? I do love the Japanese arts. So lovely. You will have to keep us updated with your little guy's progress​. Takes years, I think.


Yes it is a life long type of hobby... Folks have trees 50 years plus!

love bonsai trees


Thank you kindly. Here is a short vid I did of some sweet bonsai that really amazed me!! There is even a real apple tree! The most amazing thing is when you see how little dirt is used! Cheers!


that's amazing, i would love to have a mini apple tree lol

Nice job! I like the way you are training them! I have a tutor student who is in 7th grade who got a Bonsai at Christmas and is watering it and attempting to trim and train it. She named hers "Tom Tom".
Here's my post

Can't believe those prices but the trees are beautiful! I came up with some sort of nonsense about trees

The bonsai trees are beautiful 😉

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I agree with the over pricing on the little trees. They do not take that long to get them to train. It just takes years for the trunks to thicken and look very ancient. I did some many years ago and really enjoyed it. I wish you good tree shaping on your venture.

Beautiful work @old-guy-photos I've always wanted bonsai trees but I am really good at killing plants and losing patience

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a very beautiful bonsai.
awesome photography sir @old-guy-photos

Hey Paul, long time no tree lol. Your bonzai seem to be coming along nicely. You have a whole collection now!

I like the look of that second one. It looks ancient and gnarly.

Check out the tiny tree in the distance on the Flatlands of Cambridgeshire. Very bonzai looking.


LOL @ long time no tree.....

...too funny

WOW I didn't know they could be so expensive, I think if or being positive when I do get one I wil try to grow my own as well

here is my post for this week

Ah ! The Bonsai are back ! It is fun to see how you have started yours.

When the subject came up before, it made me kind of want one or two myself. After lots of reading and seeing that if you go on vacation you nearly have to hire a babysitter for them, I backed down a bit....LOL !!!

I still like them though and the subject isn't closed on getting one for myself one day.

The link for my Tree Tuesday is below this photo. :)


Oh they are just wonderful!!! I saw a book with the very old ones from Japan and was stunned by their beauty. A blossoming cherry tree in Bonsai format was the best one.

Hi old-guy-photos, I have found bonsais very hard to keep alive!


Well I know they like certain soil. I bought mine on Amazon. Plus they need feeding.

Bonsai's are incredible. I am busy making one with a weed plant ;)

My Treetuesday this week


This requires patience.

These are lovely Bonsai trees and they look really fresh and healthy. Nice photos

Your bonsaii is absolutely beautiful. I enjoy looking at them.

There are many things that I don't know anything about and this is one. I had no idea about the pricing. I found this interesting. Did you think the value was there for the big top one?


Well I am fairly cheap so I just buy the starter ones for 10 bucks or less and work on them myself. I guess I have more time than money lol