TRAVEL FEED: Tips For Writing Travel Articles

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Ahooooga readers! How are you? Bringing some ideas for beginners on Travel Feed!

When it comes to Travel blogging there is a tremendous spectrum to analyse: It goes from those who write and share stories to those who consume content and feel inspired by it. To achieve the desired attention, writers need to give their best to captivate an audience; some will focus on breathtaking images, others will have a meaningful and impacting writing style, some may be more focused on adventure and nature while others especialize in reviewing restaurants, the list is enormous.

For all the reasons listed above I've always postponed the idea of providing tips on how to compose a post, because the art of content creation, in form of blog, is very unique and each individual carry his/her own style.

However, being myself a full time writer for almost two years and Travel content curator for at least the same time, I've had the opportunity to acquire some knowledge on both ends: the creator and curator. I hope all the beginners can benefit from it.

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

On Travel Feed, the team reads between 25-50 posts per curation round, from where we have to pick the 5 best posts to feature, it is THAT insane to choose what passes and what doesn't.

So, before I talk about the tips on how to compose a post I'd like to make it clear that each curator is free to exercise his/her own individual criteria, everything here listed is what appeals to me as a curator and by any means I want to change your style as a writer. Let's go!

1. Learn Basic Markdown / HTML

There's nothing cooler to the eyes of a curator as a well formated text, one that uses and abuses everything the editor has to offer to make the reading more fluid and diversified.

Once you have learned the basics of Markdown or HTML you'll be able to give emphasis on a phrase, like I'm doing here with the bolded and italic words.

You'll also be able to play with the text position to better use the space, for example dividing the text in collums or wrapping your text around an image. See below.

Click to enlarge!

If you want to unleash your Markedown + HTML knowledge on Travel Feed you'll need to switch to our complete editor, where you'll also be able to see a preview of your text side by side with what you are producing. Isn't it sexy?

Editing texts using markdown+html

By doing this you'll save space on your post with images that may not be totally relevant, making the reading proccess more fluid, with less scrolling down.

Observation: This might not be the fastest way to compose a post, but it'll sure make it more appealing, it shows that you have put some effort into your composition instead of simply dumping your thoughts.

2. Be Creative on Your Text

I know, I know ! This is very subjective, how can I measure creativity? Duh!

I absolutely cannont tell people how they should write their texts, but you can unleash the monster inside of you! Be yourself but at the same time avoid narrating your story in a sequence from the time you woke up to the time you went to bed, for example by repetitively using the preposition after.

Reading texts that address the story in a neutral way instead of "I did this, then I did that" is more pleasing; using elements to make me curious and aprehensive to what the heck happened during the said story tend to be rewarded with that juicy Travel Feed like.

Texts that are able to use words to express emotions or to express the feelings felt (duh) during said experience while travelling gain my heart big time. Texts that add informative or some historical background are also cool.

Source: Creative Sponge Bob on Tenor

3. Use Images But Don't Describe Them

In the past I used to read a very simple blog from an adventurer who traveled on an extreme budget; his blog very rarely had images to ilustrate where he was, but his writing style was so amazing and descriptive that you could unconsciously create the images yourself, that's what kept me and many readers going back every week to spend time reading his content.

I only added this info, because I've lost track of how many texts I've seen while curating where people describe an image. It's not only redundant for the reader but it's also a bit boring.

On the other hand I've seen amazing texts where people talk about the feelings of doing something, like climbing a mountain and then add the image from the top, it gives a whole feeling of achievement.

It's also super cool when someone adds an image from some city landmark and talk about the history behind it instead of saying "here's the master blaster landmark" and "on this picture you can see the ninja doing ninja things".

4. Title Is LIFE

If there's one thing that can ruin a post, that little bastard has to be the title. A good title can and will induce a click while others will make the post disappear on a list of 25-50 posts.

Things like "My walk on the forest" might not be as appealing as "The Most Amazing Forest Walk" or "Almost Dying on a Forest Walk". I know I've provided poor examples, but you get the idea, the title must:

  • Catch the readers attention;
  • Direct to the subject;
  • Be a complete click bait (You bastard!)
  • Think of bullet points or hooks!

4.1. Tell your location!

I've added this linked to the title because your location might be included in there, it's absolutely up to you, but it DOES help the reader / curator when it's time to clicking or not.

Source: Lost Travolta on Tenor

There's nothing more frustrating than reading a travel text without knowing where the person is, or discovering mid text the location, or having only the name of the city. No matter if your style is more focused on tourism or adventure, telling the name of said location is primordial and needs to be highlighted somewhere.

If you find a way to add your location to the title you might score some points, as your post will be more appealing when it comes to comercially delivering your post, 10/10 I'd click if I'm searching for the same place.

5. Find a Balance Between Text and Images

Travel posts that balance images and text are the boss, when you get tired of reading, plin, comes an image to add a visual feeling.

I would avoid big chunks of texts followed by a gigantic pile of images, as a reader I feel lost scrolling without a sequence. A great post needs a beginning, middle and end. If there are a pile of images without context the reader has no feelings at all and zero incentive to keep on reading.

On the other hand I've seen texts with barely no images, but the writting was amazing, so the balance was implicit.

6. Grammar

You don't need to be fluent in English to be a travel writer, but make sure to check grammar and spelling by either checking on a translator or sending your post for a friend to proof read.

If you want you can send it to me on Discord and I'll be more than happy to help!

Find me on the TravelFeed Discord!

7. Minor Tips

I could go on and on about things that catch my attention as a curator but it would make this post even more boring than it is, so let's quickly list minor things that make a HUGE difference.

  • Think about your images, do not just throw a bunch of them out of the blue, think of images as part of your text, embed them with feelings instead of describing them.
  • You don't need to be a professional photographer, but avoid images that are hard to see (over/under exposed).
  • If you want to show a particular place, avoind putting yourself in front of said place (oh, no, selfies).
  • We know when people put an effort into writing a travel post (especially formating) so we tend to reward that.
  • For Christ sake do not steal text nor images, try as much as you can to be unique with your images and if there's no other way, make sure to add the source.

Uff, we got to the end!

As you can see travel writing is something that is highly subjective, but with this tips I believe the beginners on Travel Feed will be able to open their minds and make even the walk to the park a fully immersive experience.

For the ones who had the patience to read all this and were clever to pick the hints I provided, I'm pretty sure that you'll be half way through getting one of the juicy Travel Feed rewards, at least from my curation round.

The most important thing is to have fun writing about your experiences and don't forget to share your Travel Feed post on your social medias.

Were the tips helpful to you? Share on the comments!

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~Love ya all

Disclaimer: The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking and more than 3.000 km cycling. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

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Mah dalhe, valeu!

I find your post really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.
I have been writing down my travel stuffs on steemit for a while, but I feel like I actually dont get any better. I try to share my stories, my experiences, but the limitation of my english is the biggest obstacle, I think. I love to read posts of native speaker or someone that has better english writing skill. I love to see how natural their writing is.
Anyway, I need to improve my english skill first then take all your advice for my future travel posts. 😁

heyho @hanggggbeeee,

look on the positive side, you are already ahead of milions of people who do not speak english, and miles upfront of many others that wish they'd start a blog and never do! So don't let the language barrier upset you.

With that said, I wouldn't have a few grammar problems here and there as the biggest limitation, instead, use it as a school to practice - the more you write, the more you'll want to use expressions and vocabulary that you don't know, hence the more you'll learn.

And remember, our Travel Feed Discord is always open to help!

I heard from travelfeed that you are willing to proof-read my posts before publishing. I know when you offered to help, you meant it. xD.
Many many thanks. I really hope that I can learn from you.
I have a draft already. May I send it to you via discord? Or which way would you prefer, sir? 😁😁

Heyho, smash that send button! Send it to me and I'll take a look.

Yeah these are pretty good starting points for anyone writing travel blogs! I'd also say be patient with it if you're just starting out as you won't start developing your own style until at least 10 blogs and then things just flow but that's the same with everything. Practice practice practice!

I'd also say make sure you have a break if you're writing a long piece and come back after a couple of days break just to come at it with a fresh pair of eyes as you will miss some mistakes like grammar if you're tired and can't find someone to proof read.

Finally, read the blog out loud and see how it flows. Is it in the style you wanted or were aiming for? What can you change to make it sound how you want it to sound when reading it out loud?

Those are my tips anyway! Hope they help in addition to this awesome list! Great stuff Mr Professor! Catch you soon 😉

Absolutely true what you said, patience tends to be rewarded on the long run, in every aspect of life. I'd also add resiliance and perseverance; if we are able to understand failure, adapt and try again, it's half way through.

Unfortunatelly, a lot of people don't give things a maturing time and end up giving up before changing. I atribute this behavior to our modern life where people's patience is challenged due to the huge amount of information flooding us every single day, it gives us a false perception that we are losing time if we keep on trying without immediate results.

The secret here is writing because of curiosity, as a way of self-development or as a tool to learn new skills. Users may not find the desired reward on the short term, but they acquire so many knowledges that the time investment will pay off somehow.

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Wehee seeeeexy!

Nice! I guess I'm guilty with the title. I'll start having a good title from now on.

I have absolutely nothing to complain about your titles, your performance has been amazing. Plus they make our life way easier when it comes to travel curating; it goes to the point, it tells us the location so we know what to expect

take for example: "Kim's Quest #21: Overnight Camping at Grassland, Pamutan, Cebu City"
Here I'm already curious because I like camping, I'm also curious because I don't know this particular location so I want to read about it and I also like it because it's organized in a sequence.

now imagine if it was like this "My overnight camping report"
Ok, cool... where? what should I expect? I may already feel bored because of "my"

Believe me, we do see a lot of the second title on new user's posts.

😱 That's so nice coming from you! And because of that, I resteemed this post for more visibility. 😂😂😂

Cool tips! Thanks for sharing them with us man :) It´s always good to have this kind of insight from someone who is familiar with "both ends of the writing industry" :)

Hoah, hopefully new members can benefit from it!

I believe Ive learned more about post composition from curating posts than writing them myself \o\ still a lot to learn though.

Oh yeah, I believe you have :) Btw, congrats on your win in my latest animal photo challenge. Not sure if you noticed :) Your entry was epic.

Whaaat, where? I saw your message but I forgot to check the real thing! Lemme go there.

Great tips. From the points listed, I'm already familiar with some of them, but it was good to get some more tips to get better!

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Great tips!

Posted using Partiko Android

Uh yeah, thank you! I'm glad it openned a healthy discussion between curators to guide the new comers.


Couldn't agree more on making a travel post with a bunch of photos... It's far more pleasing to just get the selected few (or several) if they stick to the story.

Nice write up! ) Hopefully, it will reach many steemians.

Thank you for the support @svemirac!

Images are great, but if they are not supported by a nice story it's just... an image... what should I feel looking at it as a reader?

Thank you so much for this write-up and sharing some great ideas!!!!!

And thank you for being awesome, btw I should've asked you to add things, after all you blog for many years.

That's for the advanced travel blogging tips article :)

Send them sexy bullet points and I write it!

Hi @mrprofessor! This is very useful post for newbie (but not only...)! Resteemed to give it greater visibility.


at first I was hesitant to release this post as I didn't want to sound like I know stuff kinda guy, but in the end I thought it would be beneficial somehow, at least it's a guide so new users don't struggle the way many do, which end up to them giving up.

I believe it reflects more my experience curating and seeing first hand who is making it and who is not and being able to identify why.

I think you did the right thing about writing this post and I didn't even for a minute stop to think that you could be "pompous". You gave good directions to raise the quality of the posts proposed and that's it.

Ahooooogaaaa! Very useful information and it's great to see an experienced curator's perspective!

Oh no, feeling old now! Btw I'll extract some more info on your experience with creating a blog \o\ be aware

haha old by 2 years in curation ;) will wait for that!

Ahooooogaaaa! Very useful information and it's great to see an experienced curator's perspective!

Love your disclaimer btw!

Hhhaaha just to make sure they do not fall for the trap, ya know, once an adventurer, there's no going back, the soul is lost for ever.

One thing Steem folk are awful at is titles! 'The Healing Benefits of (Insert Plant Here)' drives me insane. Makes me wanna write a post about it, and Im not great at titles myself!!

Heeeyho, but isn't that a pretty direct to the point title on your niche? Like I'd 10/10 click if that is the type of information I'm looking for. Something generic like "my experience with (insert name) wouldn't catch my attention.

I don't open any that say that. It's soooo boring and I pretty much know that it's going to be plagiarised, and 90 percent of the time it is. There's nothing engaging about it at all.

'Are tomatoes the new anti-aging miracle?' is far more clickable than 'The Health Benefits of Tomato', don't you think? Would you click on 'The Health Benefits of Cycling' or 'Why Cycling Can Make You Live Longer, Harder?' ?

Now that you pointed that out it indeed makes sense, it's predictable; it would benefit only who is exactly looking for that answear leaving out all the other potential readers.

I'd do "Cycling Is The New Sexy Thing" hahahahhahahah

But on Travel Feed I like when there are bullet points on the title, I hate to start reading a travel article not knowing the location.

TRUE. But there's heaps you can do and still include the title..hence usefulness of colons and brackets...

'Brazil: Land of Sexy Cyclists!'
'Get your Sexy Cyclist On [How to Have Fun on Two Wheels in Brazil]'

better than:

'Travelling in Brazil' - no?

Definitely! What I do see a lot is 'my trip to Brazil', I personally don't like titles that are way too personal, maybe 'the best of xxx beach in brazil' or 'how it's like to live like a sexy brazilian' \o/

In the end it's all about creativity really, funny or maybe complete non sense like I did with that sushi in the middle of patagonia

That is still my favourite post if yours ever!

Thank you my friend @mrprofessor! I am passionate about your travel experience. You have given really helpful tips in this post!

Oie, I'm flattered to know about that! Your comment gives me motivation to keep on improving myself <3

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