TreeTuesday - Bloom Tree

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Unlike some other places where they already got those blooming flowers, here’s just started...yey! I think, the spring is finally here tho!😍
Went for walk and I managed to take some tree pictures at the park behind my house.


Tree buds begin to open up, and leaves are growing.



After long resting during winter, it is now favourable condition for those tress to be active again.




Warmer day is here! more sunlight and longer day is begun.


After loosing leaves during a long winter, the tree buds has growing its leaves again and started to make its own energy to be active and keep growing.


It’s time for those trees to rely on a warm weather to keep them on growing track!

#treetuesday by @old-guy-photo

Happy Spring!


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Very good post... I like this sun 😊👌🌟☀


Thanks so much @foxkoit weather is getting warmer here 🌞🌱💐


Here it is very warm 😁👌☀☀

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some of the shots are very nice, I loved especially #2 very much. what did you use to capture these?..

ps. I posted a few times on tree sunday, but got completely zero response from the contest-giver. it maybe a fun only challenge with no prises, thats quite ok, but if he even doesnt look whats happening with the seeds he throws of... I still love the idea but dont use this tag anymore.

what do you think of it?


Thanks! @qwerrie I don’t have any special camera, so I just zoom it using my IPhone X

And I know right....but there are many contest just for fun here, so no bother to tag lol.
That’s why I prefer to share recipe or anything about food contest which is I normally got a big upvote from them.