Traveling the World #104 (Asia Series) - Japan Air Self-Defense Force @ Hamamatsu, Japan (Part 1)

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Hi Steemians,

Today I would like to take you to the Japan Air Self Defence Force Museum. Before going to this museum, we didn’t have many expectations due to the remote area it is in but we thought it would have been a good day out since we are in the area. When we arrived, we saw a group of very young school kids already finishing their tour and they all looked really excited.




Once we stepped in, I can see why the school kids were excited. The museum was huge! Which is why I need to split this location into two blogs as there are too many things to share. We couldn’t find the ticket stand so we asked the attendant at the main museum and they said its for free.

There was plenty to see inside. Luckily, there was basic English description plus I can read some of the Kanji so kind of knew what was going on.

IMG_2535 2




IMG_0666 2



Throughout the whole museum, there were small models and the actual aircrafts which were pretty amazing.

IMG_1580 3







There was also a mock pilot machine so you can imagine you are flying a machine yourself.




There were multiple floors on this side of the museum. As we were on the top floor, you can see some of the old videos and books available. Another thing to look out for are these special stamps - they are very popular for the kids to stamp in their books in their diaries.

IMG_7220 2





If you want a rest, there is also a simple cafe for a nice drink.


In the next blog, you will see the other side of the museum - more hands-on experience for visitors!


!steemitworldmap 34.7475073 lat 137.7121012 long d3scr


animation by @catwomanteresa

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All photos & videos are taken by me & co in all my blogs/stories unless quoted. 每張相片和視頻都是我們自己拍的

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