Travel with me #86 : A visit to the ancient Town of Hiera - Hierapolis!

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Dear Steemit friends:


In today's edition of Travel with me, we'll be visiting Hierapolis and admiring the ancient ruins of this once very prosperous ancient city.

People often overlook Hierapolis because much of the attention is focused on the Pamukkale white travertine terraces which spread along the side of the mountain face of Büyük Menderes valley. Of course, that is to be expected because the terraces are truly beautiful and are unique on this planet!

Despite the beauty of the Pamukkale travertine terraces, it is definitely still worth visiting Hierapolis and seeing the ancient ruins of the once great city of Anatolia.

It's amazing to think that this city once had a population of nearly 100,000 people. Established by King Eumenes II of Pergamon, the town was built around the travertine terraces which were regarded as a natural miracle within his kingdoms's borders.

The town was named after Hiera, the wife of Telephos, the legendary founder of Pergamon.


The whole Hierapolis and Pamukkale site is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that considerable effort has been made to protect, preserve and even restore parts of the ancient city.

The entrance ticket to Pamukkale is inclusive of Hierapolis but you will likely want to make separate trips to visit each place. I spent almost an entire afternoon at the terraces and left very little time to explore Hierapolis and thus this trip was conducted on my second visit to the site.

The whole area stretches for several kilometers from one end to the other. On foot, it can take many hours to cover this distance whilst appreciating the ruins and artefacts which are spread around over a very large area.

For people who wish to save some time, there are little electric bikes you can rent and drive around yourself.
I would definitely recommend this option especially in the summer where temperatures can soar into the high 30's and even 40's.

Despite the temperature being 43 degrees Celsius, there are still people gliding up above in the sky, and many heat resistant people walking from site to site.

I decided to take a buggy with a roof and driver because the actual Hierapolis site starts at the Northern entrance which is the complete opposite side of the Southern Entrance where I came in. Even on the buggy, it takes around 10 minutes to drive there.

At the very end of the Northern entrance, we find the Necropolis which itself extends for nearly 2km.
This particular necropolis is one of the best preserved in all of Turkey and inside you will find the excavations of nearly 1200 tombs.

The most common type of tomb seen in the picture below are the sarcophagi. These date back to as early as the 1st century AD. Usually they are surrounded by walls or trees but each have their own inscriptions and design.

What's interesting is that much like the graves we find in the modern day, there are different kinds of graves for people with different socio-economic status.

The northern necropolis is where the tombs of the rich people are situated and usually feature meticulous craftsmanship as well as inscriptions of the names of the dead buried inside.

This particular sarcophagi stood out to me because it's elevated above a stone arch!

Usually, the larger the tomb, the more important the person buried inside was. As you can see, there are quite a number of large tombs which stick out amongst the smaller ones surrounding them.

Even though most of the tombs have now been excavated, most if not all have been vandalised over time.

In the past, words of warning were inscribed on the tombs themselves which would curse anyone who would try to vandalise them. There were even fines that were levied on people who were caught trying to do so.

Check out some more pictures of the Necropolis below!

The Basilica Baths

Coming back from the Northern Necropolis, we can see these two marvellous arches which have been really well preserved. These are in fact travertine rectangular blocks erected as part of the Basilica Baths. Originally used as a place to bathe, the structure was later transformed into a church during the first half of the 6th Century.

The Frontinus Gate

Serving as the entrance to the Frontinus Avenue, The Frontinus Gate was built by Julius Frontinus - the Proconsul of Asia Minor to the Emperor Domitian. It is therefore sometimes referred to as the Domitian gate.

I was really surprised to find the gate mostly intact with three distinctive arches which would have been embellished with columns and decorated with simple corniche. Either side of the gate are the cylindrical towers from the Hellenistic era.


The Frontinus Avenue behind me stretches for roughly 1 km and is about 14m wide. Originally it was referred to as Plateia Avenue.

This is The Latrine, otherwise known as the town's public toilet. Situated just after the Byzantine churches, it was constructed in the 1st century AD but then later collapsed due to the semi-frequent earthquakes which would occur in the area.

Surprisingly, most of the pieces which fell were very well preserved and post excavation were renovated and then resurrected to their original standing position.

It seems like in those days there was less modesty required in public toilets as there are no modesty dividers evident anywhere.



This is the inside of the Latrine. The structure was originally split into two columns and in the middle, there was a duct used as a sewage channel. On the other side of the columns, there was a terrace for people to sit on whilst using the toilet!

I honestly didn't even know I was walking through the sewage area of a public toilet when I had this picture taken. It's good to know though!

These are some of the ruins of the houses that were build around the Frontinus Avenue.

Hierapolis was surrounded by protective walls. This fine example is the North Byzantine Gate.

It was really huge, and really impressive considering it was erected in the late 4th century!

Just look at how small I am in the picture!

As you pass through the Byzantine Gate, we reach The Triton Nymphaeum.

This used to be a fountain which followed along the entire street. It's called the Triton Nymphaeum because it used to feature figures playing sea trumpets and other musical instruments.

The niches that you see here were made for placement of statues.

Check out a mini video of my visit!

And that wraps up my quick tour of the ancient city of Hierapolis and the very large Necropolis to the North.

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures of the ancient ruins of this great city. It's one thing to see them in pictures, but another to actually visit and walk inside. I sincerely hope that if you have the opportunity to visit Pamukkale that you spend ample time exploring this ancient city and hopefully uncovering even more history than I have covered here!

As always, I appreciate your upvote if you liked the post, a follow if you want to keep up to date with my activities, and please do leave a comment to let me know what you think!




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I like all your posts....and even this one:)
The graveyard is soo beautiful with the green green trees behind it....its amazing

It is not often that one stumbles on posts that are so educational and aesthetically pleasing. Yours on the other hand always seem to deliver in quality and substance, things I can only dream of, @sweetsssj.

That you were able to sum up such a long history in such a short time is one of the remarkable things of this piece, and if might say so myself I thoroughly enjoyed the history lesson and the sightseeing.

This approach brought balance to this piece. Presentations of historical sites can be quite overwhelming because of the sheer scale of what is presented. That, however, you infused yourself in this piece speaks served to mitigate against that; insofar that it brought youth and beauty to kilometers of artefacts.

One was hoping for more though, which in my case doesn’t happen often. I guess I am so impressed and was salivating for more. I'm glad you zoned in on the main structures, such as the wonderful arches and entrances that seemed so well preserved. By the way, the public latrine part gave me some laughs; just saying. I was just trying to imagine what it must have been like hundreds of years ago.

The short video close to the end also complemented the post. To see the moving images gave me this vicarious thrill and hence, I have placed this historical site on my bucket list; which is a wonderful segue into your description of the tombs and sarcophagi. For me it was not only about the magnificence of the architecture, but I got a brief view of the social strata of the society. So often we see a place with its great ruins and we gloat about its former glory without realizing that it was once peopled and that these people had their stories. You reminded me of that in this post.

You also reminded me of how ephemeral this thing called life is, one day you are here the next you are not, and I wonder if the people who inhabited this great city when it was at its apex thought that in 2017 it would be lying in ruin. Food for thought.

Thanks for sharing this post about this magnificent and ancient place. A stitch and a wrinkle in time. A place whose monuments and corpses continue to speak to us so many years after its glory days. Another wonderful post, @sweetsssj


nicholas, I have to say I must say the same about your comment.

You are right in your assessment of this post being on the shorter side and it's true that there is much much more to look out for should anyone visit. I have tried to condense it to the main things which I felt more attached to, but at the same time, I do feel a little sad that I couldn't make the post as complete as it could be, especially as I frequently peruse back through my posts to remind myself of the places and their finer details.

I hope that I can in my other travels I can gradually start adding more detail and leave you more satisfied and not hoping for more, although the scope I think you're looking for might be a little too much for the casual reader. I will have to explore different ways of balancing the details as you say.

I'm also glad that you found some value in the video. Sometimes the extra effort of making video along side taking many photos becomes overwhelming whilst trying to really appreciate the area, but I do make a conscious effort to try capture as much of the atmosphere as possible so if some video clips are able to supplement the pictures, then I think it will be always worth it to me!

Thanks for such a lovely comment, i've followed you and look forward to some of your own writings :)


Very good Pictures!What a Nice places..Very interesting post and beautiful pictures
Upvoted. Do Follow me and Upvote my Posts if you like Dear @rajrea007


@sweetsssj : i got a poem for you kindly check it out..i know you will love it..and i resteem your post..@dontryme2


tooo long <3 thats your love you typed that whole comment <3 great <3

One travels for recreation and education and both aspects are displayed in today's post, @sweetsssj.

Such a long history to cover, marked by various occupations by Romans, Greeks and others.

You did a very balanced presentation of the cultural and historical elements that are so plentiful as to be overwhelming.

Of course, you couldn't cover all the features of the site but I'm glad you highlighted the magnificent arches and gates that were so important considering they were the main entrances into a fortified city surrounded by massive walls.

You wisely took a few long shots that emphasized the huge stone structures compared to your tiny figure. I was able to appreciate the scale of the construction.

I enjoyed your description of the Necropolis with its tombs and sarcophagi. It goes without saying that when visiting ancient sites one can still sense the spirit of the place, and all the more so in an area where all levels of society were interred and where their remains still speak to us in curses and warnings to leave their bones undisturbed.

There's a sadness too that is undeniable when viewing the ruins of a once great city--it's a cautionary reminder, a memento mori that subtly advises us of our mortality.

The Latrine area may be a curiosity to tourists but believe it or not that is the very area that's of particular interest to archeologists in search of the midden of past civilizations. You can learn a lot about a culture from their waste and garbage dumps.

But such elegant, though immodest, public toilets and such beautiful statuary lining the Triton Nymphaeum where nymphs besotted themselves with music and sunny water-filled play.

This was a beautiful and practical tour of a haunting ancient city, lushly illustrated with colourful photos and a compressed video that highlighted the major attractions.

An excellent post, @sweetsssj


john, once again you have made my day with such a lovely comment that really describes everything I wrote in a much more poetic way, thank you!

Sometimes it's very hard to see what the original structures were like when a lot of the buildings are now just large pieces of stone on the ground, and yet, aside from the buildings which still stand erect, I get a haunting feeling of the city as it once stood from the rubble of stones that remain.

Certainly, I am amazed by the engineering capabilities of people in those times, especially as after two millennia, some buildings are left standing to hold the test of time.

It takes a bit of imagination to see how some buildings would have looked given their current state, and I imagine some architects probably have an easier time visualising it in their heads, but it is an exercise worth trying and I certainly enjoyed my attempt to recreate the city in my head as I wandered through it.

In the future, I will try to be more thorough and give everyone a much more complete "picture" of the place!


@sweetsssj you have been a great inspiration and you are a great writer.
thank you so much for explaining your travel in such detail.

@sweetsssj all i can say is you are very smart and you the most beautiful lady i've ever seen. I always visit your blog because you inspires me. i always idolize you since my very 1st day on steemit. I want to be like you. Do what you do but it is very hard for me for now because im taking care of my very young 5month old baby girl. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content. Im your number 1 fan! 🤗


haleyaerith, what an honour to have you as such a dedicated follower, thank you so much for paying so much attention to my posts. I really hope that you get as much enjoyment (and maybe ideas) out of them as I did creating them.

Congratulations on welcoming a new member to your family, I really look forward to seeing her ! Followed you :)

@sweetsssj - Amazing views of Hierapolis. I love ancient ruins and had visited some near Ankara like Roman baths but have missed Hierapolis. Well - will visit next time. As usual, you look stunning in a yellow dress and viewing your photos in the ruins is like seeing a glorious sunflower!
The necropolis is a bit creepy because of all the graves but your observation of the size of the tomb marking the importance of a person is spot on. In modern day too, this is observed in many places but was much more prominent in that era.
Arches are always interesting in any ruins. The double arches make very good impressions in your pictures. I also loved the domed structure of the basilica baths. The baths seem to be roman legacy in Turkey in general.

LOL- if you had not mentioned, we would not have known that you wandered through sewage of a public toilet of Hierapolis!

This blog from you came after 7-8 days so I was impatiently waiting for more glimpses of Turkey. Thanks for this because I got to see something I had missed.

You must be quite busy with visiting another interesting spot now. I request you to visit my latest 3 blogs when you have time - they may interest you since they have some interesting aspects (funny as well as serious) aspects of wildlife awareness. Your comments and feedback will help enrich my Steemit experience. Thanks



As always, great post and thank you for sharing your travel experiences with us.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.


vm2904, i've missed you and your comments very much! Thank you for going through my post with so much detail. I haven't actually been travelling elsewhere, just a lot of life commitments have made it difficult to do any posting! I'll definitely drop by your blog and leave some comments :)


@sweetsssj - Thank you dear friend. Since I am busy with my fathers health issues, it is difficult to post and also to see your posts and comment in time. The time difference also makes it difficult. I am glad I could see your blog when I got online today and you could see my comment. I appreciate your visits to my blogs. Thanks friend. Your appreciation makes Steemit a better place for me.


vm2904, my condolences to your father and I wish him a swift recovery, do make sure you spend more than ample time with your father, it is important to care for your family as they have cared for you. As always, I always appreciate your support. Of course, I always browse through your blogs when I find the chance! :)


hows your father health buddy ?


Yes, It is Amazing views of Hierapolis. :)


Wow.... Amazing sites ma dear. Am trully intrigued by the ancient but beautiful structures. My dear with this expository you did i mean i have literally travelled to ancient Town of Hiera - Hierapolis!.
I hope to travel more with you .
I love the experience of you wandering through sewage of a public toilet of Hierapolis!.... I guess it was fun.


thank you janemana, looking forward to joining me on more travels to come! See you soon :)

The best way to feed one's hunger for knowledge is to travel. In your post, you were able to capture the historical essence of the place and share it with us.

You were able to capture my interest in travelling to ancient landmarks. You had me at the first picture. The details, the history, everything is marvelous.

I am hoping that through your post, more people would get to understand the historical value of each ruin, each stone, each story that holds everything together.


thank you the-missus, there are of course some places I didn't manage to cover, but I hope that the post incites some curiosity for the readers to go out there and explore for themselves, filling in the blanks and building their own perspective of this marvellous place!

Thank you for such a nice comment! :)

the sky is so blue :)


definitely, it's very clear too, probably why it was sooooo hot that day!!


hot day and hot u <3 what a combo lol :D


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Wow thats so cool

It is a really good place.
The background and costumes look so good.
you looks like a Greek goddess.

Breathtaking shots!
How amazing it is that we still have the opportunity to experience ancient culture this close. It's sometimes hard to believe that people really used to sit on these stones thousands of years ago!
History is so fascinating and posts like these capture it perfectly, thank you!

And also, please check your steemit. chat, left you a message!


you are right buddy <3 history is so fascinating and posts like these capture it perfectly <3


sirwinchester! Thank you for dropping by, what an honour :) Sorry i have been a bit awol, I will get back to you on Steemit chat! :)

nice place :)




Im amazed with your posts as a newbie exploring the steemit world.I finally found your post I already hear about you before.Now I know you do not show only beauty but a great unbelievable ability and talent to inspire my people who are starting here at steemit.You even open up my mind to enhance my little writing skills and creativity to write a post.Keep inspiring minnows like me..cant help to share your post to my invited group of friends @sweetsssj


Thank you antonette, this is a very heartfelt message which I appreciate very much. I'm very happy that I have had this effect on you and I hope that you will continue to enjoy my blogs as much as I do writing them (which is a lot!)

Thank you my dear, and hope to see you again soon :)


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If something happens to our civilization, then everything that remains behind us is a stone building. Nothing else. (What we are building with stone?)
An excellent post, amassing pictures, and of course, beautiful young lady.

Very cool! I love that you include historic sights on your travels, and not just all the beautiful luxurious places we all want to travel to. I think it's so important to see how ancient cultures lived and to know where people came from. Another great post!


Great comment... It's great to check in and enjoy ancient sites you do travel blog


It is! I love to travel. My blog is pretty much random/whatever I feel like posting about :) but I did do some travel-related blogs on my Honeymoon to Bali hereand here :)


Great....will check it out then


Thank you breshepard, a lot of the places I visited in Turkey had so much history and culture behind it, it was really refreshing I must say! Of course, it's quite a challenge to take in whilst you're there, so I've had a bit of time to let the history lessons sink in!

Greattttt as always

Wow...I always like heard about looks Soo cool in these pics than what I got on google..i never got to see this in's a shame not to visit this place atleast once...maybe one day even I'll visit...!

Its good article, but you dont write the country of this place

What interesting journey 🤗 it's become in 'next trip' check list.

Oh my god
So amazing place
What are you know in indonesia have beatiful place
Please visit in indonesia
I sure you can so happy

Saya tidak pernah bosan mengikuti postingan kamu @sweetsssj..
Postingan kamu selalu sempurna dalam segala hal.
Saya sangat menyukainya..


thank you intania, hope you enjoyed the post :)

nice picture, nice story...sorry to comment with a link.. I just wanna wish all Muslim steemit friend with Happy Eid al-Adha


Great post, as always :)


thank you askaran, always a pleasure :)

Woooww, that is wonderfull. I really wan to visit to after i looking your pict. Nicee

Interesting Factoid: Hierapolis means "sacred city"...or "a holy city." It's mentioned in the Bible by the Apostle Paul:

Colossians 4:13
For I bear him record, that he hath a great zeal for you, and them that are in Laodicea, and them in Hierapolis.

Even though it was thought to have an entrance into the underworld in the Greco-Roman was a thriving Roman city that became an important Christian center.

Shrouded in misty poisonous vapors, Pluto’s Gate, or the Plutonium, was a cave entrance sacred to Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld. According to the first-century geographer Strabo, the site was home to rituals in which any animals entering the enclosure “meet with sudden death.” Hierapolis archaeologist Francesco D’Andria reconstructed the route of the area’s thermal spring to discover Pluto’s Gate, which was destroyed by Christians in the sixth century. The Plutonium’s infamous mystique is not just the stuff of legend; during the excavation, several birds were killed by carbon dioxide emissions as they approached the Plutonium cave’s entrance.

@sweetsssj Please stay away from those vapors!!!


Wow, that's quite an interesting fact that I didn't come across! :) I will watch out for the Vapors! :)

Amazing ruins, amazing and beautiful you!


anforo, thank you! :)

Hello @sweetsssj! Again it's been long since i last read from you, what a pleasure to wake up and see your post!
As we discussed last time, looking at these ancient ruins makes me think about the evolution of time, once a great city of over 100000 inhabitants and today only ruins are left! Still I am wondering how these people were baing able to build such huge!
Your photography as usual are top notch and amazing explanation of the location.
Love your post as usual!
Hey my friend, btw i think you did not noticed the message i sent you last week, i also send you a message on, about a cooking contest i am launching tomorrow, please let me know if you would like to bring some help to it, it will run on a weekly basis and it is really a unique type of cooking contest.
Hope to get a positive answer from you as i know you love the foodies community a lot!


Oooh progressivechef, thank you for reminding me about that, I've been going through so much recently, it accidentally slipped my mind. I will message you on steemitchat about it.


I understand you have such a busy schedule my friend, and i really wanted to have you associated with such a great contest. Just FYI I already have @canadian-coconut and @donkeypong helping me out on a daily basis. You can see it on my daily post.
Waiting for your message my friend!

fabulous journey, thank you


you're welcome dodders007 thanks for joining me :)

Nice post @sweetsssj thank you very much for sharing


thank you for taking the time to check my post out! :)

Amazing pics. It is the best way to give us a glimpse of the area. Thanks.


You're welcome pouchon, thanks for taking a look :)

You really look like a goddess (specially the first picture). Goddess Theia is happy again and made her nostalgic :)

I have gone some of your posts. Every post of yours is an interesting one and the way you present it to us is really admiring.

Thanks for this post...I enjoyed watching the ruins has its own charm...

Your dress is beatiful :)

Hello my friend b happy in your travel i hope you got my 3SBD gidt

Nice work even the dress befits the scenery.
Looked like a goddes.


thank you! It was totally accidental that the dress seemed to go well with the place!

thx for sharing

Hey dear @sweetsssj! Great again as always, we enjoyed it very much. From the pictures ans names we thought you are in Greece but this is Turkey. Always stunning to see such ruins and to imagine how huge all the buildings were. Really interesting to read and discover the stories of such ancient cities.
And hey, didnt't know you've had also a YouTube channel :) subscribed to you there as well and will be checking out some of the older videos :)
Take always care! Hugs hugs

beautiful and amazing pictures 👍


thank you goals! :)

THANK YOU FOR POSTING we love all the place you visit


thank you my dear! 😊

Your posts are awesome. So rich with not only well written, details, but also including many high quality pics. Thanks for sharing another really amazing post!

Ancient ruins and the once great civilizations will always hold a sense of mystery and amazement for me. Nicely captured and shared in this one @sweetsssj :)

I wish you a blessed weekend my dearest one AKA @sweetsssj ... feel free to see my latest post if you are less busy . Bless you and looking forward to seeing your post

Nice post
Please guys help me to grow

you look like a tourist princess and I really like the combination of yellow dress and flower ...the hat look cool too.
@sweetsssj what I like about you is that you take out time to work on your posts and respond to comment including being a good human being hence why you will always earn my upvote. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us , more success.


charles1! Thank you for dropping by, i'm so happy each time I see you drop by, not only because I welcome and enjoy reading your comment, but also because i'm reminded to visit your blog and see what you've been up to. Thank you !


The same here my dearest one @sweetsssj I am also happy to see your post after waiting what seems like ages!!!!!!!!
Hope that you will post more however I understand that you have to collect the materials first via comprehensive research plus making out time to respond to comments (extremly too much) and show back the love. Hope to see you in Germany and buy you a cold beer and bradwurst . Thank you so much for all your support and kindess and more success to you.

Wow... A quick tour of the ancient city of Hierapolis and the very large Necropolis to the North. The video is amazing...the sound track...the cute angel catwalking along the ancient ruins in bright yellow flowing gown..the tomb sites...the photoshoot! You are simply my best! Keep steeming ma'am !


thank you kenhudoy, sorry i've been a bit awol lately, but i'll be around more from now!


Ohh...great...thanks...and do you use steemit chat? Need some tips from my inspirator

Wow! What an amazing place! I've been in Turkey once, but only int the capital Istambul. I've never heard about Hierapolis. Now it's in my wishlist. Thanks for sharing with us.

The view of the place is so amazing and making it as a background to focus on your beauty is "Perfection!" I love your post @sweetsssj!
hope you can view mine too


thank you tiffanyrej, i will take a look at yours :)

Wow @sweetsssj this one is very Stylish Yellow dress .A beautiful Hand Bag giving you Marvelous Look. You simply added more beauty to this historic place. This seems not much crowded , but many good things to explore. Thanks you so much for sharing interesting facts about this place. You look so Cute sitting on The Latrine walls. Wonderful Place and so much to Know about. Have a great day 😊


aww thanks vikbuddy, I really like how you rate my attire each post, it's quite fun!

The place was indeed a historical marvel, I was very excited to see it in person after looking it up for quite some time before!

Have a good day! 😊



thank you my dear, no need for capitals!! :)

Another great set of pictures, fair play this is exactly what I need when sitting at the offie :P


thank you jesselee, don't get too stressed out at work!!


thank you ksscomunity! 😊

Nice post Friend , voted & resteemed...!


thanks hasantha! :)

You always takes time to come but rock the steemit wall !
Again a nice post my friend !!
Enjoyed your article !

Beautiful ancient architecture and great photos there .
You are looking awesome in Yello Dress !

We have been waiting your post like the middle one waiting the price and airdrop:::

Image from my post : ( )


thanks akkha! Nice picture there, did you draw that?? haha :)


Yes , @sweetsssj !
I draw and put in my recent post. You can check it on my post .

Very beautiful lost place. And vow ,so hot 43 degrees Celsius and there is no clouds. It was a hard day. Great post!


thank you kadri, yes it was ridiculously hot, probably the hottest I've ever experienced and yet I was able to walk around out in the sun all day! I'm a very dark shade of yellow now!

post is very good.
i like you
follow me @newzifa


thank you newzifa :)

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing, I love All Places You Visit.


thank you my dear! 😊

extraordinary @sweetsssj the journey of fun, beautiful scenery, visiting the historic place is its own satisfaction to observe the grandeur of the past, unbelievable sangan, greetings from @amri on his post.


thank you, it was fun but very educational too. I feel like i'm learning a little more about ancient history every time I visit somewhere new, that's a good thing!

Looks like a nice place to see


Yes! I can confirm that 😊

You should not be sitting and stepping on historical structures to take some photos @sweetsssj

Beautiful pictures of beautiful places keep sharing us @abdikadir


thank you abdikadir 😊

Hiii buddy :) @sweetsssj iam really missing your posts and waiting for almost one week,but now the wait is over and finally you share the amazing and ancient view of hierapolis,what a wonderful place to visit really,and you are looking like the Queen of this place,i really enjoyed this journey keep it up and be happy my friend,and please make a post about your cats also,i really miss them :)


thank you thecrytotrader, i'm so happy you were waiting all this time, and i'm sorry for the long wait! I will be less idle now, hopefully we can communicate more 😊


It's all right buddy,i know you are very busy these days in your family business,so don't worry ian always Supporting you,and don't forget about making a post about your cats, i love them 😍😘

Beautiful place.
Thanks for sharing

Wow, this is amazing post, thank you very much indeed for such quality stuff. i really fond of travelling around as well.. i really wanna catch up like this time to time that's why im gonna FOLLOW you. hope i will see more good stuff like this from you!
Thank yo


thank you masood768, looks like we have a new traveller join the family, welcome! Thanks for following, I will try not to disappoint! 😊

Good one looks like a fabulous place to visit and spend some time. Turkey is in my bucket list now.


thank you rohitsubudhi, it fully deserves a spot on your bucketlist, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed! :)

Wow, your stuff looks very nice and I can tell you take care of it very be careful. I'm a newbie of Steemit, I think I will learn a lot from you. Thanks so much @sweetsssj for sharing.


you're welcome phanthiphan, welcome to steemit, I wish you success but most of all, enjoy!

Love to read yours posts..Interestingly delicious..Come to Croatia...its beautiful country..
Enjoy your life and so on..Pozdrav !


Thank you for the invitation! I am actually very interested in Croatia, i've never had the opportunity to visit or even know much about it.. I will start doing my research :) :)


Summer is the best time to visit my country.You will not make a mistake if you come .. beautiful nature, cities, sea and food ..

Hello @sweetsssj
a really enjoyable trip, you are beautiful, i love with your sweet face.
Thanks, ...


thank you yaumil, i'm flattered 😊

I love your travel blogs as we have not really had the chance to travel as extensive as you seem to have. I love the photography and your explanation of your trips. Thank you


thank you tigerfish, i'll do my best to keep them interesting!

Thanks for the detailed info and great photos. Following, voted and resteemed.


thank you successforall, appreciate the support 😊

Amazing story and your photos are as usual awesome! I love your blog cos its always interesting and it motivates me to travel more often😊😉


thank you olgy-art, i'm so happy to be a motivator for more travelling, it's definitely an enriching experience for everyone, not only for relaxing but educational too!

It looks like some haunted place,haha


Definitely, it's over 2000 years old! Literally tens of generations of people would have lived there, I suspect with many many stories that we'll never hear!

Thanks so much fir sharing your travel experience @sweetsssj.As i was reading i felt like i was there with you.


thank you! That's what I like to hear! You're welcome :)

Beautiful. The art, back then, looks so profound.


yes, I agree. I really would like to see what the colours were like back then..

Nice travel..., you always make a very amazing travel.. Have a nice day @sweetsssj


thank you slempase, this one almost felt more like a Classics / Archaeology lesson!


You are welcome @sweetsssj ..,
Yes ..., far we walk then the more knowledge and experience that we can, like your trip, visit ancient city hiera in turky country, surely get the archeology lesson..

As usual you have compiled an article with great style, loads of information and glorious photographs. You put so much work into your posts @sweetsssj you deserve your success on here. Have a lovely day and thanks for posting.


thank you inseasia, i'm very touched and humbled by your comment. I will try not to disappoint!

always amazing! there is always beauty behind @sweetsssj post


thank you nayya24, appreciate the compliment!


You are welcome!
Indonesian society is waiting for you here..

WOW, great to see you traveling to such historical landmarks. Your photos are great and the architecture is interesting. Ancient civilizations are so interesting!


thank you dear! I didn't know that i'd grow to appreciate places like this because when I was younger, i'd have hated to spend an entire day here but now i'm thinking of going back all the time! You are so right, ancient civilisations really are so interesting, I need to do more studying about them!

beautiful and interesting, I really liked this place, very united this place


Thank you! It's certainly a very interesting place to explore, I think I definitely have to go back and explore some more if I have time in the future, one day really isn't enough!

@sweetsssj wow the history speak itself. the place of Hierapolis and the ancient place is very beautiful,the photoshoot is so great,you look pretty on your dress, i love the color, its yellow its also my done it again myswetssj ..i been waiting on your post..i looks like for several days i waited..but it's worthed to wait for..the outcome of your photoshoot was fantastic.
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thank you mrblu, sorry for making you wait so long between posts! I have been really caught up with some real life commitments lately so haven't had much time to do writing, but it's calming down now so you should be seeing plenty more of me now :) Also, what a wonderful poem, thanks for sharing it!


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@sweetsssj. Very beautiful view of sister.
hopefully I can get there.


thank you dear, I really hope you get to see this in person one day, it's absolutely worth the visit!


Sis @sweetsssj, Thank you for your response.
Hopefully I can visit there.
I like to write about my activities on University. and my hobbi shared his experience with students in the interior.