Travel Digest #435

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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Traveling around South America - Visiting the worlds biggest salt flat in Bolivia! by @ninolatino

" will leave the salt flat behind you and drive through desert landscapes before arriving to colourful high-altitude lagoons, including the Laguna Verde and Laguna Colorada, which offer stunning vistas and, depending on the season..."

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#2 A day with the Ghanzi Bushmen in Botswana - African Adventure by @vcclothing

"We headed out for our walk and the ladies where looking for berries that we could eat off the bushes, while the men were teaching us how to tell the difference between different foot prints in the sand."

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#3 Icicle Hiking Round Two? Sure, why not?!? by @melodyrussell

"We begin this hike at the top of a steep cliff side and hike our way down into this peaceful valley where this little creek eventually flows into our local Jacks Fork River."

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These are all amazing posts! Wow! This is the stuff that should be on the trending page with 100s of dollars worth of upvotes!

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And therein lies one of the main problems of steemit!

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for the feature😊 some great articles here. Happy travels everyone 👍

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Your photos are fantastic!

Thank you I'm glad you like them 😊

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As always it’s great to see what you have found for us . These articles are a great read. Thanks so much for sharing them with us . Have an awesome day!

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