Travel Tip: Broumov Rocks Nature Reserve, spectacular place with unique rock formations

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

Welcome to my Travel Tip series where I promote some of the most beautiful places, interesting landmarks and impressive architectural sites of my homeland, the Czech Republic.

Today, I will take you to one of the interesting natural places of the country, the renowned Broumov Rocks Nature Reserve.

Source: Max Pixel (Creative Commons)

Located just a few kilometers outside of the town of Broumov in the northern part of the country, very close to the Czech - German border, the Broumov Rocks Nature Reserve occupies a total area of approximately 640 ha.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

Founded in 1956, the reserve is famous for breathtaking nature and abundance of remarkable rock formations, some of which are of very bizarre shapes. Based on their visual appearance, some of the rocks have funny names such as the Rock Mushrooms, the Watch Rock, the Vulture´s Nest, the Crown Rock etc.

Source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

The reserve also boasts a very rich and diverse wildlife. The isolated cliffs are home to several species of birds of prey and owls while the ravines provide habitat for badgers, foxes, martens, dormice etc. Most of the reserve is open to visitors who can choose from a variety of well-maintained hiking trails, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions of the area.

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I feel that I really need to go to Czech Republic for more photos :D !


Oh yeah, you definitely should:)

I think that just made it to the top of my to do list next time we go back to Czech Republic. Nice tip


Glad to hear that and be an inspiration.

As always, after each publication of yours, I feel very excited for the beauty that you have in your country! Happy and proud you must feel to have been born in that country!


Spot on, I am very happy and proud to it to be my homeland.....

it turns out the Czech Republic has a place with beautiful views to visit, I would be happy if I could see it directly.


I agree, @zahwaawa. I would love to go there.


I thinks so my friend..

Wao such a stunning photography....czech republic is my favrite country....natural beauty attracts the peoples...very beautiful looks so wonderful...very big looks so great....and the wild looks so innocent and so cute....czech republic is most wonderful country in the world....My wish is visit the most beautiful country czech republic......i really like it....thanks for sharing.

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excellent photos, I wanted to visit that place someday, and see how nature can find that perfect balance to make those rock shapes