Travel Digest #383


Heya guys @martibis here with another #traveldigest for you all to enjoy! I am currently in Pai, Thailand writing to all of you from a very comfy hammock, haha! The post on my time in Chiang Mai will come some time soon!

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Travel Digest

#1 Kheerganga Trek- Where it isn't just the mountains that are high ;)

@itravelarts takes us to Kheerganga, India. This magical village is located in the Himalayan region. There is a myth that Shiva meditated here for thousands of years. The trek is a 6 hour long trek, it's beautiful but also very known and popular. People from all the world come to this place for the trance music, malana cream and the mountains!

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#2 Bhairahawa - Experience Terai

@cave-man takes us to Siddharthanagar, Nepal. Whilst Nepal is mostly famous for its mountains, it's also interesting to visit the villages in the South and learn about the lifestyles of the people there. That is exactly what @cave-man shows us in this post! From little facts like the type of bicycles people ride and the influx of tuktuks to different farming lands to be found. There is a lot of cool information in this post!

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#3 Bondi-Cogee Walk Fail w/ a Detour to a Cemetery

@wanderlass takes us along on her attempted walk from Bondi to Coogee, Australia. First stop is a chocolate store though! After taking the bus to Bondi the walk can start. Once you start hiking for a while you get some more scenic beach views, which is always a good thing. After not making it to Cogee, the Waverley Cemetery makes for an interesting detour though!

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Thanks so much for the honorable mention! Cheers!

You're most welcome!

Awesome! Thank you very much for mentioning my post! 😃

You're welcome!

Thanks guys!

Thank you for making such a great post!

Thanks my friend!

Thank you for featuring my post here :) Being on a hammock while writing a post sounds awesome! Enjoy Pai @martibis :)

You're so welcome! Yeah, the hammock life is not too bad, haha!

Excellent Travel Digest as always! That post about Kheerganga by @itravelarts had me drooling over the incredible scenery!

Thank you! Yeees, it's definitely an amazing post!

Thank you for the honorable mention! I will surely be posting more about my trips & keep on your good work too!

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