Travel Digest #363

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Hi everyone, @itchyfeetdonica here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy! =)

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Travel Digest

#1 Halloween on the Beach at Semaphore, South Australia.

What comes to your mind when it's Halloween? @minismallholding shows us some different experience this time - a beach trip with her daughter for the day. And yes, it's in South Australia, where you have beach weather on Halloween. Come check out the beautiful little things in their shell hunting, the steam train kiosk, the foreshore and a bit of war history and memorials!

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#2 Travel with Catwoman Teresa #22 The 9th Worldwide Landmark -National Taichung Theater

Next, @catwomanteresa takes us to the National Taichung Theater in Taiwan. It's a piece of artwork with cool cave modeling and amazing engineering of sound transmission. Let's follow her detailed introduction of this innovative architecture and its surroundings.

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#3 So Close, So Far

If you have followed our travel digest for a while, you might remember the hike series from @danielapetk? The last featured post today is another trekking experience from her. Have a look at the breathtaking views in the Bulgarian mountains and feel their camping fun!

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Thank you! Love this place! Muackss!!

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Great selection, wonderful work!
Thank you for the honorable mention, have a sweet Thursday! :)


You are welcome!

Thank you very much! :)

Well deserved! :) Pleasure to read your hiking posts.

So cool, thanks for the mention, honored to be in there with so many other rad travel posts. Keep on adventuring steemit!

You are welcome Lily! Enjoyed your travel posts as well as your art ones. :)

Awww, thank you for the mention!

You are welcome! :)

Thank you for featuring. It's my honor. @itchyfeetdonica

You deserve it. Congrats! 🎉