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in treetuesday •  11 months ago


Hey guys,

I took a picture of this amazing tree at Mount Seymour, in Canada. We were literally in the clouds, which gave the picture it's look. Hope you like it!

Enjoy today,


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Wow ... awesome trees. It was raining here today in Ottawa. Hey welcome back to Steemit. I see you haven't posted in a while.


Thanks buddy. Yeah it had been a while, but I'm glad to be back :)

Hats off for this picture. I have favorited this page as the standard of all my future tree posts (if i ever do another one). I mentioned your post on my recent post :)

Looking forward to seeing your future posts!



Thank you SP, I'm glad you enjoyed the photo. Hopefully it gives you inspiration for another tree post :)

BEAUTIFUL @livewell. Such an amazing image. Gives one the feeling of just how powerful a force nature is. 🦋

Hi William this is an outstanding shot! Resteemed

Awww... such ghostly beauty... Love it!
Found this on dutchess' page... :)
Awww... I just saw - it's past 7 days... :(

Absolutely stunning photo! How I wish I had taken a photo like this! Greetings from Victoria, BC

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