Delphi—hangovers, high priestesses, and Greece's best dog!

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Sigh. My pool and wine time in Santorini had come to an end and I had to change out my bikini and put actual clothes back on. Sue and Pras were flying to Italy and I was going back to Athens. 

Armed with anti-nausea drugs, a couscous salad from Katharos Lounge and some vegan snacks from Green Market, I headed off to the ferry. Six-ish hours later I was back in Athens. Another 1.5 hours later I was at the Airbnb where I met one of my steemit worldmap partners in crime for the first time, @martibis!

@martibis—beautiful, confidence, wild!

Like pretty much everyone I've met from steemit that I talk to a lot on Discord, we got along well from the first hello. He arrived not long before me so after a bit, we went off to find a shop to buy some wine and snacks. Unfortunately, all the wine came in plastic bottles and cost about €2, which wasn't overly appealing to me. I have a wine price minimum and €2 is below it. I also like glass. We asked a shop lady for a recommendation and I got some olives while we were there. Like our cheap Airbnb room, both the wine and olives were average.

Where are we going?

Beyond the wine, we still didn't have a solid plan. Our initial plan went out the window since Greece recently cracked down on non-European drivers being able to rent a car without an international drivers licence, which I don't have. However, the next morning, we worked out there was a bus to Delphi at 10am and @martibis worked out a walking route (about 2km) to the bus station. Or, let's say, 'a' bus station. It was the wrong one. By now it was about 9.40am and we had to catch a taxi to the right bus station, which was 5km away. I was not convinced we were going to make it in time, but @martibis had more faith than me. Regardless, it was worth trying since the next bus wasn't til 3pm and neither of us really wanted to spend the day in Athens. We made it with a few minutes to spare.

Since there are no hostels in Delphi we went for a budget hotel. However, Hotel Orfeas turned out to be really nice and the owner gave us an extra breakfast for free since most of it I didn't eat anyway (too meaty and dairy-y). He also grew organic olives, which I bought a kilo of for €6 when we left. These were some of the best olives I've ever tasted. They also got through Panama customs no problem, so I'm still enjoying them.

Views for days

Delphi is up a mountain so all the views are amazing, including the one from our room. It's a super pretty town, and in winter there appears to be skiing in the area.

We could see the sea down below and decided to check it out. Plus @martibis wanted to go for a swim. We found a bus and off we went. However, being Sunday, the town—Itea—was dead. And sadly there was no sand, just rocks and stones then the water. And the water was cold. Beach fail.

Since there was nothing to do in Itea and we didn't know where the bus stop was, we went to a bar. (Urgh, what is it with us and buses?) The wine was good and cheap. Then it started raining so we stayed there and drank more. We were the only customers at this point, but it kept raining so we kept drinking. Then it got dark and we missed the last bus from wherever it went, and got an expensive taxi back to Delphi.

The ruins

The plan was to get up and go to the Delphi ruins by 8am to avoid the tour buses coming up from Athens. This didn't happen. I was fairly hungover and @martibis doesn't like mornings. He does like biscuit sandwiches though. Hmm, I don't know if this is just him, or a weird European thing.

@martibis' weird hangover sandwich, and slightly less than 1kg of the world's best olives.

After our late breakfast we walked up to the ruins, which are like 500m away from the town centre. I could ramble on about their historical significance. However, neither @martibis nor myself read any of the signs so it would probably be a shit summary full of factual errors. It's better if you just read UNESCO's or the one on this cool site

I'm already reading this, don't make me read something else!

Fine. Here's your TLDR version. The Delphi Oracle was a kick-arse priestess—I assume, on account of being a Greek priestess in the first place—who spoke for the Greek God Apollo. This is where she lived, and some other things went on there like sports. That is, until some pesky Roman Christian destroyed the temple and ruined everything, which, let's face it, is what religion typically does. Then, throw in an earthquake, fast forward 2000-ish years and boom, ruins. 

I know, I should totally be a tour guide!

While I did enjoy the ruins—despite not knowing their point until I looked them up just now—the highlight of Delphi was meeting this awesome street dog. LOOK AT HIM!!! Although, I wouldn't like to pick up his shits at the dog park. 

I also liked this other dog that was sleeping in a hole up at the ruins. It's like he's tucked up in his little bed. There were a bunch of cats around, but meh, cats, so I didn't take photos of any of them. Plus they all looked like they'd been fighting each other.

Vegan food

Not so much. It was quite difficult to find anything except for bread and olives, which are both awesome, so I guess it's not all terrible. There are no decent sized supermarkets in Delphi, which doesn't help. That said, we did go to some weird supermarket that was more of a mini-mart full of completely random stuff, run by some frail looking old lady who looked like she hadn't left the shop in about 40 years. She had dark chocolate though, that had the ingredients written in English—finally, since all the chocolate I saw in Santorini had Greek and Eastern European languages on it—and the best apricots I've ever had. Seriously, they were SO sweet. I don't think I've ever had apricots that tasted that good. Thanks weird old lady! 

However, if you're coming from Athens, I would recommend stocking up on some basics before you get there.

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

@martibis and I both really liked Delphi, so thumbs up. The town is gorgeous, the views are stunning, the ruins are cool, and there's that awesome dog that you'll probably see at least once. I would totally recommend this town. 

However, don't bother going down to the beach at Itea, cos there isn't one; and bring vegan snacks in case apricots are not in season.

Check out this post on steemitworldmap.

!steemitworldmap 38.480697 lat 22.491852 long Delphi d3scr

Previous stop, Santorini

Next stop, Meteora

Footer by @ryivhnn


I'll have to bookmark your blog as I plan to head over to greece later this year. Delphi definitely looks amazing 😍

Yes, put it on your list. It's a cool place.

Wow you look like your really enjoying yourself choogirl, the scenery looks wonderful. I feel a little envious even!

Thanks Terry. Put it on your list!

Those are big furry doggos!!! It's brave of you to pat them since they're so huge. They look chill though, so maybe not that scary.

You seem like you enjoyed Delphi, choo. Is the traffic bad over there?

Nah, look at his smiley face! He loves people. I bet he gets pats ALL the time. In my travels, I have found that street dogs generally are a lot less aggro that dogs behind fences. Unless you're out running, then they chase you and are scary.

Also, the traffic seemed fine.

Were the rocks shingle or actual rocks? If shingle sounds like the beaches on Christmas Island, we only have a couple of beaches that have sand XD

Smoochy gigantic froofy dog!

Impressive ruins are impressive. Also your photo collages are cool.


Both actually. There was a stoney beach-ish area where the restaurant was. As Martibis reminded me, there are good beaches in Greece, just not here.

Thanks! I'm not the world's photographer so a collage is a good way to hide that. Plus I can put more photos in my posts without people getting bored scrolling through a tonne of average photos.

I don't think @martibis is a very good navigator he always seems to get lost on his journeys... I think I'll opt for you as a tour guide, you're doing a much better job.

Whaaaat, I never get lost (cough cough), haha!

Always some adventure if you're on the road with me though!

This is true. You got us to the destination you looked up. It was just the wrong destination.

Lol. At least he didn't lose his go-pro or glasses this time. Although he did apparently lose a pair of shorts back in Athens.

Would definitely love to visit the ruins and the place looks absolutely beautiful. I think I would love it there except you said there is no beach which I absolutely love.

Glad you enjoyed your stay and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

There are other beaches in Greece, just not here. Come to Delphi for the mountains and the ruins.

I never made it there but from your post it looks such an interesting place

It is a very cool place. I liked Greece a lot more than I thought I would.

I do remember i loved my visits there so much history and beauty

Hi, choogirl! I always look forward to your post. But you post irregularly. Today's post, I see a lot of quality photos. You had better post some photos on meals. Have a great tour. Waiting for your next post.

Thanks. I write 3 posts a week normally. A Team Australia update, a Travel Digest for SWM and then something else (like this) if I have time. Sorry it's not enough for you, but I have other things going on in my life that require my attention and steemit doesn't pay my bills.

I'm not a food instagrammer so you're unlikely to be seeing any food pics sorry.

Love the write up Choo! My stepfather has Greek heritage and has mentioned a lot about the country and it’s mythology. It’s nice to see you two over their enjoying the sights :)

Thanks Harry. Greece was definitely more awesome than I was anticipating. I wish I'd booked a couple more weeks there to explore some more places.

@martibis is super handsome! I can't believe the water was cold, can't say im surprised more so disappointed! Swimming in Greece has always been a must do. After your post, I'm questioning that. I also thought there would be a ton of vegan friendly places. Or at least lots of Vegetarian options that you could make vegan. Glad to hear overall you had fun and enjoyed the wine, did you have a favorite?

Hahaha. He'll like that.

I'm sure the water in Greece in summer is fine. It was spring don't forget, and it's not the tropics. I'm sure you can get stuff in restaurants, like I mentioned in the Santorini post, but we didn't actually go to any in Delphi.

Well, thank you (you can add in a quick hairflick here, haha)!

In regards to swimming, there are some pretty amazing beaches, just not right there!

Definitely had a blast, and I think the rose we had at that restaurant was pretty good, but no clue what the name was!

There's worse things to subsist on than olives, apricots, cheap wine and good company by the sounds . 💚

True dat @riverflows. I was happy with "world's best olives", but then I got "world's best apricots" as well. Plus the dark chocolate that I knew was free from dairy in an emergency.

I enjoy reading your posts choo.

What is it with alcohol in plastic bottles? I remember in Serbia it freaked me out that you can get beer in 2 litre plastic bottles.

The olives sound delicious and cheap as.

Lol, I've never seen beer in a plastic bottle. That will be new for me one day. Yeah, those olives are great. I'm still eating them. I'll be sad when they run out and I have to go back to store bought. The best olives I've had in Australia (and rival to these Greek olives) are from Coriole winery

We are spoilt for beaches in Australia. There's nothing sadder than watching a European get excited about going to the rock beach with no waves... haha.. :)

And dogs... There must be some rule that dogs have to be at ruins..

There are some good beaches in Greece, just not here. They are more up towards Bulgaria apparently, or some of the islands, obviously. But yeah, I do think Australia has the best beaches overall. It's hard to find a shit one.

Great post, I want to travel more work less. Sucks no bikini pics but all in all good effort. My favorite pic was the dog in the hole, I'm easily pleased plus animals are the best, far better than humans 🤫 Have a great night

Work less, travel more is a good plan. I like it.

Yeah sorry, no more bikini photos. Santorini was it for pool time I'm afraid.

Wow it looks so amazing!!
Btw I never sent you a fun fact for Team Australia!!! So here it is:
As well as being a singer, I'm also a very passionate whistler! My Dad is a really really good whistler... he practices whistling scales and whistles full concertos with perfect pitch and timing... so he's taught me well! And when I was growing up we'd actually do whistling duets :)
I also did a whistle solo on one of Sally Kellerman's songs (actress from M.A.S.H)... hoping to do more in the future!

It is amazing. Greece is so good. Also, you're on my list for TA.

It is amazing.
Greece is so good. Also, you're
On my list for TA.

                 - choogirl

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Fuck off bot. You didn't even upvote me. Your type are destroying the platform.

  • 1 MILLION POINTS for dog photos... especially the lil dude curled up in the ruins.

I really do love ancient ruins... it continually blows my mind that dudes were on that exact bit of road 2000 years ago or similar.... just being the same as me with their ye olde smartphoneths and Selphi stiks.

Lol! I wish 1 MILLION points was worth something in SBD terms. Selphi sticks or in this case, Delphi stiks?

Next time i am in greece i really need to visit delphi also. Nice you met another steemian here. This is pretty cool about this community. most people here are really friendly. Haha "it kept raining so we kept drinking" haha ... nice You had luck to catch some rain in greece when i was down there for several times i never catched any rain, and it was pretty hot all the time.

You should, it's a cool place. Lol, glad you liked that line.

Choo livin' large, looks amazing :)

Well, I'm not sure I'd use the word "large", but living? Definitely.

Greece always is amazing glad you meet up ...... enjoy it !!!! By the way that dog is so cute :) I like it !!!

Hum! Selfie in Delphi! This historical place is worth visit. I don't have enough money to go there. I am hoping to earn enough from Steemit and then go on world tour. 😍

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Very special photos indeed and a really wonderful place
Better done
I wish you every success and happiness

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Nice! That's one place in Greece I haven't been. Must be so hot now.. Enjoy Malaka!

awww this is so awesome! @martibis is so nice! I meet him at Steemfest! :)

Thanks! We did have a fun few days together.

That's a real nice (photo)report of your trip.. Love it.. never been there though.. but great to read!

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