Lord Nigel's Travels - A walk across England - Day Seven

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Lord Nigel's Travels - A walk across England - Day Seven

Welcome back...join me as I continue my recount of the time I walked across the whole of England.

It took 16 days of solid all day hiking to travel from coast to coast. My chosen route took me through 3 National Parks, i.e. Lake District National Park, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the North York Moors National Park.

If your just starting to follow me and/or considering doing the journey yourself, you can read about the previous day(s) here:

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Without further delay here is my recount of what I would call a moderate hike Day 7 - Orton to Kirkby Stephen around 20KM!!

I started the walk early, the sun was shining and I was blessed with a gentle breeze. The weather forecast was for a surprisingly dry and hot day for England. Leaving my accommodation I spotted these little birds living under the roof, It seems the owner didn't mind, I have no idea what kind of birds they are? but I know its going to be a great day when nature is saying hello on the way out the door.

To express today's hike in just a single word I would have to say the word "cows" sums it up pretty well.

The walk between Orton and Kirkby Stephen is really quite beautiful. A portion of the walk does require shoes on pavement, so its best to wear some boots with a bit of rubber between you and the road or suffer the consequences - don't say I didn't warn you :)

One bonus is you can pickup little trails that parallel follow the road so at least it feels a bit safer not walking on a road with traffic and its softer under foot.

Everywhere cows...These guys were being marched up the road by a group of farmers. There are a number of paddocks to walk across in the second half of the day, and yeah more cows :)

Lucky I like cows :)

And of course...sitting down and standing up cows

And curious cows :)

And yeah......cows!!!

These above cows had me stuck. I had to walk through them in order to continue on my way (there was no way around). Fortunately they were very friendly and understanding, but they were quite large and had baby's so yeah I didn't feel completely safe walking through them - I recall it did leave me feeling uneasy as they are actually really large and they could scare easy with babies.
Outside of cows there were of course....sheep hehe have to love England!

And even some Lama's? ...maybe?

The landscape is so beautiful lush and green.

There are a few classic and English streams and a couple of quaint bridges to stole across on the walk today.

Just gorgeous country side

Like any day on a walk across England the weather can change very suddenly, making the landscape look very dramatic.

Day 7's lodgings at Kirkby Stephen was at Fletcher house B&B - I highly recommend it.

Thus ends my recount of day 7 - if you would like me to continue with each day of the walk, please show your approval in the usual way - exclusive for Steemians of course :)


Hello Steemians,

I often have people DM or reply to my old travel posts. I love sharing stories and helping travellers..However, If you have found your way to my travels across England and attempting the walk I'm afraid I'm stopping at day 7 in this sequence of posts as interest is low and the rewards are too low for the effort to continue.

Regardless, I'm happy to give people tips beyond day 7, just flick me a comment here anytime (I check my replies every few days, even on very old posts) and I'm happy to reply to any questions people may have.


Oh, that's crazy you're doing this hahaha :D

the rewards are too low

This post in the next few years would actually be worth $400 :DDD

lol!..Some context on the thinking - I do one post a month - it takes several hours to make, including uploading of photo's etc.
Many people do multiple posts a day with one photo and a sentence and receive at least double the upvote (Don't get me wrong I love and want steem to succeed and I'm happy for anyone who gets rewarded with Steem - but for me the effort must equal the reward).

While I enjoy doing the posts on my travels across England it seems the interest/upvote has fallen too very low for this particular trip - the lack of comments is another sign. Sadly I am involved with many other Steem projects and must prioritize, I will post again later on other topics of course and hope i can post some content of more interest.

Cheers for checking out the post and comment - and happy steeming :)

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