Travel Digest #606 ( We're two today!!! )

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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here today standing in for @choogirl. A few days ago we did our 600th editon of the #TravelDigest, and just an hour ago I saw a message from @steemitboard saying that today is @SteemitWorldMap's 2nd Birthday. Happy birthday to the Map!!! 730 days on Steemit, and 606 editions of the #TravelDigest, I'd say that's something worth celebrating! How does doubling the Snax tokens to all the winners this week sound? ^_^ Let's do it!

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Travel Digest

#1 Pray for the Amazon - My trip to the Amazon in Peru by @globetrotterin

My flight was over an hour late and my guide showed up drunk in my hostel. It was a strange guy, he even had photos of me on his mobile phone. After this meeting I clearly decided not to do the tour with him, especially as I would have spent 4 days alone in the middle of the jungle with him.So I had almost no time to book a new tour for the next day. But the staff from my hostel supported me actively and so I was able to book another tour without knowing exactly what to expect.

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#2 Travel Report Card for Bulgaria by @pushpedal

Bulgaria has surprised us in many ways. We originally wanted to cycle through in 10 days but ended up staying for two months! Our time here had been well spent, doing amazing things making our cycling journey so much more meaningful. We have written this report card to summarise our experiences, observations and hopefully give some insight into this small nation in Europe.

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#3 A Hookah District! by @waybeyondpadthai

We were told by some locals to go visit Bazaar Karat, the local night market in Johor Bahru. It's our unique style going places without checking time nor weather. The bazaar was not open yet at the time we arrived so we had a chance to wander around the area and most likely find something to do to kill time.

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Thank you for picking my blog post!

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That was a very detailed post about your journey, great one!

Thanks for publish my blog post!

Its good that you decided to drop that guide, otherwise it would have been really odd with him in the jungle. And there seems to be no stopping to the fires yet, that really sad

Thanks for the honourable mention! :)

Looking forward to more of your overseas travels

Happy birthday!

Thanks ^_^

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