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Hi everyone @lizanomadsoul here presenting you the sunday edition of our #traveldigest.

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Travel Digest

#1 Kukuo: Part 2 by @for91days

Having taken a long taxi ride to reach the wrong Kukuo a couple days prior, we were irritated to realize that the right Kukuo was right down the street from our hotel in Tamale. Well, irritated but also relieved that it was so close. Unless there was a third Kukuo in the area (which wouldn't actually have surprised us), this was surely going to be the pottery-making village we had heard about.
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#2 Hiking the mountains in northern Norway. by @harkar

Svadet is located In the fjord Efjorden in northern Norway. The mountain is of granite and scrubbed by the ice during the last ice age. The hike up the smooth rock up to the Henriksen mountain is around 2,4 km. The surroundings with high mountains and blue sea make the experience unique. It is easy access from the main road, E6 and place for parking the car.It was nice weather yesterday so we decided use the day in the mountain.
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#3 Nature Adventure "Panguil River Eco Park" - Beautiful Sunday by @watersnake101

There are times when we try too hard to find a place to unwind and get in touch with nature. We have been exploring the province of Laguna and sometimes it took us hours just to visit one location. One boring afternoon as I was checking online places to visit. I found and eco resort that offers an unforgettable river adventure. As I check where it was located, I was surprised that it was only 15 minutes away from my father's house. Come join me this afternoon as I take you on a river adventure in the heart of Pangil Laguna, Philippines.
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@lizanomadsoul, Every travel experience adds value it's not like a paid service which writes as per their convenience. When people share their own experiences with others then it gives clarity and it will help others in better planning while travelling.

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Spot #1 .. Whaaaaaat! Thank you so much!!!