Central Park Tower

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Central Park Tower

This is my second post in a series of posts about the tallest buildings in NYC, the first post in this series was Tower One World Trade Center

This post is of the Second Tallest building in the city, Central Park Tower, which is still under construction and will open next year, but they have topped out the building so it makes the list as the second tallest

1 1 Central park Tower_.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

Central Park Tower is a mixed-use supertall skyscraper along Billionaires Row on 57th Street, The building rises 1,550 feet (472 m) and is the second-tallest skyscraper in the United States and the Western Hemisphere, the 15th tallest building in the world, the tallest residential building in the world,

Getting clear shots of these buildings is a challenge with all the other tall buildings in the city

This next shot is taken in Central Park, which gives a better idea of how tall it is, now I have built and climbed a few telecommunications towers over the years, but thats only up to 300 feet high, I can't imagine what it must be like working on a building that tall

1 1 Central park Tower_5.jpg

Sony A7iii 27mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And from another angle in Central Park

1 1 Central park Tower_3.jpg

Sony A7iii 1577mm F8 1/160 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

In this next shot I liked the contrast between the older brick building inthe foreground and the new of Central park tower

1 1 Central park Tower_2.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/125 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

And this last shot of Central park Tower, is also a teaser for the next post i have planned for this series as it also Shows the Third tallest building inthe city 115 West 57th Street, again taken from in Central Park

1 1 115 west and Central park Tower_2.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F6.3 1/400 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.766039 lat -73.981185 long Central park Tower NYC d3scr

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When it see it like this it looks so small and narrow. I wonder how many square feet each of the floors is going to be. Probably much more significant than the pictures make it look!

Wait till I get further down the list there is one that makes this look big in Sq Feet per floor.
But I found online the building had a total 50.000 square feet of amenities on floors eight to 12 and onthe 16th floor a 63 meter indoor pool

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Fantastic photos @tattoodjay
The first photo is absolutely amazing ...!!!! Beautiful..! WOW..!

Take thats so kind of your to say :)

Have a great day

Awesome photos @tattoodjay

Thanks so kind of you Have a good evening Mornings r afternoon depending on whan you read this

It has been difficult for me to decide which is the best shot, and I have stayed with the second one, to enjoy the sky, the trees and the square. I think there are the necessary elements to feel comfortable.

Thanks for your feedback it’s nice to hear what others think

I hope your day is going well

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Fascinating and cool shots! So much building around there but the tallest one make it more interesting.

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The NYC skyline sure keeps changing

Wow, pretty and greenery Central Park Tower photography.

Thanks Kindly :)

That reminds me of Farquaad's tower in Shrek! lol.

Lol I can see that now

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Those buildings just look too tall and skinny! Great shots!

I know that’s how I feel about them as well and there will be even skinnier ones coming up in this series