Travel Digest #730

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Hi. It's @lizanomadsoul here with the sunday edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy the great stories from our travel bloggers writing you from all over the world!

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Travel Digest

#1 PhotoWalk to Marostica in the famous city of the living chessboard - Discovering Italy with alequandro! by @alequandro

Hello everyone and welcome to this Christmas episode of "Discovering Italy with alequandro!".A few days ago I was in Marostica in the beautiful citadel of northern Italy located in the hills of the province of Vicenza.

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#2 Medellín, Colombia Part III: The Finale by @journeyofanomad

For our last day in Medellín, I desperately wanted to do some street photography. I had been itching to take my Nikon D850 to the streets, but my fiancée had convinced me that this city was not the place for a gringo to be walking around with a big camera. I knew she was right - as much as I liked Medellín, I did not feel quite as safe here as I did in Mexico City. People were friendly enough, but I frequently found myself to be the only gringo around and on the receiving end of some unfriendly stares.

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#3 Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Villa by @slobberchops

At what point does one decide that a prospective Urbex target is not really valid and is really a borefest?I had this discussion with @goblinknackers recently as we were traipsing through yet another old mill and the yawns were setting in. I’m in Lanzarote right now and the number of half finished buildings is numerous. They are easy to spot as the graffiti boys get to work quite quickly and make them stick out like a sore thumb. Yet many of them I will ignore as they have little to offer besides boredom.

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@steemitworldmap, @slobberchops took us for a exploration through his blog and in a way we can see places which reflects as Lost Artistic World due to unfinished houses 🏘 and Graffiti Art on walls.

Keep up the good work team and stay blessed.

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hi @slobberchops, ... i wouldn't say once you've seen one mill you've seen them all, .. but you know what i mean, ... need to get out to Chernobyl sometime i say, or an abandoned loony bin in remote Bulgaria .

That's a great suggestion, we'd love to see you guys do an urbex there, preferably when it's safe of course