Travel Digest #233

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Heya all @martibis here with another edition of #traveldigest! Life has been fairly hectic the last few days. Together with some friends we decided to throw a party where we would only invite random people. Let's just say it turned out way better and crazier than expected, with me ending up in the Netherlands in the aftermath!

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Travel Digest

#1 On this day in Africa exactly one year ago

@derangedvisions takes us to a Maasai Village outside of Arusha, Tanzania. It's interesting to see how the local people here live, from a weird alcohol they produce themselves to the type of ornaments and clothing they wear! If all of that is not enough for you, we also get integrated in the customs there, like drinking goat blood!

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#2 The guide to a dream road-trip in Australia - Driving

@haydae takes us around Australia - kind of! This is more of an informative post on road tripping by van in Australia. There are a lot of incredibly useful tips about road safety, weather conditions and driving in the desert. Definitely a must read if you are planning on ever go on an amazing road trip in Australia!

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#3 TRAVeLMAN TUSCANY: Where the Bad Things Are Pulled Out

@travelman takes us to Il Bigallo, just outside of Florence, Italy. From getting kicked out of the bus to missing his stop, getting to the hostel was a pain and the hostel employee, being, well kind of weird! On the other hand, the place is amazing, as you're on a hill in a hostel built in Medieval times, watching the sun set over Florence! Well, the hostel might be haunted though, so beware!

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Good round up mate! Love that australian road tripping made it in the top 3 woohoo 👏🙌👍

Definitely well deserved there, more backpackers should be made aware!

Thanks for the love mate 😄

Thank you @steemitworldmap for your awesome service and for doing what you do for all of the Steemians that are sharing their travels stories. It is an honor to be featured by you.

Really appreciate the kind words, a lot of work goes into it, so it's nice to see it recognized! It's an honor to feature you as well!