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Hi everyone @lizanomadsoul here presenting you the weekend edition of our #traveldigest.

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But now back to our beloved travelers and their great stories that they have put on our beloved map today. Enjoy the read!

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Travel Digest

#1 INDIA - Spend three days in Agra and get a taste of India by @digi-me

India is a country of contrasts. A country that does challenge a traveller in many ways. We were two females who traveled across India from Varanasi to Udaipur by train. A trip that changed our views of many aspects of life. We were not prepared for the heartbreaking poverty. Both of us started the trip at a time where we were mentally and physically tired. Our jobs were beeing reorganized. India tought us never again to complaine about our jobs. On the contrary. India tought us to appreciate our jobs. A few days ago I read my diary from this trip and desided to share some pages.
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#2 North to Tamale by @for91days

After one month in Accra and two weeks in Kumasi, our "easy" time in Ghana had come to an end. From here on out, we wouldn't stay in any place for more than a week. Ghana might be small by African standards, but it's still a substantial country, and we had a lot of ground to cover if we wanted to see it all! So we made our way to the north -- first stop, Tamale: the largest city in this half of the country, and a major transportation hub.
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#3 Dinadiawan Beach in Dipaculao, Aurora and Baul Falls (with video clips) by @leeart

Aurora is famous for it's surfing spots and beautiful beaches. It is just a six hours drive from Manila/Baguio City away. This gem of a province has a lot to offer. Visit the Diguisit Lighthouse, Waterfalls and Ermita Hill. From the capital Baler, its another two-hour drive to Dinadiawan where you can visit another beach and waterfalls to explore.
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Thanks for the honorable mention! Really appreciate the time taken to manually curate these great travel posts! Resteemed so more people can life vicariously through these travel blogs!

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Thank you very much!

Thank you! 😊

Happy you chose our post about our trip to Tamale! Thank you!