World Travel Pro Finds his Office in Koh Pha Ngan Thailand!/ World Travel Pro Encontra el officina en Koh Pha Ngan Thailand!

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I found an absolute gem of a place to work on Steemit. This is the Rock Bar and Restaurant. It looks out on the Haad Rin Beach, location of the world famous full moon party! Here they have solid internet, great food, even better prices, and a view that can't be beat! I'm feeling very fortunate to have found this place :)

At my resort which is convenient to stay at, the wifi is eaten up by the hundred or so people staying there. I was getting very frustrated unable to even access my email at times. Here all my problems are solved, what a great place! It's about a ten minute walk from my resort and well worth it. With 60 cent coffee and a menu full of great Thai food for under two dollars. I'm very happy here!

Yo encontre un joya de un lugar para trabajar en Steemit. Se llama el Rock Bar and Restaurant. Lo tiene vistas de Haad Rin Beach, local de la mundo famoso fiesta "lunar lleno". Aqui tengo WIFI solidificado, comida rico con precios fantastico, y una vista increible. Yo siento muy suerte para econtrar este lugar :)

A mi hotel que esta conviniente a quedar, el WIFI esta usado por muchisomo gente, entonces no funciona bien. Fue empezando ser muy frustrado, hoy manana no pude abrir mi correo electronico! Me das la motivation a encontrar este lugar. Esta proximiamente dies minutos de caminando de mi hotel. Con cafe de 60 centavos y comida de Thai, saludable y ricisimo, y menos que dos dolares; estoy muy falice aqui!

Tom Kah, a healthy coconut chicken soup with galangal (thai ginger) and lemon grass
Tom Kah, un saludable sopa de coco, con galangal (gingibre Thai) y Thia sesped de lemon

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Look at you with a menu in English! So jealous. The view is not bad either. Upvoted :)

I just changed to a fan room and found a special online price. I'm now paying 7 dollars a night. You could totally be here. Flights to Surratani are like 25 dollars.

Dang - I need to move on 9/30 or 10/30 or re-sign to stay here. I'm sure monthly is like $150 down there. Go find me a place with ac and wifi and no drunk westerners in your free time, please.

What free time! lol, I just now got to replying to this post. I've been a busy busy bee lately. If I haven't been out having a good time, I've been working on steemit in one form or another. Where you been seems like you haven't been on here in a whole 8 hours and that's not common for you. My super post is on the hot page of travel in the first hour. Looking forward to hearing your cretique! Hope you are feeling better! -Dan

Oh right to get to your question, yes I think you'd be happier in the islands. I think maybe Krabi Town. Here it's kinda of young people liking to party. But for me I just on into my room, go for a walk, go to my new office, and turn it off at will. When I want to be social I have a swimming pool full of hot european girls right outside my door! For me this place is a slice of heaven. I'm sure apartments can be found here in the 150 range. But that would take some serious effort, probably best way to do it, is make friends with a thai from hotel or resort once you get down here, and have them help you. They are the true experts when it comes to apartment hunting in a place like this.

I'm thinking of north coast Penang for what you are suggesting.

I haven't been there. I'll have to look into it. I like Penang Curry so it must be good!

Hey - there - I finally finished my post that took 8 days to create. Never again will I make this mistake! So now I'm trying to think what to do if I don't have The Post to work on.

I see your are going great guns! Keep it up. You audience is finding you :)

Penang from Thailand and Penang from Malaysia are not the same and both cultures are highly offended if you think so! The one in Malaysia is said like Pea-Nang. Thailand is "Pnang."

Yeah I'm happy to see people finding me on ehre. Suddenly things are looking good. Yeah I've learned the same mistake. Why I'm ot translating to Spanish either.

I was thinking about that after I messaged you. I've atually stayed in Pananag Malaysia for like 3 weeks. But the Thailand Pngan. I don't recall being there.

Yeah, how about an ac room? We have to stay in ac rooms, because we're afraid og humidity ruining all our electronics ;P

I've never had a problem with that in all my travels, usually go with a fan room. Have you had electronics ruined before?

well, I had my clothes ruined XD I only heard from my friends about how electronics suffer...

XD is automatically converted by facebook into this emoji -> 😆
see? looks almost the same 😅

hmmmm, interesting, never heard of that. I'm a bit behind the times. But I've been real good at email for a long time now! :)

Oh yeah, I can relate to that, same thing we had in Cambodia 😁
That place looks great! Do you eat spicy thai food or ask for not-spicy?

Thank you! I've got a thing for spicy food, for me the hotter the better! What about you guys?

you know, we tried to adapt to spicy food, but it didn't work XD
we always ask for not-spicy :)

Even the "not spicy" in Thailand is too spicy for me!

yeah, it can be like that for me too! like when we bought green papaya salad from a particular guy and asked for not spicy he even washed his bowl in which he mixes it a bit, but it was still super hot from the previous chilis mixed in it 😅

Oh wow! I know better than to eat that pounded salad. Looks great is deadly!

Wow.....great!!! keep up the good work.

One of my little pleasures in life is finding a perfect place to sit and stare at the sea, while enjoying a cold beer or ice cream lol.

Hablas muy bien, que bueno!

What a nice place you found Dan!! It really has great views, such a nice place to write on steemit :) you are doing very good on your posts btw, I'm glad!

Thank you. I get a little help from my friends:) Happy to have met you on here.