Australian Costal Adventure - Part 2

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In part one of my Australian coastal adventure I left you with views of the Blue Pool in Bermagui, NSW. It was a gorgeous spot to enjoy the ocean after the long drive from Canberra. We spotted seals and soaked up the sun and ocean breezes before heading to our next stop.


Bye bye Bermagui! 👋🏻

From Bermagui we followed Australia’s Princess Highway north. The road winds inland for a time, and our next stop, Tilba (comprised of the Historic Villages Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba), was away from the coast. Tilba is incredibly cute and known for its cheese!


Say cheese!

Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba are very tiny. The total population of both villages combined is less than 300. However, this small but quaint shire packs a big punch! Colonial timber cottages dot the landscape. These are filled with galleries, boutiques and eateries. And the scenery... the towns are surrounded by lush green hills straight out of a fairytale.


Some of the wooden cottages lining the Main Street of Central Tilba.


Inside the lolly shop aka candy store.We had ice cream here. 😊

As I mentioned earlier, one thing Tilba is known for is cheese. Tilba Dairy runs the ABC Cheese Factory. The factory has a gift shop filled with souvenirs and of course cheese. We tasted several varieties (the black pepper cheddar was ”da bomb”.) You can also look though a window to see the small factory floor where cheese is made.


ABC Cheese Factory

Along with our visit to the lolly shop and cheese factory, we also popped into a leather shop and small tea room. However, my favorite stop this visit was to Tilba was the Bates Emporium Store. The store has two entries, one side is post office and the other is a small grocery and sundries shop.



I first went into the post office side to buy stamps. Then ended up having a long conversation with the shop’s owner. He heard my accent he wanted to know where I was from. After I answered Seattle, he told me he had a sign from a famous Seattle waterfront restaurant he found washed up on the beach near Tilba! He and his friends fished the sign out of the water and called the restaurant in Seattle (ALMOST 8,000 miles away) to tell them about the find. Anyway, after sharing this story the shop owner led me into the grocery side of the shop and behind the counter. He then took photos making it look like I worked in the store! The owner was a total character and so much fun.


Me at my “new job” in Tilba.

Before leaving Tilba, we stopped to take a couple photos of the beautiful scenery. The rolling green hills look perfect for a dairy cows. So much quaintness! 🤣😂


The quaintest of them all! 🤣😂🤣

Our next and final stop for the day was Narooma, NSW. Narooma is located on Australia’s South Coast and has a population of about 3,000 people. This part of the coast is the closest in Australia to the continental shelf (only 12 miles). This makes Narooma a popular spot for deep sea fishing.

My husband lived in Narooma from the time he was four years old until he turned nine. Staying at this part of the coast was inspired by hub’s desire to revisit his childhood home. So of course our first stop was to see his old house.


The house

Next we headed to our hotel. Surprisingly, our hotel is just across the street from my husband’s primary school! Our room looks out over Narooma Golf Club towards the ocean. Rainbow lorikeets greeted us as we went for a swim at our pool.


Hotel Views


The Amooran Oceanside

After a quick dip and a dry off, we had a little explore of the town. Our explorations focused mainly on Australia Rock and Wagonga Head. This area separates the Pacific Ocean from Wagonga inlet.


Wagonga Inlet


Australia Rock, aptly named for the hole inside that is shaped like Australia.


Sea lions hauled up onto the rocks for the night.


Looking towards the Pacific from the breakwater.

We spent about an hour walking the breakwater. Between the ocean views, sunset and sea lions there was a lot to take in. After we headed into the main area of town to find dinner. Being a Monday a lot of spots were closed, but we eventually settled in at a lovely Italian spot.


Dinner at Sorriso Italian

A tasty end to a tasty first day on the coast!

All photos are my own.

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Thank you @c-squared! 🥂

Another great post of your time there loved the whole post, but the Bates Emporium really caught my eye, I would love to check it out

The Bates Emporium was sooooo old school! Old school like the word apothecary. 😂🤣 Fun Times.

Soak up them sunny ray as much as you can 😁 am sooo jealous!

I am trying! Today I was in Sydney though and it was all overcast from fire smoke and a dust storm. Only 80F. Canberra where I have been most of this trip was 100F! 🥵

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I should’ve asked you to stuff me in a suitcase. Look amazing

I do have two free bags so it was an option! 😉

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Ahh I love that style of architecture. Think my house is from around the same era but it's not so lovingly maintained. Maybe one day we'll have money so we can restore it a bit better, it wasn't terrible but wasn't in the best shape when we got it XD

How much has the place changed from how hubby remembers it? :)

Maintaining and fixing up houses is so hard. Especially if no one in the family is handy!

Some of the town had changed and some was exactly the same. I think being a smaller place more had stayed consistent with his childhood memories than not. 😊

Father in law is pretty handy and J can do enough repairs to keep things running. I probably could figure things out in a pinch but given my clumsiness it's a lot safer not to XD

Yeh smaller places tend to not change much though sometimes you don't notice til several decades have passed and you go back and it feels like suddenly everything changed even though everything changed gradually over time which is how I usually feel going home XD

Such beautiful and delicious places.😊😎

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Eating my way through Australia... one town at a time. 😂🤣

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Ahhh! So awesome! Thank you sooooo much!

A beautiful Rainbow lorikeet... what an amazing sight! One of the must-do things for me when I visit places is browsing through local shops and food stores. I find it very interesting, enjoyable and educational. The Pacific Ocean... living in SF, I'd oftentimes sit on the beach and look to the horizon of the Pacific Ocean and say... Hawaii is just over there!"
Thanks for sharing your beautiful life, my dearest @dfinney! Be safe in your travels and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Ahhh I love looking through local food stores. It is completely fascinating! Ha ha. I was looking at the ocean and thinking Hawaii is just over there too!