Travel Digest #229

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Hello everyone! @livinguktaiwan here for the Saturday edition of the #traveldigest. Today I have three very different travel post for you, I hope you will like it.

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Travel Digest

#1 Delphi—hangovers, high priestesses, and Greece's best dog!

First up is our own @choogirl, she doesn't write travel posts often, but when she does you know you're in for a treat. This post is special as its the first time she and @martibis met up IRL - if you didn't know already @martibis created the Steemitworldmap . Anyway back to the post. The guys are in Greece and the plan was to catch an early morning bus from Athens to Delphi which nearly didn't happen because they're so hopeless in finding their way to the bus stop. Finally they get to Delphi, which is a super pretty town. On the first morning they catch a bus to Itea but it turned out to be a pretty dead place so they ended up spending the rest of the day drinking, drinking, drinking till they missed the last bus back to Delphi. Honestly? Guys? Delphi also has a ruins site which dates back to more than 2000 years, so if you're looking for a tour guide, @choogirl is your girl. She can also give you tips for eating out in Delphi if you're a vegan, check out her post for more information.

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#2 Meeting the Incredible Deer of Nara!!

Our second post is from @jessbear, she takes us to Nara in Japan. Nara is about an hour by train away from Osaka and is most famous for the thousands of deer that roam freely around Nara park. According to Japanese Shinto religion, deer are considered to be messengers of the gods, so the deer are well respected by locals and tourist. They're also very friendly especially if you have some goodies for them. Apart from the wild deer, Nara has its fair share of beautiful temples and shrines, quite a few which are which are UNESCO listed.

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#3 Traverse: Budlaan - Sirao | Trekking Wilderness | CJ Travels

If you're up for some challenge trekking, checkout @carlitojoshua's post where he goes for some wilderness trekking to Sirao Peak in the Philippines. Before you start the hike you have to log your name down so they can keep track of who's gone to the hike and a bit further on they ask you for your phone number in case of emergency. Mmmm... that's sound a bit worrying. The reason for that is because it is quite a strenuous hike where you have to trek across rivers, steep pathways, past waterfalls etc, it all looks very challenging. After that first part of the trek, its mainly green fields uphill till he gets to the peak and and the scenic view of Cebu city.

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Always super happy to see our name on the list! Thank you!

Hahahaha. That's a fair assessment. Next time you need to come with us @livinguktaiwan.

I was very tempted to key my photo onto yours!!!

Thank You for mention!

I see myself on the list. Thank you very much!

Thank you so much 😄

That certainly looked like one great trek there!

Thanks for the mention! :) Really appreciate you sharing my post.

Your view of the architechtural world is great!

Thank you for the mention! Loving the top 3 posts for today's selection. So much travel inspo

Glad you liked them!

Great post and thank you for your mention!

That was an awesome post on the Grand Canyon!