Miss. Delicious #78 : Silks Palace at National Palace Museum, Taipei!

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Dear Steemit friends :

To most inhabitants in the Far-East, Taiwan is commonly known as a food paradise. Even with the diverse food offerings in the vast expanse of China, Taiwan is often the first place Chinese connoisseurs think of when they wish to indulge on the more localised food offerings of the Formosan island.

For this edition of Miss. Delicious we'll be headed to the northern part of Taipei just a few kilometres East of the infamous night-market, Shilin, to the Silks Palace Restaurant. In-fact, this area is primarily known for the National Palace Museum - one of the largest museums in the world in terms of the numbers of artefacts on exhibit.

The National Palace Museum is the home to over 700,000 artefacts from ancient imperial China, they range from the neolithic age all the way to modern and represent over 8000 years of Chinese history.

Because of the historical and cultural importance of the National Palace Museum, it is a must visit for guests to Taipei and thus, the Silks Palace restaurant (which is beside the Museum) has become an equally alluring restaurant featuring the fusion of Chinese art and Chinese cooking.

With such an important collection of treasures by the doorstep of the Silks Palace Restaurant, great care has been taken to design the restaurant building such that it's presence blends in with the surrounding area, taking on the character of the National Palace Museum as well as respecting the environment.

From the outside, the building looks almost like a greenhouse with vines just behind the clear transparent glass. The architect Ren-shi Yao intended for the building to respect the lush green surroundings but also, diminish the impact it has on it's neighbouring buildings.

Let's go inside!

Escaping the crowds of people standing outside, you'll be pleased to know that the restaurant's high end appearance and sheen does well to retain a feeling of exclusivity. However, despite it's classy appearance, it feels neither drought or too busy.

Most visitors will come either for lunch before visiting the museum, or for dinner after the museum closes. In either case, when you walk inside, you will be dazzled by very distinctive interior lighting which draws attention to the open layout of the restaurant.

Guests are seated with plenty of space to separate between tables. Obviously this is a really good for anyone who feels claustrophobic in dining areas packed with people.

Like the artificial vines we saw outside through the glass windows, the same web of vines are used to divide between different sections of the restaurant. In terms of the seating choices, it really comes down to whether you prefer a view of the natural green forests on the outside, or the intricate interiors of the restaurant on the inside.

In the back corners of the restaurant, you will find the traditional large round tables which are preferred by people who come in groups of 4 or more people.

Final preparations to the soup, noodle and steamed dishes are made on a table just beside the dining area. Garnishing the food with the last touches or even serving things such as soup and congee from this intermediate table means quick serving to the waiting guests.

This is the largest table in the restaurant which as you can see has space for up to 10 people. This kind of traditional table has a rotating centre piece and is usually served by a dedicated team of waiters and waitresses. I also noticed the traditional painting on the wall which shows either people from the Ming or Qing dynasty having the ancient equivalent of afternoon tea.

This is an example of a fine white and blue porcelain, otherwise known as Legendary Porcelain. Of course, this is an imitation of the real piece which can be found inside the museum. Still, it is a very beautiful example of the intricate detail that the ancient people used to paint on their porcelain vases.

The Menu

The art of drinking tea

As we saw in the painting above, drinking tea has been a past time of the Chinese for thousands of years. Over time, drinking tea has itself developed a tradition with it's own sets of etiquette. Taking a look at all these pots and bowls, can you take a guess at what they are all used for?

Actually, the exact etiquette varies from period to period, and place to place, but this particular arrangement of teapots, bowls and cups are used as follows :

  1. The largest pot is where the hot water is kept. It has it's own stand with a burning flame underneath to keep the water hot.

  2. The smaller teapot is where the tea leaves are. Hot water from the large pot is poured into the smaller pot to brew the tea.

  3. Once the tea has brewed, it is poured into the larger cup to avoid over saturation of taste if kept in the teapot.

  4. From the larger cup, the tea is poured to the smaller cups and ready to be consumed.

  5. Finally, the large bowl is used to discard the tea from the large cup if the tea has become cold.

Repeat these steps as necessary!

For my visit to Silks Palace, I was particularly interested in this Classic Chinese Dessert selection served in a Curio Box. For those unaware, the curio box was used to display curios (a rare or unusual object). Here the curios are replaced by hand-made curio-like snacks. Some of these are treasures found inside the museum!

These snacks would have been enjoyed by royalty and even the emperor in the past, but now can be enjoyed like afternoon tea by regular people.

Let's take a closer look at each of these intricately detailed snacks!

This is the souvenir section near the entrance of the restaurant. Many of the visitors we saw standing outside actually skipped on having a meal at the Silks Restaurant and instead, opted for some take home souvenirs.

Since it is the Mid Autumn Festival, moon-cakes are the main produce on offer but you will also find a wonderful selection of other mini-snacks, as well as china, cutlery, traditional Chinese pots and plates, and other novelty items!

Personally, I really like the moon-cake set which comes with the 12 different coloured mini plates. Actually, you might have noticed that the desserts were served on these mini plates each with their own colour!

And that wraps up our visit to the Silks Palace Restaurant where we learned about one of the traditional Chinese ways of enjoying tea as well as tasting the Chinese equivalent of afternoon tea served in the traditional alternative use curio box.

It was certainly a very visually appealing venue, not only regarding the food, but also the interior design and building itself.

When visiting this venue, I recommend both variants of the Chinese Curio box desserts. The other one as seen in the menu has some additional dim-sum dishes for those looking for something savoury. Dinner is also available but the dishes are less unique and a little bit pricey compared to other places serving the same food. Stick to the curio boxes which are definitely the unique selling point of this restaurant!

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Wow, the place looks really beautiful and the food is just art! I found the etiquette of the tea very interesting too! Hopefully, I will to go to China some day, and I will be able to drink tea that way!

i hope you get the opportunity my dear, this is in Taiwan though, there are some subtle cultural differences.

Oh sorry, I miss-understood. But for what I can see, Taiwan is also worth visiting! I will keep an eye on your posts, I am sure I will discover a lot of interesting things :)

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Hello dear I appreciate your posts under different genres...
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Magnificent scrumptious delicacies!

Wow! For once that I can catch you on my time, it is a delight to come across your high quality post. This place would be heaven for me, as you know I am a foodie too, and would probably die from food ecstasies overindulgence! Your post is very convincing.

Thanks again for your presence among us, keep your beautiful smile, thrive on and namaste :)

missed you a lot eric-boucher, I will do my best to post more frequently at this time to catch you! :)

Your warm heart radiates all the out out here, thanks a bunch for this very very kind gesture. I look forward to reading more of your beautiful postings, I missed you too.

Namaste :)

steemit still censoring me.... fuck this platform telling everyone not to buy steem

hey! you are so cute

Thanks sweetsssj

love you♥

Delicious! Taiwan!!!
the food in taiwan is WOW , you can't imagine the feeling being there
here is some of the food i like most ,but after i finish writing this comment ,i have to go and eat something cause it really makes me hungry 😌

This looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing, namaste :)


Yummy!!!! Looks like Singaporean/ Malay style crab ?

That's absolutely delectable looking. I miss these foods already!

Awesome I am always having this food for my entire life

Wow so sweet and delicious seafood I love it so much Thanks for sharing this @rinaalone

I want to go this amazing place...

Very Warm place and very warm kind of beautiful post. thanks for this it's really amazed me and predictable, I enjoy reading this. I will surely following to your blog. have a sweet day ahead.@sweetsssj

Taiwan also has award-winning whiskey and coffee beans. Give them a try!

東西拍得好美啊!後製也很棒,你設立的標準真是越來越高了呢!中秋快樂啊,family... :D



Wow such a great post......thanks for providing the knowledge about the Silk Palace Restaurant.......I really liked the desserts and the moon plates very much....... and you look good as always

Sweetsssj, What do you with all the food? There's no way you eat all that, and keep your physique? Do you have assistants that come and finish off all the dishes?!?! Can I be one????

=) here's my serious eating face

Taiwan is not only known for its delicious meals, but also for the paradisiacal of its places and its beautiful islands.
the restaurant looks very cozy and luxurious, as far as the preparation of the tea is a true art, a whole serenity, I found a good technique, in my country we are great consumers of tea, we ingest of all type and color. that nice way to present the desserts, invite to be ingested. It's true I never heard that term Curio Box.
that beautiful details to be able to acquire the minis pieces of memories.
It was a real pleasure to accompany you on your visit to Taipei and the National Palace Museum, thank you very much for this wonderful work and all of your history.
Until the next post
I wish you a wonderful week, my friend, @sweetsssj

thank you jlufer, we have a lot of experiences to share with each other. Next post will be about the actual palace museum, but since i'm not too much of a historian, I will mainly be showing the photos! See you soon!

That good!! I will be looking forward to that publication.
The truth is excellent relating the chronicle of your trip, some of the best pos presented on the platform. Congratulations
I wish you a beautiful week

Thank you @sweetsssj for this great blast of the past. We have been here several times, and always loved it. The tea room is wonderful, and the museum is a must for someone interested in history. Even the walk around the grounds is so nice, and don't forget to feed the blind fish when done. Thanks for a great post.

Why are the fish blind?

The best we could tell was that they where very old. The would swim around via sound assuming noises meant free fish food.

most fine restaurants try to blend their architecture to match the locale, but the Silks Palace Restaurant goes further in matching its entrees to art objects on display at the National Palace Museum next door

Just as the objects of art in the National Museum are magnificent, the desert offerings are exquisite and match the treasures within the museum. Very appropriate!

Of course, one serves dessert with tea, and the attention paid to the ritual of tea-making enhances the enjoyment of these colourful and appealing delicacies.

The interior of the restaurant is designed to provide a sense of spaciousness while maintaining an aura of privacy, and this contributes to the peaceful ambiance that is so necessary when enjoying fine dining.

My wife, son and I were out dining this evening in an Italian Restaurant and although the food came highly recommended the cramped space of the restaurant dining area was quite off-putting. We stayed for drinks, but left. The dining area at the Silks Palace, however, seemed much more inviting.

I loved the curio box motif for displaying the beautiful, hand-crafted desserts. They truly seemed more objets d'art than mere fancy cakes, and merited being displayed like art treasures.

Every museum has its souvenir section so it was appropriate that the Silks Palace have theirs, and what better reminder of a Chinese version of high tea than a moon-cake set complete with the 12 different coloured mini plates!

This was a delightful glimpse into a different aspect of culinary artistry.


Great post, wish I can travel more

make it happen!

Absolutely, make it happen!

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great post

absolutely amazing. that food looks to die for. :)

thanks ! I would say you are correct :)

Magnificent and delicious food, one day you will opened restaurant with all combinations menu food, keep traveling @sweetsssj andk keep smile

thanks my dear, that's such a good idea too, I may just have to open a cafe or something. I wonder if steemians will come visit ??

I think if you will Open one China or UK will be best but do feasibility study.

Look great!

Colorful places, colorful foods, and colorful @sweetsssj, post is throughout enjoyable and joyful to watch.

Wow..Dim sum looks amazing

Wow ! This place of silk Palace both interior and exterior look is so outstanding and authentic looking. I like the art of drinking tea and also like the cute little desert of curio box. So much colorful love to visit those ,Thanks for sharing.

Apparently my beautiful friend likes the same delicious menu.
Occasionally treat me to enjoy delicious specialties and feel the comfort in your beautiful city.
Amazed I saw it @sweetsssj .
thank for you share.

Nice post 👍
Thanks for sharing and and very useful information and good job ✌

You're so cute and smart woman. Wish I cn travel like u around the world. All of your contents are interesting.

wow. I see "kuih lapis". whether it's a joke. Hehehe. this is like a joke in my area. we often make jokes with the name of a "kuih lapis". I think this is a joke, but now I know. it is really a name, not a joke

Nice post. Would love to visit Taiwan one day :)

Amazing story, love the food and the photos are spot on as always.

The Desserts look fabulous @sweetsssj Thank you for sharing another amazing post!! :D


wow, awesome places and awesome food! And you obviously :P

thanks as always !!

I missed you! You always have excellent posts!

The deserts look unreal. Would love to try this place if I ever make it to Taiwan.

oh, i'm sure you would make it there! The real question is whether you would leave! :)

Lol, well they say home is where the heart is, so I don't think he'd wanna stay there forever. Though, with beauty like the one in the pictures you shared I doubt anyone would ever want to leave. I really can't wait to have this kinda experience.

Wonderfull post, as always :-)

nice photo and article you have best information in every your post my friend

great pictures.

to perfection as always


Great post I will definitely follow @sweetsssj I love Travel also, If you are looking for some travel inspiration I offer a Travel Bucket List series, follow back and stay in touch!

Notice us senpai... notice us! Just kidding, we gotta admit those desserts and tea look delicious.

This looks such a nice restaurant. Nice desserts, lovely nice service. Very often in Europe restaurants attached to museums aren't that nice to go in to.

I was in the ROM in Toronto a few months ago, the restaurant there was horrendous.

Thanks for the post.


nice your back =D

Do you go to any other style of restaurant? I feel l've read this before.

Go have a burger.


@sweetsssj WOW what a lot of Beautiful Colors and incredible food in these pictures. You always put so much into your postings and I believe that many on STEEMIT Love how you put everything you do into a very positive light..........Grateful for the Steemians that share amazing places on our Earth.

thank you stokjockey, i'm so glad we share the same appreciation of beautiful colours, from the moment I saw the rainbow coloured plates, I knew the curio box was the order of the day. No regrets! One thing I will say is that I really like to read my own posts, and I write them in such a way that I could come back to after a while and enjoy it!

Wow! What an Awesome place to visit. Beautiful Building, nice interiors and what a classical experience this is. To me it's a great way to connect to the tradition and culture, this is very beautiful my dear @sweetsssj thanks for bringing such wonderful post. I liked the tea pots, the souvenir section is so cool , did you bring anything from there? I must say this is very sweet, relaxing. I know you had been very busy this month , I am waiting for your reply dear , miss you alot on steemchat , hope to see you soon till then enjoy and take care. Love U 😊

Nevertheless, good post title and good presentation! :)

What a beutiful photo @sweetsssj. I look on your photo that u ve enjoyable travelling and challenging.You captured it well with suitable angle, color and editing. That's incredible and marvelous post fella. You deserve to get two thumbs and for appreciation i UPvoted.

thank you joe28, I appreciate your point of view and thanks for the vote !

Hahahaha, my vote nonsense.... But only that I can to do.


How @sweetsssj you like not I edit your photos.

hi fadlie, i'm not sure about these.. they don't seem to be very flattering atleast in my eyes..

Yes, maybe I am not proficient in photo editing, sorry @sweetsssj i have made your photo without your permission..

Can I try again, to edit your photo ..


Over 400,000 members on Steemit now, I hope they all see your great posts also.

Do they preheat the cups here so the tea doesn't get cold when pouring it in?

Good question, and the answer is yes, although that isn't widely practiced, it tends to be more common in the finer places.


wow this is a beautiful location and you look awesome...nice to see your posts again. Taipei is a great place to visit with all its great people, cultures and foods

hi charles, been meaning to drop by.. i promise i'll find some time to read and leave a comment on yours soon!

I apreciate that my dear @sweetsssj . I wish you more success

Wow! what a successful post it is. Congratulations!


hi, you are so beautiful, i want to draw your face ,, i want to ask permission, i want to put your photo on wall of my room, thanks.

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This reminds me of this Snapchat Emoji

Your posts are just real fun to read @sweetsssj.. Sometimes it makes me really hungry.. Need to grab some food right now.. Cheers :-)

so much varieties. wait for me, i am coming

haha, can't guarantee waiting!

then i will cry

The desserts in the Curio Box look amazing, I love the attention to detail! Which one was your favourite out of curiosity?

This definitely looked like a place fit for an emperor!

That is the most beautiful dessert presentation I have ever seen!

The Meat-shape Stone and Jadeite Cabbage in the museum, then curios like desserts in the Silks Palace Restaurant, a nice way to end the visit of the National Place Museum, haha.

haha! Actually i wanted to visit this restaurant independently of the museum. I still think that's perfectly valid !

Just for fun, I made my own version of Silks Palace's Jadeite Cabbage dish:cabbage.jpg

This looks so real! :P

Hi sweetsssj, can you see my post using your photo, maybe you like with my work.

i'll check it out thanks

always on the way yes my friend.

I want to visit that place just for the desserts!

As always beautiful post like you.. I like the pictures and i like to see restaurants from different place.. I like the snacks it look delicious.. Your so beautiful I like your make up I envy because I don't put make up I have allergies on make up... Your new follower just curious where are you from..

好豪华大气中餐厅。相比价格也不菲吧。中秋这样的选择真是值了! 中秋快乐


A great article was made with great effort and wonderful pictures invited me to be proud to visit Taiwan go on in more Creativity!

thank you, i hope you enjoy it when you do! :)

Amazing, i love this part

the largest table in the restaurant which it has space for up to 10 people. This kind of traditional table has a rotating centre piece and is usually served by a dedicated team of waiters and waitresses. I also noticed the traditional painting on the wall which shows either people from the Ming or Qing dynasty having the ancient equivalent of afternoon tea.

So lovely

thanks g-mor! :)

Very informative, thank you. I feel like visiting Taipei now!!!

too much delicious>>>>>...

Must say, really making me jealous right now. Also I am getting really hungry! Thanks for the share really makes me want to go Traveling again :)

The place looks very beautiful and the food also I Wich is can do it with myself maybey on day I will taste them and visit this strange p

harika gözüküyor

Wow it's amazing Miss. Delicious @sweetsssj

thanks for this post it looks great!!!memes.jpg

I envy your stomach. I can't eat seafood and it's looks so amazing!

Lovely pictures and storytelling!

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good post my friend
keep going on
thank you

This is delicious indeed. I love it

flow and back u

that was tremendous post, i enjoyed really much.
i missed your post a lot. but thanks to you, that you are back again with the new and most exciting post. lovely work and the photos you shared with us through this post are look stunning.
well done again.
Silks Palace at National Palace Museum, Taipei! ------
you covered most of the details from the outside and of course with beautifully design interior. wow+wow+wowowwow
Even i never heard about these dishes in my life, i mean mostly about the different varieties of cakes and these are making my mouth watering. Thereafter, you shared about their traditions and customs. Thanks for this part for sharing. I really appreciate work to know about this.
love your work.

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Its now very difficult to stay without eating this type of delicious food. Thankyou
Now plz send something to eat, I am getting hungery...

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Magnificent scrumptious delicacies!

the photos are awesome and present a very well organised restaurant, the presentation of the food to the ambiance is well done . from one traveler to another this is great stuff

Love the tea set and decorative desserts. So pretty!