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Where can you taste Georgian food?
Of course in Georgia !! My photo report about the restaurant ** “The Old City Wall” **. This Restaurant and Wine Bar is located in the center of Tbilisi. It was our first restaurant we visited in Georgia. It was lunch time, so there were few visitors. Usually there are no seats , since live music and singing .. The waiters are very polite and friendly! _

Interior decorated in the style of the grotto

picture of a lady with a cat. Very cute!

So, the restaurant has Georgian and European cuisine. We wanted to try it Georgian, the waiter offered to make a comprehensive order for 4 people, although there were five of us ... It included all the traditional Georgian delights ... there were a lot of them

Snacks ...

cooked rolls with nut filling

varieties phali,

"Phali is a special genre of food!" (Rezo Gabriadze)
Phali (ფხალი) is one of the popular and cheap dishes of Georgian cuisine, which uses the principle of variability. The base is phali any vegetable or herb. It can be nettle leaves, ekala, young tops of radish, beets, cauliflower; leaf beets. Spicy sauce made from walnuts, hot pepper, garlic, cilantro, onions, suneli hops, salt and wine vinegar is added to the phali.

Cheese plate, ... cheese with honey, but very tasty

All the names and I don’t remember


Traditional Georgian vegetable salad with peanut sauce

sauces and honey

And how to eat it all?

Champignons with cheese

hachapuri with cheese on top


Mtsvadi (Shish kebab) we could not eat, so we took with us. All that we did not eat we packed

Wood furniture, old authentic little things ..

It was time to exit

Evening was busy ...

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The entryway is very interesting and begs me to come inside. But when I enter into this Grotto like building, I am really intrigued. Very unique, in my opinion.

Very nice of the waiter at you do the comprehensive order for four even though there were five of you. Especially since you were tourist. I just love those cooked rolls with the nut filling and it like a cherry on top.

I don't think I've ever eaten anything that uses the principle of variability Tom especially in this manner but my, oh my, it does look interesting and I would try it in a heartbeat! I have to admit I've never had any of that I am looking at that and wondering how soon I can have some? It's okay if you don't remember the name of the cheese I'll eat it anyway! In such a yummy looking vegetable salad with the added yumminess of peanut sauce. I have to wonder how to eat it all but I have learned from experience that taste everything but eat really nothing.

Yumminess abounds with those mushrooms layered in cheese. I am glad that you were able to take a to-go box because that was an amazing meal. A beautiful setting and a delicious meal. Who could ask for anything more?

An amazing post and such a great review of what you had to eat. I noticed that you did not use #Tasteem hashtag!!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to post into Market Friday. I appreciate all the effort and that's always I wish you a wonderful day.

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Have a nice day, Denise!
Thank you for your comment and kind words. Yes, surely this tag should be.🙂🙄 #Tasteem Thanks for the tip

Wow what a feast.

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Thanks @travelfeed.

What a beautiful setting for restaurant, and the food does look yummy - especially those rills with the nut filling!

Love the style of this place and the food looks so good :)

Hi @leylar ! That's a great post with delicious looking food! I would recommend you to use the Tastesteem Tag as well. I think it fits perfect in that categorie! :))

@worldcapture, thanks a lot for stopping by.


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What a great looking place! How neat. Food like really tasty too. Thanks for sharing!

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вот уже хочу в Грузию)) Представляю, сколько там всего, то, что на четверых и на шестерых хватит)))
И всё такое смачное))