Day 8 in America: It's Canada day

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Hi guys.

Its Canada day!!
This nice country has its 150th celebration.
So, let’s celebrate together with them!

Our friend Gordon already waited for us in the morning to invite us to an individual brewery tour.
I was really sorry at that moment that we already had other plans.
Even more, when we went outside and it started to rain heavily.
After 30 minutes of dancing in the rain, having no coins for the bus, we found this nice, high quality, local coffee shop, offering healthy stuff around the corner:

I got an incredible apple cranberry muffin.

Now we also had some coins for the bus. Bit later we found out, that all buses are free on Canada day... After leaving the bus, we crossed a bridge and moved to the other side of the river “Ottawa”.

We didn't know it, but suddenly everything was different.
We were no longer in Ottawa, but in the city of Gatineau.
Gatineau belongs to the province of Quebec. The primary language was suddenly French again. Also on all signs, things are primarily written in French and sometimes there is a translation to English. Cars don't have a front number plate anymore, and so on…

Some cars even got our attention for other reasons.

We met Christina and Tomi at the museum where already 1000s of people were waiting to enter.
So, we decided to skip that and directly head for the parliament hill.
Again, there was a huge crowd waiting for us, so that it was impossible to move forward.
_2017-07-01 12.25.12.jpg

After going around some time without any achievements, we found a very nice Italien restaurant in the centre. Again a queue was waiting for us, but when you are hungry, you don’t care so much.

Back to the crowd, my girlfriend got a bit nervous about having too many people in one place.
So we moved away and found a lovely small bar to get some water and a Gin tonic as a repair drink for our minds. Quite cheap and really tasty!

We continued walking around trying to keep away from the totally crowded places.
That’s how we found other parts of Ottawa that we maybe would never have seen otherwise.
We found a small river to relax at, and even a new friend jumping around us.

The last thing we decided to do for the day was going back to the museum for a “Jazz music festival” and maybe wait for the evening firework.
This part I really loved!
Sitting in a small restaurant (of course with lots of other people queuing up for beer and food), listening to Jazz music, looking at the river and at the parliament.

Then suddenly it started to get darker and darker.
A huge nearly black cloud started to move to us all over the horizon.
People directly started to pack there stuff and try to get away, or at least under a roof.
A real storm started doing its work.
It started raining cats and dogs. It was so heavy rain, that we couldn’t even see the parliament anymore.

After 15 minutes everything was gone.
Just the cool fresh air stayed.

Too tired to wait for the firework, we went home and slept very well.

Probably not the best day of our journey, but at least an extraordinary one.

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