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Hi there it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's edition of the #TravelDigest. Hope you enjoy reading all the curated posts!!

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Travel Digest

#1 North of NYC: An Afternoon in Saugerties by @oheyo

Closer to Albany than to NYC, Saugerties is a mostly-rural town in New York’s Ulster County, with a surprisingly big-city palate within the village’s main drag. This village, incorporated in the early 19th century, features relaxed upstate vibes, more than just the occasional nod to the area’s Woodstock-y spirit, and charm for days!

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#2 The Neolithic Dolmen of Barrosa (Portugal) by @trincowski

This ancient stone construction, located in the North Region of Portugal, was used as a funeral chamber around 4000 years ago.It is locally known as "Dólmen da Barrosa" and it's the most well preserved megalithic monument found in the area and, incomprehensibly, it has never been advertised as a tourist landmark. Certainly, a huge missed opportunity by the Portuguese State.

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#3 Your Karma Will Take You to Karma Beach, Bali by @putu300

Karma Beach is in South Bali. And it's location is not easy to reach. it's about 80 meters below. To reach it, one must descend the a cliff called the Karma cliff. There were stairs to get down to the beach, but it would take a while to go down. And then it would take more time and energy to go back up. That did not sound like a good idea for me.I didn't actually descend through the stairs. There's a resort and beach club called called Karma Beach Club, who has a lift to reach the sea shore.

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Many thanks for featuring my article. I'm honoured! 😍

You're welcome. In a way, it's better that these gems aren't promoted too much otherwise they could quickly disappear with over tourism.

Thank you so much for the recognition and support, I truly appreciate it! 😄👍!

Always happy to be part of this. Thanks a lot! 😊

Many thanks for mentioning me...