Tree Myrtaceae Syzygium Cordatum

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COMMON NAMES: water tree, water-berry tree, waterwood Afrikaans: Waterbessie

Water loving tree found in swampy spots, forest margins or near steams reaching height of six to fifteen meters. Display evergreen, almost circular leaves bluish green on top and paler green below, fresh leaves are reddish in colour.

Fragrant flowers in white to pinkish on numerous fluffy stamens producing abundant nectar during August to November.

Fruits are red to dark-purple when ripe, eaten by children, monkeys, bush-babies and birds, fruit is used in water berry jams. Trees are not only beautiful, but abundant in fruits we know little about.

Water-berry tree

Used to treat chest infections including TB (tuberculosis.), as well as stomach problems and diarrhoea. Powdered tree bark used as a dye for clothing, as is the fruit, also used as a fish poison, I have never heard why this would be done.

Water-berry tree

A protected species in South Africa. The wood grain is usually straight, sometimes wavy or interlocked; the texture fine and even.
The wood is medium hard, moderately heavy, moderately strong and durable, especially in water, and is said to be resistant to termites.
It saws easily and works well with standard tools; pre-boring is necessary for nailing; nail-holding properties are good; moulding properties are good, and the wood planes to a smooth surface, taking a nice polish; it glues satisfactorilyIt is used for good quality furniture, window frames, flooring, beams, rafters, railway ties, mortars, utensils etc.
Being durable in water, it is especially suitable for boat building and is used to make jetties and slipways.
Popular as a source of firewood and charcoal.

Photography has been resized for Steemit (to allow easier transfer on slow internet connection), no software manipulation on my photography, keep it true to what you see.

Thought for Today: If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. ~ African proverb

All photography is my own taken with a Canon Powershot SX730 HS : 1st Photo: f/4.5 - 1/40 sec - ISO-800 / 2nd Photo f/3.5 - 1/80 sec - ISO-400

Tree Tuesday - my contibution to @old-guy-photos

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Upvoted your fine post, keep on writing this wonderful post my kryptonia id @jamescrusader

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it is a lovely nature trees you shared


Nature is full of surprises, normally nice ones at that!

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Nice photos :)

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Thank you for the information on the tree. It is not a very nice looking tree and I would not like it in my landscape near my house, but would look good in the distance. From what you say appears to be useful for many different things.


Most trees have some good use, researching various trees around us reveals many secrets.

I'm vote and comment form I'd @Amdatsible

How do the berries taste? Are they more on the sweet or on the sour side? The tree itself looks huge, must have tons of those berries on it.


Going into jam you enjoy sweet/sour, it is not a jam you find often, have never tried fresh berry of the bush.

Afrikaans refer to the name waterbessie jellie (konfyt)

Never heard about water-berries. Mother Nature is amazing. Thank you for sharing, I learned something new. How does the fruits look like? Taste?


Not tried fresh, have only ever found the jam once it is tart/sour if my memory serves me well.

Hermosa fotografía, y la descripción de este maravilloso árbol, gracias por publicar tan buenos post!!! ID Mariale en Kryptonia

@joanstewart Wow! many surprises in our tropical areas. Sad that it's on the protected list! Blessings!


Most of the trees around us we are unaware you are able to use in cooking, found one the other day in the garden, ate it fresh and surprised to find it enjoyable.

Watch what the monkeys eat down our way, then try it out.

Bueno se sabe que es parte fundamental para la vida, sin ellos simplemente el planeta seria un total desierto.

It's good that they take on the task of protecting the fauna. Beautiful tree Regards!

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Nver jeard of those trees but it looks like it could be in a horror movie

The medicinal significance of some of the specimen trees is enough to catch my curiousity.


We know so little about trees, take them for granted, when going out it is now a hobby to learn more in my area @mdominicorobin

I think there is no plant which is not useful to us. We just lost those precious knowledge over time.


Tribal elders in villages remember trees and useful roots and herbs, city dwellers are losing touch with mother nature sadly.


Yes, people just ignore everything.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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I really know very little about this plant. This is a very interesting tree. Thank you for such detailed information. by the way, I liked this wise African proverb. Thanks @joanstewart


Love the old sayings @madlenfox always food for thought.

Trees are wonderful and very important to life. When i was younger, i use to read under a tree. @kryptonia id blogjeremiah


My Dad went to school under a tree @blogjeremiah and had very fond memories of where he grew up.

Interesting facts about the water-berry tree, amazing all the uses it has!


Being such a fabulous cook yourself @lizelle we have fruits around us we are unaware we could be using waterbessie jellie (konfyt) is more from home recipes by what I understand, only seen it once at a roadside store.


I must ask my Mom about that, she used to make her own jams abd preserves

Really valuable information. There are so many trees like this having medicinal value and are used to make Ayurveda medicines in INDIA from long way back.

Thank you for sharing @joanstewart <333 :) Always love learning about my treepeople. You're the best!!!

I like trees and I like the oxygen they make. They make me happy :)

amaizing photos, nice port joan, greetings from kryptonia

ID: @armandofd

thank you for your contribution

Wow, what a tree to know about. I haven't heard about it but its just multifunctional. That's the secret behind creatures. Its worth to be preserve for future use and moreover thanks to God who create all things for our good....@fisherman

Love this yuur loving post....

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