72 hours @treeplanter Report. Over 11 trees planted. 17 Steemians planted them. The best planter is @tim-rumford with 3 trees. My current SP: 7,875. My current voting power: 95.8 %. USE ME. Let's plant trees together!

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I am really satisfied. More Steemians are coming to plant trees with me. Spread the world by resteeming my posts.

I would like to give special thanks to @steembusiness for perfect post about me.
Let´s help to plant some trees! - Make the world green again, while gaining some Profit!

OR, just plant more trees with me!


Manual how to plan trees with me.

  1. You, good lady or man, transfer between 0.1 and 0.5 STEEM/SBD to my wallet, with the link in memo of the post you want to have upvoted by me.
  2. I will upvote the post (hopefully not your own) and attempt to add 50% value per vote per STEEM/SBD you send, so 0.1 STEEM/SBD donation = approx 0.15 STEEM/SBD worth of vote, up to 0.5 STEEM/SBD = 0.75 STEEM/SBD worth of vote.

report of my first 72 hours of planting
my mom @kedjom-keku and dad @personz not included


I will share your donations.

  1. 50% of it is going directly to Cameroon to fund our conservation program to save Abongphen Highland Forest
  2. 50% will help me to grow and get more STEEM POWER to share more happiness and money on Steemit to you Steemians.

EACH DOLLAR (sent to Cameroon) = 1 TREE PLANTED


Help me to grow to be able to plant more trees daily and share more money back to you people.

  1. Return on investment: Invest for 1 year and get 10% of your investment back as liquid STEEM, e.g. if you delegate 100,000 SP you will be paid 10,000 STEEM in a year. We can only give you this is you invest for a full year.
  2. OR full donation: Invest for 1 year and we will plant equal number of trees to restore Abongphen Forest.

My rules (1.Level – 7,500 SP):

  • Each post could be upvoted by me only once – if you send the same post again, your contribution is going to be considered as donation without upvoting
  • If you transfer less than 0.1 STEEM/SBD, I will just thank you for your donation – no upvoting
  • If you transfer more than 0.5 STEEM/SBD, I will upvote the post as the donation is 0.5 STEEM/SBD, the rest is just a donation – thank you for it.
  • I am going to keep my SP always high - meaning I will only vote every day to keep 80% of voting power. The amount of daily available votes depends on my current SP see above.
  • If my SP is exhausted you will be queued – your link will get my upvote immediately I am strong again.

Thanks to @bonapartegodard for 108 SP, @personz, @ausbitbank and @kedjom-keku for delegated 500 SP by each, to @jean-gregoire delegated 1,000 SP and special thanks to @itchykitten delegated 5,000 SP.

Check my moms blog to get more information and stories about our conservation program in Cameroon.

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I'm coming for you, @tim-rumford


Nice a little friendly competition I can get behind when it is for a good cause!


ok, guys. You did come with some great idea. I got inspired, be ready and check my new post soon (latest two hours). Thanks

I literally planted 35 trees today. How much steem you wanna give me. If you'd like photos i will give you. Do you actually pay people who are planting trees too?


Hello @organiccacao, congratulation. It depends on which trees you have planted and where. Did you planted for yourself? So why do you need to be paid for that? That is why I am raising funding to pay people to plant trees and protect the forest. You can try it as well.


I plant for the migratory and territorial birds that I transit Central America twice a year. I am protecting the rain forest. I am not doing it for myself. The trees I choose to plant either feed or create habitat. Feel free to support a sustainable and regenerative cacao farmer such as much self who makes decisions not based on profit but sustainability. Yes, I feel that I should be compensated for that.


I've planted 5 zillion trees today. Can you give me money now?

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I've sent a donation from the Giving Steem initiative. Let's recover the world in trees! Fantastic project....perhaps once you've finished in Cameroon, you can do the rest of Africa?! ;)



You are great. Thanks a lot. You just won my contest, I hope you will not mind If we still leave it open for the others. https://steemit.com/treeplanter/@treeplanter/forest-friendly-contest-who-is-going-to-be-the-first-to-plant-20-trees-with-me-became-tree-planter-beginner-i-will-publish-poem
I am seriously looking forward to plant as many trees as possible. 1,000,000 is just beginning. Thank you very much again. Where can I get more information about your initiative?


Please do continue with the contest....I don't mind not being in it, just wanted to help your project! The original post for the Giving Steem initiative is here....


I've done a couple of summary posts if you'd like to check how i'm donating.

It's my pleasure to help people and projects that help people. Keep planting!! :)

I planted 111 trees for the birth of my daughter this year, and another 600 trees just because. Where's my steem prize? Lol! I love that you are doing this! Keep on planting! I've got chestnuts and oaks and cider apples in the nursery if you need 'em!


Thanks a lot. If you can send em to Cameroon. I am actually trying to save the most threatened forest on our planet (misty mountain forest) already planted thousands of trees too. Wish you a great day. Do not hesitate to plant trees with me and be even paid for that.