A bowl of noodle soup was good! A view while eating by a canal was great! 🍲

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Klong Bang Luang

From my last post that I have talked about this super chill canal right in Bangkok. Yes! My new favourite hangout by a canal!. I was literally hanging out there for the whole day so there are still some materials for contents I have left. Last time, we talked about the atmosphere and the way people live there. Today, let's talk FOOD!

I got there early morning without any food in my belly. A local recommended I go to try this dish called 'Kuay Jab' at this place!


Kuay Jab (ก๋วยจั๊บ)

'ก๋วยจั๊บสูตรโบราณ ริมคลองบางหลวง' The name of the shop translate easily to English 'The old style Kuay Jab by the Bang Luang Canal'

Kuay Jab is a Chinese style noodle served in a dark soup with lots of pigs' organs (blood cake, stomach, liver and all!), hard boiled eggg, deep fried tofu and a bit of cilantros on top.

The dish was great and I liked how easy-going people there were. The music was great too! Reminded me of the 90's when I was a child :D


Don't you love the photos?? I took it with this camera!


Mango Sticky Rice

After I finished a bowl of Kuay Jab, took a break to watch this authenticly cute Thai puppet performance, I came back and ordered some Thai dessert. Have you heard of 'Mango Sticky Rice??'

Mango sticky rice is basically a riped mango served with a sweeten sticky rice then sprinkled with a bit of roasted mung beans ( The authentic one gotta have this!) and yes, sweeten coconut milk.

Sounds so fat, doesn't it? Who cares!? It's so yummy!!!


While eating, I saw they also offer some herbal drinks. One was a Chinese Pear tea and the other was Blood detox that made with 8 types of Chinese herbs. I didn't hesitate to give them a go!

  • Chinese Pear tea tastes sweet yet bland!
  • Blood Detox Drink tastes sooooo HERBAL but I kinda like it. It makes me feel like I'm healthy while drinking it!! LOLOL


Here's the atmosphere of the place by Klong Bang Luang ! Yes, it's wooden just like every other houses around it. Classic, ain't it?


Freshly cooked ingredients and see! that boiling dark soup and the pig skin hanging just right above it.




In front of the shop is also decorated simply. The son was making Kuay Jab and the mother (on the left) was preparing mango sticky rice.. or just sit and chill there most of the time, actually! LOLOL

Final thought : It's not just good food but also the fact that I was eating by the canal.. All the boats passed by every so ofthen and all made it a special meal! so yes, I would totally recommend you go check out. Not just the noodle place but the whold area of Klong Bang Luang.

It's so dang chill!


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All copy and photos are original content by me.

© waybeyondpadthai.com

Lots of lots of love,

Mo ❤

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wow those look amazing!
btw have you ever thought about blogging about ramen?
dude ramen is the best!!! :D


Hahaha Let me find some good one here in BKK!


Yeah!!!! Dude Ramen is life!
You have got to get this thing cover!

Since I'm totally illiterate
And have no clue where to post this
Show mercy Mo
I just watched your video on girl next door/steemit monsters

That was so cool
I had just seen some videos of people opening those cards

So when I saw yours
You can only imagine it brought tears to my eyes
I was laughing so hard
Great vid

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Hahaha Thanks! That was out when Steem Monsters has just started for a week or something. if you love those kinds, I got a few more skits and I think I put them on the playlist on youtube.. Thanks for watching! ❤️


Ha ha
Yes I have watch several on you tube
You are a fun person to watch
I found the zucchini one
Ha ha
That's not my sound


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WOW! That's one of the first few and I didn't know what I was doing.. Oops! LOLOLOL


That shit was funny as hell
When you say that not my sound
I laugh so hard my daughter came running to check on me

Ha ha

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Eggplant not zucchini
Im such a dork

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Hahaha, I thought you talked about zucchini. I got one cooking video making stir fried zucchini :D haha


More eggplant please
Ha ha


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Makanan sup yang sangat enak, saya sangat suka makan makanan sup, apalagi ada somay nyan di dalam,, postingan yang bagus Sobatku @waybeyondpadthai, terima kasih telah berbagi...

Mantap... 🍲 👍

This Mango Sticky Rice looks very sweet food... And makes me want it :)
And I hope day cool there ... and not lot rain.


Hahaha thank you! I love the dessert. It's so fat! :D ❤️


You are welcome :) ... it not look fat :))

I am so annoyed you are not the quren of the internet. You are so good in what you do. :) and we need to hang out in there in the future... (do they sell alcohol???? Lol)

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Hahaha you're so good at complimenting! :D LOLOL and yes, we sure can if you're ever here. I don't think they sell alc. there though :D 😭❤️


Ehehe so wrong place. We can go there to relax and then find a place with alcohol eheheg

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Agree, the mango sticky rice looks very yummy! well done @waybeyondpadthai

Well done. I upvoted your post, keep steeming good content so we can promote to the world and bring new users to this platform.

Thank you,
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wow ,, a very good post, in hanging out in Bangkok and enjoying the food that is there, hopefully be a good trip to enjoy the various food benefits there my best friend, @waybeyondpadthai

Postingan yang sangat bagus ,tapi bagi kami ummat Islam tidak bisa makan makanan ini ,,tapi saya ingin bantuan dari anda @waybeyodpadthai

Super cool. Ha ha

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1. "blood cake"

2. This photo is amazing!


Adude, if you come to Thailand, I will have you eaten those blood!!!! LOLOLOL and Thank you! <3

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Arroy mak, mak. Kuay jab is my favorite. I could eat that right now.


Hahaha mine too ka if it's a good one :D