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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today, or rather yesterday's edition of the #TravelDigest based on my timezone. I got in quite late yesterday and there were was a whooping 70+ post wating for me, so I thought I'd take me time and do it this morning. You guys are really keeping @SteemitWorldMap busy, but we're loving it!!

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Travel Digest

#1 Venice on a Shoestring Budget (Part 2) by @pushpedal

The Bottega Veneta Department Store is located by the Grand Canal where it bends 90°. This offered a great position to view the canal from the rooftop… for free! We're glad our friend Philip knew so we could go there early in the morning to make a booking – now we can share this secret with our readers! The viewpoint is accessible on the top floor but you must arrive only at the booked session.

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#2 Lord Nigel's Travels - A walk across England - Day Four by @lordnigel

After a hearty breakfast I refilled the water reserves, threw the pack on and went outside...What a Glorious day! the country side of England is truly beautiful and it was so calm compared to the day before, it was like I was leaving a different hotel. Today's trip would be much easier, below is the rough path I followed; it would be approx 19km of indirect walking.

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#3 Dare the spokes of a bicycle by @txatxy

Pepe is my little extraterrestrial doll, and he loves to ride a bicycle, not like me that scares me, well fear is not the word, I am attracted to cars, I see them and the bicycle is attracted to them as a lover in a crazy night, so I settle for photographing them.The perspective is different if you are looking at the monuments and stately homes.There comes a time that normal views tire you and why not change and enjoy.People may look at you strangely when you bend over and look at the spokes of the wheels, but it never occurred to them to look differently.

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