My new favourite hangout in Bangkok!

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Klong Bang Luang (คลองบางหลวง)

By just looking at the blue sky, some tree in the background, contrast with the color of wooden houses just right by the water. How couldn't you not fall in love with the place.


I actually have heard of the place for quite sometimes but really didn't really have a chance to visit (excuses) to go visit just yet. This time, due to my own BANGKOKOKOK project, I did force my self to have A CHANCE to go visit 'KLONG BANG LUANG' and yes, I was so happy I did so! Like, really!

Here's the place in movement!

Klong means 'a canal'

Bang Luang is just a name of the canal.

Probably means something but I don't really know what it means. Who cares anyways?


Thai Giant water jars

The locals have been living there for generations and still keep some of the old Thai ways of living.. Example? Look at that big jars. People used to use that storage rain water to use as a drinking water or washing stuffs. Like, if you walk around in Bangkok in any other parts, you will probably not be able to see this kind of stuff that easily.

Oh my, now that I think about it. I don't think I was even born in time when the jars were still commonly used in the past.. LOLOL Though, I think some parts of the country (Mostly, countryside) still use it nowadays, like, here in Klong Bang Luang.



Authentic Thai Movie!

This movie actually just came to mind when I was writing about this. I have known about it since I was so so so young

The movie's first episode was in 1989 and I was born in 1991

No, I didn't think I liked the movie. It's just people randomly get scared of a person that's believed to be human who eats human. Everyone runs around and hide in the jars. I know, 'What the hell?'

Let's just not go too deep with the Jar stuffs as we still have some more fun stuffs ahead to talk about.

Authentic Thai temples!

'Kampaeng Bangchak Temple' (วัดกำแพงบางจาก)

Yes, that's what the temple called and by saying it's an authentic Thai temple, I think it is so. Not much of a non-authentic Thai temples you will find in Thailand,really. This one though, I like the vibe. How small and quiet yet simply beautiful it is.





See the picture? That's our King Rama IX, the Great (1946–2016), Bhumibol Adulyadej (One of the Chakri Kings of Thailand) when he was dedicated himself to buddhism by becoming a monk for a period of time. No, not at this temple but we do have Kings' photos almost every corner in the country.

Floating market

I also didn't know they also had floating market at this place. I just randomly went without what's up there. It's a small and quiet one and the stores are not really on the water. Though, they decorate it cutely with all these Thai looking items.



Charming wooden residency.

These are the houses that people still live in and some also make a bit of their living by selling some arts, groceries, drinks, snacks, etc. I so love how it looks. Classic! yes, that's the word!




I just couldn't help myself playing cool, taking photos with all the atmosphere.


This is the painting on one of the doors I walked past.


While strolling along the Bang Luang Canal, I came across this barber.. Cute ain't it? :)

Oh! Fish food!!

One of the things they sell at stores are fish food. Mostly, bread. People may think it's weird? I'm not so sure but in Thailand, it's common. Most of the temples sell bread, chill places sell bread. Give it to the fish and think to ourselves 'We do good things today!' Well, it's fun also, I guess.



Here's what it looks like. It's human bread, I swear. Smells so good and yeah, throw it into the water and get splashed with all the fishy water from the canal LOL



Authentic Thai 'Klong Bang Luang' that just became my favourite place in Bangkok because of relaxing atmosphere and how beautiful it is. I kinda love it to just walk around and do pretty much nothing there.

Here's where it is exactly.

Address : Soi Phet Kasem 20, Pak Khlong Phasi Charoen, Khet Phasi Charoen, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10160

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Exotic and beautiful Thai puppet show!

Taiwanese STREET FOOD! Yes, pig gut soup too!

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All copy and photos are original content by me.


Lots of lots of love,

Mo ❤

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seriously I need to ravel to thailand already!
I've heard lots and lots about the country but haven't had the chance to visit yet.
hopefully soon <3


Hopefully in the near future :)

OMG, what is that movie ... couldn't stop watching, haha.


Hahhahaa I never like that one LOL


What can I say .. it looks entertaining :)


Thanks for choosing my post to be featured. I guessed it was you! :D ??

Bangkok is one of those spots where it's so rich and loaded with convention, however they're so open to various individuals - distinctive sexual orientation articulations and sex personalities.

All your pictures look amazing. Bankok is really nice place to travel. I wish i could visit this places.


I hope you can come visit the city someday! :)

Where is everyone else in the photos? Must be a ghost town 👻

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When you bring that no pore face to Thailand, I will take you there so that makes it 2. Wowowow... L.M. (Can't say the whole word LOLOL)

"it needs some spice"
*dumps the whole spice jar in there


Bwahaha that was still not hot enough 😭

Enjoyed your blog
Great pics to go with the video

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Very good post @waybeyondpadthai , I really like these foods, and I really like your posts and I want to share them @waybeyondpadthai your posts.

Nice travel photography, i think you are enjoying bangkok journey

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Thank you soooo much! Love it when the posts get resteemed! ❤️

A very interesting place for me and my view is very beautiful ... Thank you @waybeyondpadthai


Thanks for sharing part of your culture, beautiful photos

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Thank you so much!!!! ❤️

Heyyy your previous posts thing! Where did you find the tutorial for that? I saw somewhere before that you saw the tutorial which is awesome because I was trying to figure out how to do it a few weeks ago. I figured out SORT OF....bu my version was much more lame so I stopped doing it lol.

I think I wanna go to this place. It looks super ocol


What tutorial?? Hahahah Yes, I love the place!! ❤️