Day 6 in America: Uncommon Quebec

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Hi guys
Wonderful to have you back!

Again standing up early…
Seems that I have to get used to it 😊

We are going by train again and I like that.
Relaxing, playing cards, drinking our beer. STOPPPP.

Ups: That was not allowed.

Our target today: “Quebec”.

I already heard before, that it should be the most “European” city in whole America.
And really: It seemed like one of this beautiful towns from middle age in Europe.

It is the only fortified city up a hill North of Mexico they told us.
Houses are built out of small bricks like in France.
The inner city is just beautiful. But look at it yourself!

The city hall.

And a hotel.

Everything here is very different to what we saw in America till now.
That also applies to food.
I tried a typical Canadian meat pie called “Tourtiere”

Really not bad!

One thing I really like about Quebec are the street artists.
We found lots of them on different places in the city.

Bit more up the hill, we found a nice terrace that gave us a wonderful view on the river and the surrounding.

Next I found an interesting looking man who was guarding a staircase leading down.

As he told me that down there is some interesting stuff to see, we went down.
It was the ruins of an old castle that was part of the defence structure.

Long time ago it looked like this.

I love history 😊

Totally up the hill we found a huge citadel.
It’s still in use, so we were only allowed to enter in certain parts.
The really interesting part about the citadel is a museum inside that deals with all the wars that Canadians ever fought. Starting from the old days, where French and British people fought about the new world, till more recent events like the world wars…
As nobody stopped us, we thought the museum is for free. After some time, we got told very friendly that we would have to pay to see it.
I like people here! They are very gentle and without any haste.

From there we went on around the city centre, just looking around.
As it was a hot day, we have been really happy for a nice possibility to cool down.

Tired from walking around so much, we relaxed in a small street.
I felt really homey there. A street musician was playing “Mozart” and we even found old Austrian money inside of the restaurant.
_2017-06-29 18.27.18.jpg

Again we had an AirBNB room reserved. After travelling by bus and walking a bit (Or as Alena would put it “Walking a bit too much”) we arrived in a quiet suburb.
It was the first time that we didn’t meet anybody. No host, only communication through the APP. Nevertheless, everything perfect again!

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Day 6: Uncommon Quebec


That hotel looks like castle from Disney's movies

Very true.
When I saw it for the first time, I thought it's a castle as the center of the city like in European towns.
Later we learned that it has always been a hotel

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