Brilliant and amazing photography my dear @worldcapture!😍💙💚

Btw, what is your real name?

Thank you dear @stardivine - My Name is Chris, how about yours? <3

Wow! Nice name my dear.💙💚

Have a glorious day!

It seems to be a beautiful island where spend great time. I definitely like your photos!!

For sure! It's a great place to visit! Thanks! :))

Hi worldcapture,

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Whoa!!! Thank you so much @curie + Team !!! I appreciate it a lot what you guys do to the community! Thanks!!!!

Nice place. Awesome photograps

Thanks Buddy! :))

That's a great travel and photo shooting Chris!
I'd never been in Thailand even in other countries or overseas.
Every country or place has something to it that it could offer to people especially to tourists.
How many countries have you visited already?

Hey @ronel ! Thank you for your comment! Well Thailand is really an amazing place. You should go to travel when ever you have the chance too! Where are you from?
I'm not sure the total number, I only know there are plenty of more countries I want to visit :))

I'm from Philippines, you live in Thailand?
I actually don't wanna travel now I guess?
I have no extra money for a trip and my beard would scare people if they see me lol
I'm growing my beard and mustache for almost three months now I guess.

Yeah I live in Thailand :)
Ha, don't worry if ppl feel afraid of you as long as you like your beard ;)
Have a great day !

I don't know if people like beards. I guess seldom love it and I'm one of those lol

Anyways, I'll po... said my nephew beside me laughing lol
He's some kinda weird boy and he replied, I'm bad.
Sorry for all of these bad stuffs.

Haha! Never mind! Have a great day! :))

Thanks man!
Thank you for sharing your precious time talking to me.
Enjoy your day!
Wish you all the best!
Good luck!

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Awesome ! Thanks !

I love that dynamic shot of the garbage workers. It reminds me of a cool project I recently learned about and there is a movie so inspiring to go with it. Check out Vik Muniz and you will know what I am talking about. Maybe you know, already. It turns out he is among the best known contemporary people of art.

Great article and photo report, as always!

Hey Manol, thanks for your kind comment Buddy! I will check out his work and the movie today when I come home! Cheers!

I am pretty sure you will love it. Wasteland or Waste Land is the title. Best thing I watched last month. Cheers!

Hello my dear friend, how did you get so much upvotes, please tell me a little...

Hey Moniroy :) Well I put a Lot of work into this report and it was appreciated :)) - There is no magic trick, just be yourself and don't let money be your main target for blogging :)

The people there (at the beach) look like they are having fun!! There is that building in that photo with a building whose shape I really like, it has quite an interesting shape... That beach will be a great place to relax and unwind...

That island is a great place, really... The people there seem to be having fun, there are amazing things to do there to have fun. I will go for the music if I were there...😀 oh, after having fun at the beach....

Oh yeah, there was a happy mood around! Ha, I liked the too, but still not sure what exactly it was for :)) Thanks for your comment! :))

Hahahha! I guess it just a happy mood for life, celebrating life!!! Enough reason to be happy, yeah?

What a small cute island! Is it really necessary to rent a scooter? To me it sounds like you can walk around the island pretty quickly. Or was too hot or too humid to walk? Just asking as I don't really enjoy driving scooters :)

It's great that there are so many places to visit on such a small island. I would have thought that it will be quiet during night but there clearly is a great nightlife scene.. And banana boats? Oh no! This really seems to be everywhere and I've noticed that people enjoy it :D I find it silly :)

I like that photographer have so many various things that they like to take photos of. You like taking photos of people and I try to avoid them :) I like landscapes and NO people :) I must admit that your photos are great so I understand and see that you like capturing people.

All your photos are very nice but my favorite would be the last one :) It looks like you had a great weekend! I wish I could be somewhere closer to the sea right now :)

Thank you for your kind comment! Well I'd say its much easier to travel around the Island by scooter. I mean, you could walk to some places but porbably could not discover the whole Island. Scooter riding wasn't to bad there! :))Have a great day!

Oh, ok, I wouldn't expect it but thank you for the tip :) It's good to know!

It's so cool to see the difference in culture and the simple lifestyle, it's so different from anything here in the west.

Oh yeah! It's like a different world! Cheers !

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Awesome ! Thanks a ton for your support @travelfeed!!!

awesome post my friend. resteemed!

Wow ! Thanks Buddy! Really appreciate it !

I love Koh Larn😍 it takes just 40 minutes to get there but I don't know why I visit it so rarely.
Great photos!

It's nice right! I thought the same "Why I haven't visited before?!" , ha!

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Nice! Thanks !! :))

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That's great ! Thank you for your Support & great Project!

You are most welcome @worldcapture!

Fantastic post, bro! I love the photos you get of people. It's really different than how I shoot and it's something I want to get better at. How do you approach it? Do you just talk to them and ask them if you can take their photo? What are there reactions? Like the bus driver. Did he wonder why you were taking it? These are all the questions I ask myself and then usually decide to just stick with buildings and landscapes hahaha

I love your fine art photo (the one with color). It's a great composition and the three shades of blue look so good together. It's such a simple photo but I think it's SO good. My favorite from the post for sure.

It looks like a fun island! I'd love to visit. I've never been to Thailand but one of my friends live there for many years. I have other friends there too.

Thanks so much for sharing! I loved following along on your journey. Cheers!

Hey Buddy! Thanks a ton for your nice comment! Well when I started to take pictures of People (especially in Thailand) I felt quite shy at the beginning, but now im totally comfortable with it. In 99% of the cases I do not ask. But I'm quick, I do not hold the camera in someones face for long. Body language Plays a big part in that Kind of photography I think- So I just smile, click - and I'm gone :D .. I also asked Thai People about it and they sayed thats ok, you don't Need to ask. Just do it with respect and don't be rude. Never anyone complained since then!
Hope you have a great day! Cheers !

Body language is a great point. I think my awkwardness can sometimes give off a creepy feeling lol and that's never a good thing. I've occasionally asked permission and the person is always receptive. On the other hand I've had times where I wasn't even trying to take a picture of someone and a group of people tried to stop me so I guess it just depends on the situation.

Well thanks again for the info! It's something I'm totally working on because I'd love to get more humans in my shots. I used to do portrait photography and had some fun with it. I like that street feel though.

You left out the option to swim to the island...
ha, another awesome adventure and post bradda!

Thanks Bro! True! The distance is actually only 7.5km , so it should be doable.. For someone haha :D

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Ko Lan, I could see through the photos that it is a very beautiful island, the sand is so white that it shines before the lens of the camera. And the crustaceans that they take from their beaches look exquisite. How lucky you were able to visit it and relax watching its landscapes.

Indeed! It was super nice visiting this little Island. Absolutely loved it there :))

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Awesome! Thanks a ton! :)))

Thank you for sharing your trip to Ko Lan, have never been to Thailand but can say that almost every person among my friends had been already at least once there and of course absolutely in love with the place, people, sun, sand beaches. The pictures you have done just confirming that. I like that you not only posted the beautiful sunsets and places around, but captured simple people there during their daily activity. The place we come for holiday is their home so it is worth to show them too :)

Well maybe you have ever the chance to, to visit this beautiful country :)) I'm sure you would like it as much as everyone else does who comes here. Thanks for you kind comment! :))

You have a great way with your people shots. I seem to live in a world without humanity as I am shy to approach anyone for the camera.

What a great idea to get out for a short trip like that. I was in Thailand for a couple of years and never even got to a beach! Out of everything you are showing, I want those shrimp the most. I was getting those huge ones at my local Thai market and really miss them. All seafood is expensive here in Malaysia and not as nice.

Thank you for showing your fun trip!

Thank you for your kind comment @fitinfun ! Well you really should have visited some of the beaches as they are really beautiful! But I'm sure you will have the chance to see them sometime again. Oh yes, the seafood (especially on Islands) is just sooooooo good! Hope you have a great Sunday!

I feel my non-beach going is a sad lack to my time in SE Asia. But at least I can see your fun post :)

Howdy from Texas worldcapture! Hey this looks like such a fun getaway! And the scenery is amazing, the last shot of the sunset could be on a travel advertisement!
I think this is a great post and very well done. Do you travel a lot or is this an unusual outing for you? Oh and congratulations on the curie vote!

So viele Orte, so viele Tauchplätze, die ich noch nicht kenne....

Wow dude! I guess it was you who stole my travelfeed curie upvote that day hahaha :D kidding, well deserved! :D I guess I've posted day after you anyway :D

Man you went on the photography spree! Those last 4 are aaabsolutely amazing! The ferry driver indeed looks angry haha :D