Icicle Hiking Round Two? Sure, why not?!?

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A couple weeks ago, my brother @mikeyatez asked me if I wanted to go check out the icicles down by one of our local caves. I told him that @jasonrussell and I had just gone not even a week before, but I'm always down for a hike when I have the time! Even if the location is the same, there is always something new to see, and this place is stunning!

You can see the photos from my last hike with Jason here

We went to an area just minutes outside of our hometown of Mountain View, Missouri. The locals refer to it as "Bear Cave" because of the cave that can be found in the bottom of the bluff side.

There are no photos of the cave in this post since it has been barred up and is prohibited. But there is still plenty to see and this is one of my favorite photos of the day when we hiked up the creek from the cave


We begin this hike at the top of a steep cliff side and hike our way down into this peaceful valley where this little creek eventually flows into our local Jacks Fork River.


This particular spot is in the shadows for most of the day, so in the wintertime, Mother Nature paints some beautiful pictures with the ice.

My dog Bash and Mike's dog Homey absolutely loved playing outside together!


This was a little riskier than the photo suggests, but my brother is always climbing around and jumping off of stuff. He's also very experienced when it comes to hiking around in the woods, so I always trust him to go check out new/crazy stuff!




Homey-dog was quick to jump into the water, but Bash wanted to think about it for a minute ;)

Ah, so peaceful and serene....





Mike's find of the day was this amazing turtle shell and it was in great condition!




I got to visit this place twice in the same week, each time with some of my favorite people! Lucky me!!! ;) It's absolutely beautiful and nothing can quite describe the feeling of being surrounded by natural beauty like this.

Thanks for checking it out:)


Spectacular OMG 😀

We have so much fun stuff we could share with you!!! You should absolutely make a pit stop here if and when you travel through! 😃

Oh its on my mind a lot believe me 😃

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Very cool! Thank you! Another user told me about Steemit world map a few weeks ago and I really enjoy everything that you guys do! ✌🏻

Great shots! Keep it up

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Amazing photos @melodyrussell This was quite an adventure.......especially for your brother. He either has great balance or was willing to take the risk of landing in that freezing cold water. Did Mike keep that turtle shell? It would look awesome dried and varnished.

Thanks Trudee! I love to go out exploring with my camera :)

I have 6 siblings and Mike has always been the daredevil of the family. He’s always jumping and climbing on things and thankfully he’s only gotten [minorly] injured a couple of times!

Normally we take the turtle shells home for the kids to paint, but this one was in such great condition that he decided to dry it out and varnish it! It’s a beautiful keepsake :)

Yes, exploring with my camera has become a favourite pastime of mine too Melody. Re: your brother Mike. I think there is one in every family. 😊 It was good that you didn't have to rescue him for that very cold creek.

I'm sure the varnished shell will look amazing.

Wow that looks magical . It does not get cold enough in winter we’re I live to see scenery like that .

I love bushwalking and have taken my kids on hikes around home and in Darwin . It’s always great to travel and see things. As good as photos and videos are they don’t seem to compare to the real thing.

Thanks for sharing.
Have an awesome day!

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You’ve got that right- photos and video can never quite do it justice! We have very diverse weather here in the Midwest U.S. so we never know what we’re going to get! We also love to take our kids out on hikes :) And “bushwalking”... I’ve never heard that term, so I learned something new today ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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