Day 7 in America: Waterfall surprise

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Hi guys

Happy to have you back here.
Today was so cool!!

First small thing: I tried UBER for the first time, and it worked just perfect.

A nice girl in sweatpants was driving us to a very special place that Christina found at the internet the day before: A huge waterfall right next to Quebec that I have never heard of.
This nice “small” falls are even 30 metres higher than the Niagara Falls.

We entered the falls from the top station of the cable car, so we were already at the top of the falls.
Here is a cool bridge to cross it.

Yes the small dots, that's us!

And the whole thing is really close to Quebec city as you can see when looking down from the bridge.
_2017-06-30 09.47.36.jpg

An even more impressive view, you get when moving around to the other side.

Staircases were leading down to the bottom of the falls.
Most people stopped when it got wet.
Christina is just as crazy as me.
My hat has never been so wet...

But also being wet was a good thing.
We were the only ones, not sweating when going back up the stairs.

One last picture in Quebec.

I decided to split our day here, as I have to stop writing now.
So there will be a second part, concerning our journey from Quebec to Ottawa.
The evening in Ottawa was funny too.
Would be nice to have you back enjoying that story.

Have fun and a wonderful day.

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Looks gorgeous! Enjoy your trip!

Thank you.
I always love being surprised by something when I don't have any expectations

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