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tree tuesday 4.jpg

There are trees and then, there are trees that aim to maim! This tree was just sprouting its pretty little fern-like greenery when I spotted it, on the island of St. Kitts. Survival of the fittest says this one will be around a while. I politely went around it on my hike down the mountain.

Today is #TreeTuesday! Let's see your trees!


And there it was... Spring awakening. Today is also #TuesdayOrange #ColorChallenge by @Kalemandra! Color my world. Yes, please.

tree tuesday.jpg

The earth beneath was washing away and the roots held on even tighter. They reached down to where the dirt had gone and dug in deeper again.


Glorious and few, the cherry blossoms are already starting to do their thing. Stay tuned!

I went down to
mingle my breath
with the breath
of the cherry blossoms.

There were photographers:
Mothers arranging their
children against
gnarled old trees;
a couple, hugging,
asks a passerby
to snap them
like that,
so that their love
will always be caught
between two friendships:
ours & the friendship
of the cherry trees.

Oh Cherry,
why can’t my poems
be as beautiful?

A young woman in a fur-trimmed
coat sets a card table
with linens, candles,
a picnic basket & wine.
A father tips
a boy’s wheelchair back
so he can gaze
up at a branched
All around us
the blossoms
flurry down

Be patient
you have an ancient beauty.

Cherry blossoms
Toi Derricotte, 1941

tree tuesday 2.jpg

Some of these trees look arthritic with all the gnarls and bumps in them- interesting shapes! I'm not sure how this guy got tied up in knots, but, somewhere between then and now, someone found a home to call his own.

tree tuesday 5.jpg

Sometimes, it is so lovely, the entire scene plus trees, it takes my breath away.

¸.♥´¸.•♥¨) Let the sun shine in on your life
So the joy may touch your soul

(¸.•´♥ (¸.•´ ♥


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Thank you for visiting here. 💖 It is because of all of you that I am encouraged to post and takes some time to visit you. For this I am eternally grateful. Don't ever forget what a wonderful world we live in, people. Let's hold hands around the globe and make this earth really spin. Some days, it is not as easy to see, so we must try harder to give everyone the proper focus.

Later that night
I held an atlas in my lap
Ran my fingers across the whole world
And whispered,
"Where does it hurt?"
It answered,


by warsan shire



Wow such good insight and art. Trees are such huge parts of our world and the thorny ones are so crazy.

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Aren't these such cool looking trees, well, perhaps except for that spiky little number! It is a little more than I had bargained for in the hike! I nicely excused myself and walked around it!

Oh, yes! I wasn't up to getting pricked by that thing !!


Thank you for the visit and for the kind words!

Those trees are amazing! Good photos

And of course, I want to thank you so very much for the words and for the many surprises you leave me, because every time I click and see one, it makes me smile to know that there are genuine Santa Claus's out there, making people's day... and thinking nobody notices. ;)

Thank you again @broncnutz You surprise me in so many ways.


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Just a beautiful quality of trees and that thorny one omg image falling on that i am glad you when around it politely and that view is awesome how beautiful is mother nature :)

Oh! You already know how awesome she is! You are totally surrounded by her beauty! in double digits!

And thank you!

Yes i am lucky my friend to be i a beautiful part of the world....Cheers...have a lovely night :)

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Oh my! So many nice trees! I really like the one with the gnarly roots. That spikey tree looks much less welcoming though.

Aren't those gnarly roots amazing? I was really taken by them also because I only have normal trees where I live. :)

Whatever normal is, right?

The big thorny one was a real surprise for me! I had no idea there were killer trees like that! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!


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Nice selection of trees. Old ones sure have character :-)

For some reason, these big old trees remind me of some of our elderly Folk! In a good way of course! Have you ever noticed that the older we get, the more character we seem to develop?

You mean decrepit like me :-)

OMG! No!!!! Seriously, Mike!!!!

I was talking about my 100-year-old neighbor. and his cronies!!! Can you believe he has a bunch of cronies and they play poker and drink tea on Friday nights!

That is great, life to the fullest.... :-)

I know!!! I almost want to join them to see what they talk about and just be there. But, I am a girl as they so delicately put it. not so delicately LOL

Oh I like that gnarly trunk one and of course any shots with palm trees are always sweet! Great post!!!

I know how you love those gnarly trees! Most of these trees came from the island of Saint Kitts, and strangely enough a lot of them had odd looking trunks on them. I'm not sure if it was the SALT, the sea, or the warm weather conditions, but to see a tree that was without knots was unusual. Oh I do know how you loved those Palms! Happy Tree Tuesday to you!

are those thorns on the very first picture? they look super sharp!

i love the cherry blossoms, so beautiful


They really are!!! OMG!!! Can you imagine being bit by those??? Well, I was!!! 'Yikes doesn't even begin to cover it!!

And thank you! You are always so sweet and kind!

Wonderful photos, @dswigle! I realize I'm shooting on the run and the result is of poor quality. I have to learn from you. I tell this many times. Better yet shorter but quality than my long small photographic reports, to which I forget about the quality of the photos. Thanks for the lesson!
I nominated you in a contest where you just have to propose a favorite song. If you are interested, here is my post with all the explanations:What is your Favourite Song (and why)? - Here is the answer

You do not have poor quality photos, Dan!! @bluemoon Seriously!! If you learn anything by my posts, I am happy, but, you have wonderful posts!

I read the nomination and will put one in tomorrow! Thanks so much!

With pleasure! I'm curious to see what you choose.
I'm glad because of you I will try to improve the quality of my photos.

Hehe! I wanted to pick John again, but, there is so much good music to choose from!

Hehe ... John is my favorite musician too, but I prefer to propose something else, as you say ... the offer is enormous!
I responded to @barbara-orenya and told my favorite song from Jethro Tull. Bouree!

I saw that. :)

I'm glad. I don't know if you know this song or...Jethro Tull. I think you know Jethro Tull.

My uncle was a Jethro Tull fan and he was a big part of my life. :)

This reminds me..."Variety is the Spice of Life!" and makes me want to go on a hike :) Thank you @dswigle ...

Hehe! Truth, isn't it? Variety is the spice of life. I was surprised at the different trees that I saw on the trail as opposed to along the road. Goes to show you!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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