From Cape Town to Mombasa, 3 months, 8 countries, 12,500 km: Africa, the long crossing, by @terresco (tranlation from French)

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This is an authorized translation in English of a post in French by @terresco: Afrique, la longue traversée

Remember that the person who speaks here is NOT me, Vincent Celier (@vcelier), but @terresco, a French guy.

Africa, the long crossing

From Cape Town to Mombasa by car, 8 countries, 3 months, 12500 km. A trip I had been thinking about for a long time. The idea is to cross Africa from east to west while going north to access a wide variety of cultures and landscapes. From desert Namibia with strong South African influences to the green coast of Kenya.

Finally, in this fine morning in June, we wake up in Cape Town. Less than two weeks before the departure, the race against the clock begins. We must not forget anything because then, except perhaps in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, we will not find spare parts or missing equipment.

+ + + + + + + + +

La préparation

The car is partly ready, it's a pickup truck, closed on the back to put the stuff, equipped with a roof tent. A little equipment was added: a winch on the front; an additional battery to have light in the tent but also around it to be protected against the animals on the evening; a solar panel to power the batteries; a second spare wheel; sand plates; converter to charge phone, GPS and cameras; a second tank of fuel and another for water; a compressor to be able to inflate easily after driving on sand, a minimum of tools and of course the basic camping equipment.

Cape Town, it's an old story, we have known it for a long time, we have friends there, we go back regularly because we love this city. This is also the "logical" starting point of the trip. South Africans love to camp so you can find everything you need.

Hout Bay, a small port near Cape Town
The administrative part is surprisingly simple, simple for such an administrative part anyway, but do not imagine that they let you quietly cross countries without some sacrosanct forms. The key is the customs pass, it is a little the passport of the car and, except that it is mandatory for some countries, it greatly facilitates the task of crossing borders. Insurance side there are two separate areas, so two insurance to take but a very low price. Then the visas for passengers that we all took directly at the borders.

Let's not forget a good medicine kit with antibiotics, anti-malarial medicine, clean syringes and all the classics that you can imagine. We do not take preventive treatment against malaria but we have something to treat ourselves in case of crisis.

* * * * *

The Itinerary

We built our itinerary according to many variables, and we adapted it during the the trip. We already knew South Africa, southern Namibia and its gorgeous [Orange River]( Gorge, southern [Botswana](, and the desert-lined [Kalahari]( area of lions and Bushmen (remember the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy?). So we had to go north in these two countries which led us to follow more or less the Atlantic coast from Cape Town.

For this first part of the trip, we will travel with two cars, accompanied by a friend. Our friend will have to return to Cape Town and we will continue alone to Zimbabwe. I had dreamed for a long time of this country and I was not disappointed. Luckily, we were there before the recent political problems. We will leave Zimbabwe for Zambia, which shares with Zimbabwe its Rhodesian past. From Zambia we will go back to Malawi then to more tourist countries such as Tanzania and its famous sites: the Kilimanjaro, the plain of Serengeti and the annual transhumance of herds, the crater of Ngorongoro ... all the clichés of Africa certainly but beautiful shots.

We will end up in Kenya to reach the port of Mombasa and be able to take the car and send it back to Cape Town. Between an election canceled for fraud and waiting for a second one, the formalities to board a car in a port that we do not know and the beginning of the rainy season Kenya had concocted an end of active trip

The time of year is not the best for South Africa and southern Namibia (it's winter) but after that it's perfect and in principle, we should be able to arrive before the rainy season.

* * * * *

One beautiful morning in July, the sun is not up yet when we start and make the first km of the long road that should take us to Kenya. Three months is a long time, so I will need several posts to tell the full story. In the next part, we will leave Cape Town to go up along the diamond coast to Namibia.

-- @terresco

All pictures are property of @terresco

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This adventure is going to rock steemit. Big thanks to @vcelier for showing us the way. Two flavors always better then one.
Keep on steemin'

O wow. This has really inspired and motivated me more to pursue my that idea of going on road trip. I want to travel Europe as a road trip.

But before that, my plan is to travel the silk road from Afghanistan to India via Pakistan.


Great trip and would like also to go down on silkroad path, that sould be an amazing jurney...


O wow.
I am sure when you go you will have a great time.
Don't forget to ping me, I might accompany you.


Good luck for your trip. I hope you wills start soon and enjoy

I guess I have to go give @terresco credit for this, too! Even if I don't speak French. Nice photography @terresco! Thank you for translating and sharing @vcelier!

So nice of you. Maybe I should also offer to translate some people's post from Spanish to English. Great idea!

I'm glad you did so I could see this thoughtfully planned itinerary (planning is my least favorite part of traveling).

Are you also going to translate the next part so I can continue reading? I appreciate your work and the time it took to translate! Upvoted this post and will also go upvote @terresco!


Are you also going to translate the next part ?

Yes, of course, and the others after that.


Thank you very much @nomadicsoul for you return. @vcelier didi a very good job and I am very happy he offers to make it for me.

wow, that's awesome! A wonderful journey..3 months is a long time but with all those beautiful experience I'm sure it worth a lot to @terresco. Congrats to him and the team that they're manage to do this. I'm impressed


Thank you @atikahnoh, it's was really a very good trip and very good translate by @vcelier

now that is what i call adventure , once in a lifetime journey. welcome to mombasa that is my home city


Waw, shame, if I knew before I could enjoy your knowledge of the city!

Truly speaking i am also enjoying travel....

I am read your content and feels it was a greatest article 🐝

Thanks for your share such a great article.

Well done and keep it up. 🌻

Amazing photos here of your traveling nice post

photography is the art of life i think
your photography is best dear
travel is best with photography i think
travel can be framework with photography
resteemit done

Lovely travel experience. Funny how u've been dreaming of Zimbabwe. Thankfully you were not disappointed. Hope to see your new posts soon


Not disappointed at all. For foreign people traving Zimbabwe is a fantastic country full of fantastic people

Enjoy your travels friend

This is awesome, Africa is one place I haven't been to yet I wouldn't even know where to begin actually, I look forward to reading more of your articles about it and can't wait to see Namibia :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Nice one


Epic journey, looking forward to the next leg.

wow great post and photo..enjoy travel.happy to see this post.thanks

Brother - sounds aaawesome - cant wait to see more :)
Keep up the great work!
Im just travelling the world right now, writing songs and playing Streetmusic in every Country. I hope to provide one day that great value with my music, as you do! <3


Good luck with your music


thanks my friend :) god bless

Hi @vcelier . Regards from me. Hope we will be friends

i really appreciate the good work your doing on steemit, thank you

Took your hand and go to see the beauty of the sunrise, in the morning breeze; Took your hand and go to see the beauty of the sunset, walk in the evening; Life took your hand happiness just like that, is the most simple I pursue!

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@vcelier are such a joyful person man...your are truely adventurous...12500km travel in 3 months ...the words itself suggests something love hapiness and much more......
Thisost really inspired me ratherotivatede to start my trip like you...thankyou for posting

very envious of you

i think travelling africa is the most underrated thing, everyone is soo much glued to europe and america

I am south african, and let me tell you, you are in for a treat. The winter in SA and Namibia is a bit chilly, but the sun shines and you have blue sky, clear days. Mornings and evenings are the coldest, day time is amazing. This holds true for most of the places you will be at, except for Cape Town. They have winter rainfall, this could be quite miserable, but they are currently experiencing the worst drought in history, so maybe no winter rain there either. My favourite is george, but teach to their own. Safe travels and in capital letters ENJOY!!!


Thank you. South Africa is a fantastic country, I have had to opportunity to be there often and I have always ENJOY


Thanks. Politics ruins countries. We are looking at leaving for nothing else other than politics and administration. Cheers

this is a real eye opener .... u have really worked nicely with talent ... thumps upp...

Waow! That was some expedition, 12500 kilometers ain't easy to Traverse. Guess you have enough fun.

Wow such a amazing knowledge thanks to share with us

Hello @vcelier I love traveling so much I have the honor to know you can read my article thank you

I voted on @terresco too... think that's fair...
Thank you for the translation 👍🏼

this is an amazing post. i appreciate your post dare. keep it up!! thanks for sharing

I will name this man " A man who love travel", And we can see his love for travel, 12500 KM on a car, 3 months stay, visited 8 countries.
all these things are shouting that he is a great traveler.
he Got a new follower.
And Thank you for translating :)

Africa all the way..i just love to have come from tbis part of cintinent ..her variety of wildlife .

Thousandz of different culture and tradition .like cape town a littl beautiful city ..a ppace i dream to visit one day...

Am also planning on this kind of trip this year @vcelier

Also @terresco you got a good taste to have explored this lovely continent , lovely photographs .. (tu as eu le bon goût d'avoir exploré ce joli continent, jolies photos)

Also mount Kilimanjaro is a dream site for most tourist here in Madona university.

safe journey my friend.. i am awaiting to join you

inspiration for me to plan next trip on my 660 cc car :P hopefully she will be happy too