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Hi. It's @lizanomadsoul again today covering for @livinguktaiwan with another edition of #traveldigest. What a great variety of everything today! We have a awesome bar tour through Irelands capital, Animals in Africa and Thailand, Street Art in Russia and a lot of beautiful nature sights and cities to discover with todays posts! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 DUBLIN - the place you WANT to come to by @lashotta

"Irish pubs have an incredible power of attraction. Maybe it's because you can often find live music there? Probably this is one of the reasons why you should spend at least one evening sightseeing bars. All the more so if it is a pre-Christmas period. Then all the interiors look incredibly atmospheric."

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#2 Let's travel together #92 - Lacul Iezer (The Iezer Lake) by @gabrielatravels

"One of those moments when not only that you are proud to live in Romania but also rewarded with the gratitude offered by nature to the many explorers that seek for a new adventure.The Iezer Lake will leave you speechless with both its beauty and the place where is located, but also through the form it takes which is not random - because it represents Romania's shape."

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#3 Chobe River cruise, Botswana. African Adventure by @vcclothing

"Let me continue my African Adventure with our river cruise on the Chobe River in Botswana. We loaded our esky and jumped aboard our boat to have a cruise around the Chobe River. Now the Chobe River runs along Botswana's northern border then meets the Zambezi river where it falls over Victoria Falls. There are many islands along the river with lush green grass, lots of birds and hippos everywhere!!"

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