늘 월드컵은 흥미 진진하죠..

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Well done @steemitboard! You successfully guessed the match result.

Round 16 - Brazil vs Mexico
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Why didn't you give me the badge for the Uruguay vs. Portugal match?

Tomorrow will not be so easy to guess how today. Because the game between England and Colombia is not easy. And Switzerland and Sweden are not easy either.

Tomorrow will be an important day for me, as the two games are not easy and several could reach me in the first place.

The Colombians will come out with all their starters and I have seen Colombia play and do it very well but I will vote for England for technical superiority.

Between Sweden and Switzerland, I made a mistake and voted for Sweden, but I can not return my vote. I hope to be lucky in this game because the Swiss have elite players.

yeah the upcoming matches are the ones that will move the rankings once again because the votes are distributed, compared to the previous ones where most votes went to the dominant country which is not the case in these 2 matches. Best of luck!

This round was easy Russia was the difference that gave the surprise, but the quarterfinals are burning.
Thanks for wishing me luck

You guess right. Me too. Sweden is good this year. England or columbia in next match.

I hope to be lucky in this game because the Swiss have elite players.

Congrats :)

Pls upvote me I’m a newbie💖

just a piece of my mind, don't beg for votes it is more likely you will get flagged than up voted.

I am a regularly watch FIFA world cup 2018. I have a great attraction for football. I am going to Resteem your post. But I don't know what is the benefits.

Try place your bets with

I can't wait to see Brazil take it all the way home!

I still can't get the unlocking of the badge where I gave upvote as winner to Belgium and it has been more than 1 day because?