Tree Tuesday – Model railroads and bears

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I was captivated by my friends model train setup and took some photos of the detailed replica. It was a slice out of time showing a scene from the 1950’s or so. The details were very well done with weathering on the roofs and realistic trees and buildings.

I thought this scene out of an old time logging camp kind of fit with the #treetuesday theme. The model trees and camp kind of look like what might have been done around here back in that time period.

Lots of guys busy at work fueling the economic prosperity of the times. But what’s that going on behind the log house?

An old time logging camp – click for viewing full screen

Looks like someone’s taking a break. Trying to do what comes natural only to be disturbed shortly by a large brown bear seeking up behind him.

Taking a break at the logging camp – click for viewing full screen

My Thoughts on a Bear

Sometimes it seems to me like my life is kind of like that guy just trying to do what is natural. I’m just trying to get by. I’m not really feeling fully productive right now like all the eager beavers out there working away on different things like cutting down the trees.

Just sitting on the log feeling kind of vulnerable with a possible bear market looming around the corner. This time of year typically the market picks up but who knows. The bear could be sneaking around and my entire portfolio could go down the toilet like so much wasted crap out my backside.

Who knows what the future will bring? Sometimes it feels like a giant Grizzly Bear is figuratively just getting ready to tear me limb from limb and bring the entire world economy down. What do you do... stockpile gold, crypto, chop wood, collect water filters, food, etc... ? It doesn’t really make me feel much better, to be worrying about too many existential problems outside of my Monkeysphere.

Well, enough crying in my beer like some old timer drinking his breakfast at the bar, lol.

Sometimes I think you need to make peace with the bear as best that you can. When you are going through boot camp nobody even takes a crap for a few days. At some point you just have to let go and do what comes natural and hope everyone doesn’t plug up all the pipes when they finally let go and turn things loose. LOL.

But don’t worry about me, I have plenty to be thankful for and I feel healthier now than I have for some time. Steem won the Netcoins contest and things are looking really good - with any luck we could have a bright shinny future. A big thanks to everyone that voted! I live where regulations will not permit Netcoins to operate but I think this will help Steem out in any case.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Tree Tuesday was started by @old-guy-photos


Excellent photos and these miniature models are made very carefully, which gives an interesting picture of life in the mountains. However, this bear is clearly aimed to attack the woodcutter, haha. Thank you @lightsplasher

It is a funny scene. Lots of details made the model railroad very interesting to look at.

hey, @lightsplasher.

The photos of the model oldtime logging operation is one part nostalgic and one part hilarious. There's all kinds of great natural touches. Your friend must be quite happy with the way its turned out.

re: bear market

I'm ready for things to take a turn upward for a change. If things were going sideways at $5 rather than $0.80, I wouldn't mind that at all. As far as it being painful to experience, I can't say that. I do want to see my STEEM value in dollars at least equal what I have invested. That would be nice. :)

As you say, we just need to keep hanging in there. The Netcoins win was a good step in the right direction, along with any other steps. I don't think I'll be seeing any Netcoins ATMs where I'm at either, but if they do end up in the US before the end of November, maybe I can travel somewhere to test one out, or maybe they'll add it in my state (Oregon) eventually.

Yes, it is really neat how it turned out, he put a lot of work into it and it shows. I will post some more photo's of the model railroad again some time. I would like to go back and spend a bit more time in photographing things now that I have looked at how the pictures came out.

Five dollar steem sure would be nice. Posting and commenting at that price level could really help with finances with all things being equal.

Most people on steem don't know this, but I'm a model railroader, so I appreciate this little scene. It's pretty well done, and the guy on the log and the bear adds that little touch of humor that a lot of model railroaders like to incorporate into their scenery.
As for the market, I'm hoping that with steem getting added to the Netcoins market, the value of steem will finally start to rise. I don't have very much fiat invested in steem, maybe a hundred dollars, but I do have a lot of effort invested in steem. If the value goes up like it did last winter, there's going to be a lot of smiling faces after all the FUD from this last summer and fall. I keep working to build my SP, and I'm holding onto it.

It would be really nice to see a lot of smiling faces around here. I think a lot of us are just generally around for the fun of it but having it pan out financially too would be great benefit.

Those trees and figures are really impressive! He has done a great job with them. I know how you feel with the bear always around. Often I feel I live Charlies Browns life. All we can do is make peace with ourselves and do the best we can. It always seems to me to be a matter of balance. Try to live and enjoy the now because there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

Wise words my friend. It really is a choice to live for the moment and be happy with what comes up.

The bear market is a thing that I also worry about @lightsplasher because I might not get into my goals in life and would peeled like an onion until nothing is left from me.
But I worry about my health more than anything because it gives me a hard time living. If only suicide is the way out I have done it already but it is a foolish thing to do but then again living in such a life full of misery is pointless too.

It is tough what you are going through - you are the strongest person I know. I hope you can realise your goals.

Perhaps off subject but sometimes when I sit in a happy way I feel like perhaps this is all that I am meant to do.

.hi my friend how are you tonight tonight buddies hopefully your news healthy healthy always and no less or whatever, oh yeah my friend i have been inactive for so long in steemit, because i am very busy, hopefully my friend @lightsplasher not forget me thank you

Nice to see you posting again! 😊I know how things can come up sometimes.

Yes, it's very nice, when I saw #Steem in #Netcoins win first place.We can only hope!Steem can grow back.

**other words that make me smile when I see the photo below. There was a person sitting, but his pants were opened, while behind him was a bear who was stalking. if this bear chases! can he run with open pants? hahaha ..... (joke).**


It made me smile when I looked at it. It is bad enough having to go to the bathroom on a log during your lunch break. Even worse having a bear sneaking up on you. ☺

a very interesting story, my dear, a few weeks our friends are busy and also telling other friends, with the word LOL, the LOL language has become a funny word for us, and the basis is we hear LOL's words are from you dear ... very funny

Thank you dear friend. I hope you do find it funny, I like to be happy as best as I can and laughter helps with that. :)

yes my dear ,, my friends here, say .LOL. LOL. LOL is a funny word for us, thank you my dear, I'm happy with you

wow, that replica seems very real.
Thanks @lightsplasher for sharing

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Very good post it is

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