Travel with me #97 : The National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan!

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Dear Steemit friends :


In my recent visit to Taiwan, I had the opportunity to visit the National Palace Museum in Taipei. As a mainland visitor, it was an honour as well as a rare opportunity for me to see these imperial treasures once held inside in The Forbidden City, Beijing.

In Miss. Delicious #78, we visited the museums very own special tea house / restaurant called Silks Palace located at the same site as the museum. There, we familiarised ourselves with the traditional way of drinking tea, as well as treated ourselves to a dim-sum lunch with a very "curio" twist.

For this post, we'll be going inside the museum part of The National Palace Museum, seeing one the largest collections of ancient Chinese artifacts in the world. If you read the post about Silks Palace, then you'll recognise some of the "snacks" from the curio boxes inside the museum, most notably the Jadeite Cabbage. There are countless more priceless artifacts inside the museum, in-fact, roughly 700,000 others, collectively encompassing more than 8000 years of Chinese history.

Some people call the National Palace Museum the Louvre of Asia, and just like it's European counterpart, you could spend several days exploring the National Palace Museum, combing through each of it's galleries in full detail, understanding the foot-prints of each epoch, leading to the significance of the articles on display. For those of you who intend to do that, this post will serve as a teaser, otherwise, let's move on and start checking this place out!

Background and History of the National Palace Museum.

Since my childhood, we have been taught a version of history that paints a mostly negative narrative of Chiang Kai Shek and the Kuomingtang party. In the modern day, ripples of that history continue to affect political relationships between the two nations sharing a common language but fairly different cultural mentality. Although the relationship has improved somewhat in the last 3 decades, the democratized Taiwanese fall in and out of Beijing favour depending on who get's elected to power every couple of years. The relationship strengthens when KMT party is in power, and weakens with the DPP in control. Currently the DPP is in control, and with that, a negative tone between the two has returned. At the peak of the two side's relationship, Taiwan could expect up to 4 million visitors per year from China alone, most of them paying a visit to the National Palace Museum.

Whilst the number of visitors from China has significantly dropped. The museum remains the most popular attraction for those that do make it on to the island. To many, a visit to the NPM is a completion of their visit to the National Palace in Beijing, completing their experience , making it "whole".

Why were the artifacts separated from the National Palace?

During the 1930's, the Japanese threat in the North of China became a growing concern. For fear of losing the national treasures to the Japanese, the management of the Palace Museum in Beijing ordered the majority of the collection to be packed up into crates (20,000 in total) and transported further south to Nanjin. The plan was intercepted by the enemy and the crates were transported to Shanghai instead. There, they stayed for the next eight years whilst the Japanese threat was warded off, world war two ended as well as the Chinese civil war. Chiang Kai-Shek took 22% of the pieces with him to Taiwan in exile, including the Jadeite Cabbage and a large portion of the very best pieces in the collection.

For many years, the partial collection remained in storage with the assumption that CKS would take them back to China. By the 1960's, it became clear that Taiwan would become his permanent home and thus work began on building a museum to exhibit these national treasures.

The National Palace Museum was built in the Waishuanxi, Shilin District, well shielded by the local forestation and low mountainous terrain of the area. The first thing you'll notice is that the actual museum building is up against the side of a mountain and a good 5 to 10 minute walk from the start of the entrance.

To reach the main hall, you have to walk through a large Paifang archway, and up a number of steps.

Because the National Palace Museum and the Forbidden City in Beijing are derived from the same institution but later split, the design of the NPM is modelled on the architecture of the Forbidden City, incorporating imperial designs from a feudal society.

The main building has four floors, three of which are used for exhibitions and one floor is used as a resting lounge.

The sheer number of artifacts brought over from China, as well as a constant supplementation of the collection, has meant that the museum has undergone further expansions several times since it's establishment to create room for more and more exhibits. In-fact, in the year 2000, it was decided that the NPM would expand to a second branch located in Chiayi County. This would later on be known as the Southern Branch, whilst the original would be called the Northern Branch.

There are some really beautiful views of the traditional looking buildings blending in with the shallow mountain ranges in the background.

This column is generally referred to as Huabiao, and is a kind of stone pole used for ceremonial purposes. On top, you can see it has the Chinese Guardian Lion. This style of Huabiao is frequently found outside palaces, as such, they have a more specific name called bangmu.

The horizontal wing like stone is actually meant to be a cloud. And the mythical creature above it (in this case the Lion) is meant to communicate the mood of the people below to the heavens above.

Once inside the main hall, there is a large open space where you'll find the ticket office, souvenir shop, and even a post office. The price of entry is about 250 NT which is about $10 dollars. You can also purchase a guided tour, or borrow an audio guide.

In the lower floor, there is a statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen which has been placed there to commemorate his founding of the Republic of China. He is one of the few people in modern Chinese history who is respected by both the people of Taiwan and China. Above his head, you can see the characters "博爱“. These are two of Sun Yat Sen's favourite characters, portraying his life's work. Together, they represent fraternity and concern for the welfare of human beings, a quality which grants him respect by all Chinese people to this day.

Now, it's time to feast your eyes on a few of the objects in the collection which caught my eye. As you can imagine, with hundreds of thousands of items on display, it can take more than just a few days to look through everything. Still, if you know what you're more interested in, then you can pick and choose.

Jade was commonly used for sculptures in the neolithic periods of Chinese history, and is primarily considered a form of decorative art. Many sculptors would spend a life time learning how to create incredibly intricate and detailed sculptures. These are some of the better ones I saw.

Ceramics are a focal point of Chinese art development. The first examples of Chinese ceramics date back as far as the Palaeolithic area. The examples in this museum are the imperial court porcelain wares which are each handmade by the best potters of their time.

Mao Gong Ding

Like the Ding Vessel we saw outside the main building, this "Ding" is from 9th century BC. It is significant because it has the longest Chinese inscriptions of any Ding ever made, 500 to be exact. If you look carefully, you can see that the characters are not the same as the ones we use today, of course in the 9th century BC, the characters looked closer to their original bone script pictograms. I must admit, I don't really understand most of the characters myself.

The big bell is the Zong Zhou Zhong or the Bell of Zhou. It is one of the most important musical instruments commissioned by King Li of the Zhou Dynasty.

Jadeite Cabbage

This is the star of the show, and the largest draw of all exhibits within the National Palace Museum. The cabbage is carved from a single piece of Jadeite which was half green and half white. If you look closely, you'll see the locust and katydid camouflaged in the leaves.

This along with the Mao Gong Ding and the meat shaped stone are considered the three treasures of the National Palace Museum.

I was quite surprised when I saw the piece in person. I was expecting it to be the size of an actual Chinese cabbage. I was mistaken, it's actually about the same size as my hand. The detail on the piece is very precise. Without looking carefully, you might mistaken the locust to be a real one. It's a very beautiful piece, and I think it deserves being the symbol of the museum.

Meat Shaped Stone

The final piece in the trio of National Palace Museum is the meat shaped stone. For any Chinese food gastronomers, you will recognise this as a piece of braised pork belly meat. It is hard to believe that it is infact a piece of stone carved from from Jasper.

The stone dates back to the Qing dynasty and was a part of the imperial household's collection. Because of it's close resemblance to an actual piece of braised pork belly meat, it is often associated by the famous poet and gourmand, Su Dongpo. Actually he was attributed as being the inventor of the braised pork belly dish. To this day, the dish is often called Dongpo meat.

This along side the Jadeite Cabbage are touted as the most important items in the museum. Although popular, they are actually only of moderate importance with respect to art history. Still, the Meat Shape Stone along with the other two treasures are very well received and have a permanent display at the museum.


There was also a nice video exhibit of the evolution of Chinese writing from it's original oracle bone script etched on turtle shells and bones, to the Shang Dynasty's Greater Seal and so on... till today's Traditional and Simplified scripts.

Can you guess what the characters mean from their evolving pictograms? (Chinese people are disqualified!)

Check out my video tour!

And that wraps up the tour of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. For me, it was a significant visit because some of the history surrounding the museum was taught to me during my childhood. It wasn't until growing up that I really had an opportunity to think about the gravitas of the situation in China leading to the disbursement of its most prized treasures.

To the ignorant eye, many of the treasures here would appear to be no different from the mass produced that we see selling in souvenir shops, but let me remind you that many of these were crafted thousands of years ago by hand. Each taken a skilled craftsmen years of their life to complete. Many of the items would be considered their life's proudest achievement.

All things considered, it now makes sense to me why the collection has been under protection and indeed contention for the best of a century, without which, many would have been destroyed or lost. They are all important relics of a bygone era of Chinese dynastic rule.

The National Palace Museum is definitely worth a visit. Even if museums are not your usual fancy, there will be lots of fascinating bits of history to learn and of course many amazing ancient artifacts each with their own tale to tell.







As the young lady that you are, I feel inspired by what you do. I want similar experiences with this steemit platform. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks javybar, just remember to enjoy the journey and keep going!

I am always happy to read and to see your beautiful blogs and picture, thank you so much @sweetsssj for another perfect blog and I am happy that you always safe while your travelling around the world. keep it up and congratulation again for this great article.

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A fascinating tour of the The National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, @sweetsssj.

First, let me congratulate you on the quality of the writing in this post - it is some of your best work.

The photo spread was visually stunning and comprehensive featuring exquisite and priceless treasures. I especially loved the Jade pieces.

You also did an excellent job of providing the historical perspective so readers and potential visitors could appreciate the significance of the collection both culturally and historically, and you managed this by being non-partisan and fairly representing the interests of both sides.

It is the mark of an educated person to utilize one's education to gain an insight into society, but you also rose above the deficiencies of a certain limited viewpoint of recent history that you were taught in China, and that is a tribute to your objectivity, sssj.

I was impressed with the locale of the museum. It was built with the same architectural principles in mind as one sees in traditional temples. It was built into a hillside, a high place, with stairs leading up to it, and mountains in the background.

The presence of lions as guardian entities and the Huabiao with the cloud and the lion atop it contribute to evoking the sense of a religious dimension in an otherwise secular setting.

I found the part on the evolution of Chinese script fascinating. I can recall taking books out of the library when I was in grade three and trying to figure out Chinese writing.

The two characters depicted reminded me of child-rearing and animal care, but that might be my own curious imagination, lol.

Your photo essay reignited my fascination with ancient China and the intrigue of the past. It made me want to visit Taipei and China too, for that matter.

I find you are able to make history and culture come alive,sssj, and that is what makes your posts so effective and compelling.

Excellent work, my friend.

Hi john, thank you for this lovely value adding comment! What would my posts be without your eclectic reviews of it. Mmmm.

As you pointed out, remaining objective was quite difficult. Especially with an audience of whom I know will likely be not as objective as I, wondering why it is I couldn't jump off the fence and side with them. Still, I feel it is a worthwhile exercise for the sake of trying to uncover or understand the residual truth(s).

One thing that I didn't quite manage to cover was the large amount of art works which are on rotation every 3 months or so. It actually makes up the larger part of their 700,000 item collection. I would have liked to include these in the post but i simply ran out of time and didn't have another day to come back. With such a large museum, it's always worth a revisit.

As for the characters, you are very close. Care is actually the first character. The second is a lot more abstract, I will see if anyone else can think of it :)

Thank you for the lovely comment john, I always appreciate it.

You're very welcome, sssj - hmmm, something more abstract? I'd guess helpless things, like babies and animals, so maybe care for Life....You are going to tell us poor westerners, aren't you? LOL!!

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Beautiful!!! Love your post and i followed you hope to see more from you. would love to get there some day. Headed to Thailand again this year. Check out my post I have some pictures from there

that's a great place to visit, i'm already missing it myself actually. I shall drop by and have a look.

i agree with u...

Wao So Great
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Wow ! Amazing !!
This one is for you @sweetsssj .

akkha, thank you :)

You are welcome my friend ! Just tried to make lines for you ! M too going to post on travel soon!👍 Always enjoy your post 👌😍🌷

Hello @sweetsssj ! 9 Days no post ! Hope you are doing well ! Waiting for your new post !!! Mssing you, your post , your reply and your ups !




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“魂牵梦萦”的竟然只是故宫而不是刘美女 ;)


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I agree, I also want to visit this wonderful place. The photos are amazing! After reading this post I feel like I was on vacation with the author and saw these places by my own eyes.

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Especially this horse (mule) head figure with this unforgettable expression on its "face" - like someone was marking him with an iron - hopefully not :) , or is it just a horse helmet of some sort ;) ? That is so real. I like the piggy the most. People use to have time (around those days) , now we have Steemit, and our creativity is in some cases narrowed to posting creations of ancients, regardless of which, it is always worth sharing and receiving value and beauty among other people. I love the entire collection and the excursion of the post creator @sweetsssj - thank you for the brilliant work. I will resteem it for joy of my followers too. Peace and Love :) . Peter.

thank you dear, you are right! the mule's expression is timeless, it does appear the mule was agitated. I don't think that it was a horse helmet, just a work of art.

I agree, people seem to have less time these days, as much of a fallacy that statement is, it's more than we have more things to divide our time over. As you said, Steemit is one of those things and thus what an interesting dynamic it is to have an attention economy built atop of it.

Thank you for the valuable observations and comment!

What a nice surprise to have the reply from one of the top one :) very welcomed indeed.

In my opinion time has the same length than and now, the difference is in distribution of it over whatever they and us consider as important.
About economy of here - I have to learn a lot more to perceive it as economically viable.

All the best for you - lovely traveler girl :)

Arte en todos los aspectos posibles, construcciones monumentales, tallado y moldeado de piedras y materiales precios, pinceladas con toques personalizados, piezas únicas que nos relatan una historia, una cultura, valores y formas de pensar que transciende en los tiempos.

Art in all possible aspects, monumental constructions, carving and molding of stones and materials prices, brushstrokes with personalized touches, unique pieces that tell us a story, a culture, values ​​and ways of thinking that transcends in time.

Damn. Now there's no reason to go visit the museum. What a great article, full of the contents of the museum (that took some work!)

I love these historical cultural posts.
You can run an educational steemit account and have a deal with local universities to help students and professors make extra money!
Your posts make me want to cone visit China ... i see how nice it is... i hope to get to visit and meet you one day! You should get to be on cover of business magazines!

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May you always succeed in steem and also on your journey by @bilqis07

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This is from wiki i'm from near that area
The Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in the town of Săpânţa, Maramureş County, famous for the crosses of the colorful tombs and naive paintings representing scenes from the life and occupation of the inhabited people. On some crosses there are even verses in which the persons are mentioned, often with humorous nuances.

The novelty of this cemetery is the differentiation from folk culture, which considers death as a sad event. It was hypothesized that Stan Ioan Patras would have been inspired by the Dacian culture, of which, from Ovid Densusanu, they are taught that they considered death as a merry event. The first epitaph dates back to 1935, and since the 1960s, the entire cemetery has been populated with about 800 such crosses, carved from oak wood, becoming an open-air museum of unique nature and a tourist attraction.

Since 2009, the cemetery is the goal of the annual festival "The Long Way to the Merry Cemetery". [1]

Some crosses are painted on both sides. On one side is a description of the buried life, and on the other - a description of the cause of death. Most crosses are written with spelling mistakes and archaic scripts.

On the cross of Stan Ioan Patras, the founder of the cemetery, are written the following:

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I think you already visited that place in your previous tour if I am correct?
Best wishes dear mam.
Thanks again

no food in this post, if you don't count the meat shaped stone haha. I visited this place the same day I went to the Silks Palace Restaurant, but as you know, I like to do more detailed posts about foods as well as my travel experiences.

Hey dear mam thank you for kind attention and reply I knew it very well why so you are so delicious; because of detailed description of food thank you for comment.
My best wishes with you.
Thank you again.

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thank you stokjockey, i'm really grateful that you found my presentation to be of value, and of course i'm always really happy when you leave a comment to tell me if you liked the post or not. We started the same month and hopefully we'll still be here years and years from now. I certainly will be :)

Thank You Sweet Lady, Yes I will be too............Keep showing us the world

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Oh Wow @sweetsssj ! 8000 years of history and all those artifacts are outstanding , it must really be awesome to see and experience in person ! and the porcelain wares are outstanding as well ! Its amazing how we can tie things together from our childhood and learn more from these experiences as adults !! Loved the extra Bonus Of Your Video tour From the National Palace Museum !! Thanks !!👌✌👍⛪
Wish I was There !

Karen, thank you so much! Nowadays, people are losing touch with the roots which define us as people today. Visiting this kind of place is like a kick to remind me of these things. Even knowing about this place as a child, I couldn't really appreciate it the same way as I do now. It really does take a bit of life experience and acquired maturity to grasp the importance of places like these. I hope I'll continue that journey and have more epiphany's to surprise me along the way. Of course, Steemit will be the first place to know when I do :)

Thanks for your awesome and kind reply back @sweetsssj ! Im positive you will have many more Epiphany's and surprises to come , life is full of them , you are so lucky to be able to see and learn from all these wonderful places you visit and are able to share it with all of us here on Steemit ! Thank you so much ! 💕✌👍

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Hi , Miss Beautiful What a Great Collection of Antiques and Artwork , Very Fascinating and Wonderful. Thank you so much for giving inside view of this great Museum . Nice Photography, Great work dear, Loved it. Have a Great Day 😊👍💐

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Wow! What an amazing article and collection of photos! I'm new to SteemIt and this the best article I've come across so far! :) Thank you for taking the time to put it together and share! It is truly appreciated :)

hi channingb, welcome to steemit, and thanks for the lovely vote of support. I hope your steemit journey is long and enjoyable!

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your recent visit of National Palace Museum in Taiwan, no doubt a worth place and you express the whole story by your words, pictures and lovely video very well. Here we can see the beautiful scenery ,Art history like jadeite cabbage,ceramics, meat shaped stone and much more. and all the things and place looks much attractive due to that you are here. Thanks for sharing and we are able to visit these places on steemit.

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@sweetsssj this place looks impressive. I personally have a couple pieces of similar antique pieces :) The jade is impressive !

oh you are into antiques, that's quite amazing, I didn't think it was something that people our kind of age was into collecting. Still, it would be really cool for you to show us some time!

What initially spark my interest in antiques was the story that some of antiques carry. I actually have some items I have been wanting to share. Both my hobby and the joy of being able to share a story. Stay tuned :) Great photography btw!

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thanks mannyfig1956, if it's valuable to you, then i'm very glad and I'll hope you return for my future posts :)

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I have never been to Taiwan before but my brother told me a lot about how awesome the place is. Ranging from their food to the people there. I hope I can visit Taiwan too someday.

There is something very special about Taiwan, it isn't just the food, the people or the setting, it's a strange combination of all those and something more. You'll feel the difference when you visit China and compare it with Taiwan.

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There's a couple more blogs to come about Taiwan, sadly not nearly as many as I would like but look out for them!

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thank you rainsa, with this particular place, the full details will have to be left down to you travelling there yourself. I've done my best to capture what I consider the highlights and write a bit about them :)

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thank you godfatherofsalsa, i'm very happy that you've enjoyed my posts, and thank you for sharing this experience of yours as well.i'll be eagerly going to check it out.

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Thank you for such a detailed post. I especially liked how you explained the historical background of the museum and the treasures. Beautiful pictures and a lot to see! Reminds me when we were at the Vatican museum or the treasury at Munich. Is that horse head in the picture from 圆明园?

Thanks stabilowl. I'm not sure if it is the same horse from 圆明园, it might well be!

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Hola eres una gran mujer admirada a nivel mundial en el mundo de steemit eres brillante en tus fotos y contenido de tus post, soy tu gran admirador y siempre eres mi motor en continuar en steemit y mejorar cada dia mas te invito y los invito humildemente a ver mi post

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safran, thats very flattering, we'll have to see how fate plays out :)

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again a very detailed and really informativ post with lots of beautiful photos. the museum itself looks like art. never seen such a beautiful building!! would love to visit it myself one day!

thanks betterthanhome, it's a real marvel of a building. Lovely locale at the edge of the city, bordering with the forests and mountains.

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The story of your journey wherever always awaited the steemians. Keep writing and sharing information with us, hopefully someday you can visit Bali or Lombok or also Sabang Island, thank you @sweetsssj

munaa, thank you, I will, and make sure you do too! Bali is on the list, so one day soon :)

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sergio! I'm incredibly scared of very cold places.. I tend to fall ill quite easily. Howeverrrr I may visit some snowy destinations in the future, that's not out of the question! :)

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hey ycgavidia, thanks for dropping by, it's quite a large place and there's still so much to see, hopefully you'll have the chance to personally pay a visit. It'll be worth it!

Dear sweetssj it looks like you also love to visit the ancient places and the meuseum.I wish I could visit the national place meuseum in taipei taiwan its an owsome place I have seen it on your video you looks awesome on it I can feel the ancient feeling right now thanks for your valuable post ..

hi jhlimon007, thanks for visiting, it's a really interesting place which I'm sure give you plenty of curiosity to research further for your own interests ! As always, i'm very grateful for your comments and support :)

@sweetsssj this place looks impressive. thanks for sharing us. its amazing place. i like your all post dear thanks again

hello shajj, you're very welcome.