Quote of the day: “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

I would like to share another interesting quote with you today.

Source: Quote Fancy, author: Herman Melville, famous American novelist, short story writer and poet

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

What do you think of this inspirational quote, my fellow Steemians? Has it already happened to you that you failed while trying to be original or succeeded in copying someone else´s ideas? Do you see any relation between this quote and Steemit? ;)

Let me know in the comments, I am looking forward to reading your opinions and stories :)

Have a wonderful day and Steem on!

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Hi Tomas! I don't now why but your today quote of the day reminds me one other quote which sounds like: 'Who does not risk that does not drink champagne!'

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I love both, risk as well as the champagne:)....


I think it's especially good when excellent champagne stirs up blood as well as adrenaline from risky event.;)

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Hello friend, good morning. the best thing for each person is to be original, you must try to be creative. That's why I like your job, what you do is very good. Now copying the work of others is a plagiarism. Also for me it is an energy theft.
Another thing is to admire the work that someone does, it is likely that someone likes the ideas or content that person does, but we must always put our originality.


Yep, plagiarism is a big no no and has to be fought against at all times here on Steemit.....

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

The moment I read this the first thing that struck me was a the mindset of such a person. I feel that this quote has a lot to do with the legacy of those who pursue these two paths. Let me explain...

I think the person who keeps failing at trying to do something original will one day find his target. That one work that would be his masterpiece. But it won't stop there. A lifetime spent in pursuit of originality will inspire originality in this world even if this person fails at his masterpiece.

Then their is the other side. The person succeeding in imitation is highly likely to pursue that path for a lifetime. Imitations are rarely inspiring and usually forgotten in the light of original.


Totally agree with your comment. In general, the imitations do not last, they end in time, while the urinal will always last. It's something like being yourself always here, there, where you are

Very close to my own quote I try to follow day by day:

"There's no such thing as a failure, only a lesson"

Meaning throwing yourself out in what might not always be comfortable and try. Even if it might not end up the way you hoped, you have learned from it and next time you will do better:)


that quote got me reading. thankyou.

found out about you whilst looking at a friends post re: photography. i do sunset posts each day and was wondering how to get more exposure.

ofcourse. we must try to be the best.

It is preferable to fail by being honest and genuine rather than succeed with a copy.
This phrase applies very well in steemit, since the original content is rewarded

Imitation is the beginning of failure

Being successful in imitation means such person will never have a chance to express his true self. I don't think anyone will be fulfilled living such kind of life. Nothing can be compared in life to being you and having the freedom to express yourself.

Agreed and it will just act of inspiration to move forward even if one fails !