Tree Tuesday - Some of my Favorite Trees Part #5 !!

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Here we are back for another #treetuesday by the @old-guy-photos and today i want to present to you Part #5 of some of my favorite trees that i have encountered on my travels that have left me intrigued there is always a thing about mother nature that leaves you impressed and i am sure it has done that to most of us.


They call this tree Couroupita Guianensis but more commonly known as the Cannonball Tree and it belongs to the family of Lecythidaceae and again originated from the rainforests of South America Amazon jungles.



The fruit grows straight out of the tree's trunk and they say the fruit tastes similar to a Brazilian nut. This tree i spotted in a huge park in Bangkok , Thailand ...yep this tree is a long way from home.



Well as always Thailand never ceases to amaze me i found this weird but fascinating tree in the city of Bangkok in a beautiful manicured garden park. so this tree is a long way from home it is known to have come from Mexico is why they call it the Mexican Calabash Tree.



This tree is a long way from home it is known to have come from Mexico is why they call it the Mexican Calabash Tree and the fruit on this tree is not eatable is just show look.



Spiky the Punk Tree , i have seen thorns on rose bushes but never on a tree , apparently this tree is part of the family trees called Sacred Ceiba Trees that mainly grow in Guatemala well this fella is a long way from home but it was nice to see another unusual tree that had made it safely to Bangkok City.




On inspecting this tree closer up and feeling and touching these thorns i was thinking maybe they would be soft like rubber maybe but no way what was i thinking they felt like real hardened steel nails you wouldn't want to fall or be pushed on to the trunk of this tree it would be like falling on a bed of nails that's some serious spikes going on there.




I hope you enjoyed Part #5 of my favorite trees and i will bring some more to you next week well this has been my #treetuesday by the @old-guy-photos



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These are some interesting trees for sure.

I was wondering on the cannon ball tree if the fruits were edible and then you said they were !

That was a neat photo of the Mexican tree that has the little mushrooms that were also attached to the tree.

The spikes on the spike tree look similar to rose bush thorns, only MUCH larger.


Thank you @jacey.boldart of course none of these trees are native to Thailand so i am not sure if they imported as a small tree or planted as seed but as you said they are v all very unusual trees the spiky punk tree is my favorite :)

wow! howdy sir hangin! man, that's some wild lookin trees there, I like those! Very unusual, never seen anything like it. Exotic.


Yep they are exotic like the Thai girls really first time i seen them also very interesting trees indeed :)


haha! yes sir, sir hangin the entire country and culture is exotic!


Certainly got that right :)