Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia with free concert in Wallenstein Garden!

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Hi everyone!

As I have already informed you in some of my previous posts, my homeland will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia this year. As you probably know, Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two separate countries - the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in 1993 but for both nations, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of what used to be our common homeland is a long-awaited event of the utmost importance.

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There will be numerous memorial events, parades, exhibitions, seminars, debates etc. held on the occasion of this remarkable jubilee, including a grandiose concert by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. The concert will take place in the beautiful Wallenstein Garden in the historic center of the city on Wednesday, August 29, and it will be free so that anyone can come to enjoy it.

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This is very amazing friends, we have independence day in the same month ... my country celebrates independence tomorrow August 17 ... and there will be many events ..., and competitions, congratulations on welcoming the day to my friend.


That's great! Double celebration:).....


of course friend, and today we celebrate the anniversary of Indonesia's independence day.

Sounds really great and amazing

Well do share the moments with us as many of us wont be there to witness the memorable moments :)


No worries, just think about us:)....

1918 to 2018 .... wow thats's a century history and flourishing culture!

Obviously I remember the events from history as we study them since the school. But sometimes it is easy to forget the importance of these events and even forget the dates. Although 1918 is a very historic year but I completely forgot the exact date and this post was the reminder - thanks for that man :-)


Thank you for following those important events!

Wallenstein garden. Tgis looks so awesome and green. The perfect view to enjoy and refresh the soul. This times travel tip is absolutely an interesting one with A prague symphony orchestra held aswell. Simply great. Thanks alot for sharing. Keep up the good work.


That place is really great to see and visit!


It sure is. The architectural site along with that relaxing view and greenery filled garden is a good one to refresh the soul. Isnt it Tomas.?


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It is unbelievable to think that it is 100 year of foundation of Czechoslovakia . I remember from school we always learnt about the country and until disintegration of USSR I never thought that there are two different countries united into one. Early after Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic became independent I met one of my colleague who was from Slovakia and only then realized that. But I must say I was always impressed with Czech crystals they were absolute the best in the whole Ex-Soviet republic and in the country where I was born in Kazakhstan. I love the Czech Symphony Orchestra, my son plays piano and that is his favorite orchestra too. I hope you will have nice celebration my congratulation, Tomas and thank you for sharing this great event on Steemit :)

100 years ... good luck